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Sept. 11: One year after

Today's date
 The victims of September 11
Lists include those confirmed dead, reported dead and reported missing.   What these designations mean
Victims from New England are highlighted in yellow.
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World Trade Center

Because of the large number of victims at the World Trade Center, this list has been divided into nine pages. The last page lists the victims reported dead and reported missing.

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Confirmed dead
Gordon McCannel Aamoth Jr.32New York, N.Y.investment bankerSandler O'Neill & Partners
Edelmiro (Ed) Abad54New York, N.Y.senior vice presidentFiduciary Trust International
Maria Rose Abad49Syosset, N.Y.senior vice presidentKeefe, Bruyette & Woods
Andrew Anthony Abate37Melville, N.Y.bond traderCantor Fitzgerald
Vincent Abate40New York, N.Y.bond traderCantor Fitzgerald
Laurence Christopher Abel37  Cantor Fitzgerald
William F. Abrahamson58Cortland Manor, N.Y.business analystMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Richard Anthony Aceto42Wantagh, N.Y.tax specialistMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Heinrich B. Ackermann38New York, N.Y. Aon Corp.
Paul Andrew Acquaviva29Glen Rock, N.J.eSpeed vice president of corporate developmentCantor Fitzgerald
Donald L. Adams28Chatham, N.J.vice president of sales of eSpeed divisionCantor Fitzgerald
Patrick Adams60New York, N.Y.security officerFuji Bank
Shannon Lewis Adams25New York, N.Y.fixed income accountantCantor Fitzgerald
Stephen Adams51New York, N.Y.beverage managerWindows on the World
Ignatius Adanga62New York, N.Y. New York State Department of Transportation
Christy A. Addamo28New Hyde Park, N.Y.accountantMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Terence E. Adderley Jr.22Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Fred Alger Management
Sophia B. Addo36New York, N.Y.housekeepingWindows on the World
Lee Adler48Springfield, N.J.computer designerCantor Fitzgerald
Daniel Thomas Afflitto32Manalapan, N.J.equities traderCantor Fitzgerald
Emmanuel Afuakwah37New York, N.Y.
Alok Agarwal36Jersey City, N.J.senior programmer analystCantor Fitzgerald
Mukul Agarwala37New York, N.Y.research analystFiduciary Trust International
Joseph Agnello35New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
David Scott Agnes46New York, N.Y.assistant vice presidentCantor Fitzgerald
Joao A.D. Aguiar Jr.30Red Bank, N.J.investment bankerKeefe, Bruyette & Woods
Lt. Brian G. Ahearn43Huntington, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Jeremiah J. Ahern74Cliffside Park, N.J.auditorNew York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Joanne Ahladiotis27New York, N.Y.QA analystCantor Fitzgerald
Shabbir Ahmed47New York, N.Y.waiterWindows on the World
Terrance Andre Aiken30New York, N.Y.computer consultantVital Computer Services
Godwin Ajala33New York, N.Y.security officerSummit Security Services
Gertrude M. Alagero37New York, N.Y.senior vice president and practice leaderMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Andrew Alameno37Westfield, N.J.traderCantor Fitzgerald
Margaret Ann (Peggy) Jezycki Alario41New York, N.Y.global products managerZurich American Insurance
Gary Albero39Emerson, N.J.insurance brokerAon Corp.
Jon L. Albert46Upper Nyack, N.Y.vice president of information technologyMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Peter Craig Alderman25New York, N.Y.salesmanBloomberg Tradebook
Jacquelyn Delaine Aldridge46New York, N.Y.accountantMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Grace Alegre-Cua40Glen Rock, N.J.accountantMitsui Bank
David D. Alger57New York, N.Y.executive vice president and chief financial officerFred Alger Management
Ernest Alikakos43New York, N.Y. New York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Edward L. Allegretto51Colonia, N.J.convertible bonds brokerCantor Fitzgerald
Eric Allen41New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Joseph Ryan Allen39New York, N.Y.bond brokerCantor Fitzgerald
Richard Dennis Allen31New York, N.Y.
Richard Lanard Allen31New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Christopher Edward Allingham36River Edge, N.J.municipal bond brokerCantor Fitzgerald
Janet M. Alonso41Stony Point, N.Y.e-mail analystMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Anthony Alvarado31New York, N.Y.food service handlerForte Food Service
Antonio Javier Alvarez23New York, N.Y.grill cookWindows on the World
Telmo Alvear25New York, N.Y.waiterWindows on the World
Cesar A. Alviar60Bloomfield, N.J. Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Tariq Amanullah40Metuchen, N.J.vice presidentFiduciary Trust International
Angelo Amaranto60New York, N.Y.janitorialcleaner, ABM Industries
James Amato43Ronkonkoma, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Joseph Amatuccio41New York, N.Y.general property managerPort Authority of New York and New Jersey
Christopher Charles Amoroso29New York, N.Y.police officerPort Authority of New York and New Jersey
Kazuhiro Anai42Scarsdale, N.Y.deputy managerNew York branch, Nishi-Nippon Bank
Calixto Anaya Jr.35Suffern, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Joseph Peter Anchundia26New York, N.Y.investment bankerSandler O'Neill & Partners
Kermit Charles Anderson57Green Brook, N.J.systems analystMarsh Inc.
Yvette Anderson53New York, N.Y.keyboard specialistNew York State Department of Taxation and Finance
John Andreacchio52New York, N.Y.human resourcesFuji Bank
Michael Rourke Andrews34Belle Harbor, N.Y. Cantor Fitzgerald
Jean A. Andrucki42Hoboken, N.J.risk assessmentPort Authority of New York and New Jersey
Siew-Nya Ang37East Brunswick, N.J.technical analystMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Joseph Angelini Jr.38Lindenhurst, N.Y.firefighterLadder Co. 4, New York Fire Department
Joseph Angelini Sr.63Lindenhurst, N.Y.firefighterRescue Co. 1, New York Fire Department
Laura Angilletta23New York, N.Y.purchase and sales clerkCantor Fitzgerald
Doreen J. Angrisani44New York, N.Y.finance managerMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Lorraine D. Antigua32Middletown, N.J.securities lending departmentCantor Fitzgerald
Peter Paul Apollo26Hoboken, N.J.equity traderCantor Fitzgerald
Faustino Apostol Jr.55New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Frank Thomas Aquilino26New York, N.Y.vice president and partnerCantor Fitzgerald
Patrick Michael Aranyos26New York, N.Y.bond brokerEuro Brokers Inc.
David Gregory Arce36New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Michael G. Arczynski45Little Silver, N.J.senior vice presidentAon Corp.
Louis Arena32New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Adam Arias37New York, N.Y.vice president of operationsEuro Brokers Inc.
Michael J. Armstrong34New York, N.Y.vice president of salesCantor Fitzgerald
Jack Charles Aron52Bergenfield, N.J.information technologyMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Joshua Aron29New York, N.Y.equities traderCantor Fitzgerald
Richard Avery Aronow48Mahwah, N.J.lawyerPort Authority of New York and New Jersey
Japhet J. Aryee49Spring Valley, N.Y.tax auditorNew York State Department of Taxation and Finance
Carl Asaro39Middletown, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Michael A. Asciak47Ridgefield, N.J.foreign exchange operations clerkCarr Futures
Michael Edward Asher53Monroe, N.Y.vice president, senior technology architectCantor Fitzgerald
Janice Ashley25Rockville Centre, N.Y.research associateFred Alger Management
Thomas J. Ashton21New York, N.Y.electricianDenino Electric
Manuel O. Asitimbay36New York, N.Y.cookWindows on the World
Lt. Gregg Arthur Atlas45Howells, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Gerald Atwood38New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
James Audiffred38New York, N.Y.janitorial, elevator starterABM Industries
Louis Frank Aversano58Manalapan, N.J.director of operations support, risk servicesAon Corp.
Ezra Aviles41Commack, N.Y. Port Authority of New York and New Jersey
Samuel (Sandy) Ayala36New York, N.Y.banquet stewardWindows on the World
Arlene T. Babakitis47Secaucus, N.J.customer service representativePort Authority of New York and New Jersey
Eustace (Rudy) Bacchus48Metuchen, N.J.independent traderAmerican Stock Exchange
John James Badagliacca35New York, N.Y.bond salesmanCantor Fitzgerald
Jane Ellen Baeszler43New York, N.Y.brokerCantor Fitzgerald
Robert J. Baierwalter44Albertson, N.Y.account underwriterF.M. Global
Andrew J. Bailey29New York, N.Y.consultantMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Brett T. Bailey28Bricktown, N.J.options brokerEuro Brokers Inc.
Tatyana Bakalinskaya43New York, N.Y.hostessMarsh & McLennan
Michael S. Baksh36Englewood, N.J.private client services groupMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Sharon Balkcom43White Plains, N.Y.computer systems managerMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Michael Andrew Bane33Yardley, Pa.assistant vice president, casualty claimsMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Kathy Bantis44Chicago, Ill. Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Gerard Jean Baptiste35New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Walter Baran42New York, N.Y.investment bankerFiduciary Trust International
Gerard A. Barbara53New York, N.Y.assistant deputy chiefNew York Fire Department
Paul V. Barbaro35Holmdel, N.J.strategic development and software engineerCantor Fitzgerald
James W. Barbella53Oceanside, N.Y.property managerPort Authority of New York and New Jersey
Ivan Kyrillos Fairbanks Barbosa30Jersey City, N.J.brokerCantor Fitzgerald
Victor Daniel Barbosa23New York, N.Y.maintenanceWindows on the World
Colleen Ann Barkow26East Windsor, N.J.project managerCantor Fitzgerald
David Michael Barkway34Toronto, Ontario, Canadamanaging directorBMO Nesbitt Burns
Matthew Barnes37Monroe, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Sheila Patricia Barnes55Bay Shore, N.Y. Aon Corp.
Evan J. Baron38Bridgewater, N.J.energy futures specialistCarr Futures
Renee Barrett-Arjune41Irvington, N.J.compensation accountantCantor Fitzgerald
Arthur T. Barry35New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Diane G. Barry60New York, N.Y.administrative assistantAon Corp.
Maurice Vincent Barry49Rutherford, N.J.police officerPort Authority of New York and New Jersey
Scott D. Bart28Malverne, N.Y.vice presidentMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Carlton W. Bartels44New York, N.Y.brokerCantor Fitzgerald
Guy Barzvi29New York, N.Y. Cantor Fitzgerald
Inna Basina43New York, N.Y.staff accountantCantor Fitzgerald
Alysia Basmajian23Bayonne, N.J.accountantCantor Fitzgerald
Kenneth William Basnicki48Etobicoke, Ontario, Canadamarketing directorBEA Systems
Lt. Steven J. Bates42New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Paul James Battaglia22New York, N.Y.consultantMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
W. David Bauer45Rumson, N.J.head of global sales for eSpeedCantor Fitzgerald
Ivhan Luis Carpio Bautista24New York, N.Y. Windows on the World
Marlyn C. Bautista46Iselin, N.J.accounts payableMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Jasper Baxter45Philadelphia, Pa.career consultantLee Hecht Harrison
Michele (Du Berry) Beale37Essex, Britaindirector of conferencesRisk Waters Group
Paul F. Beatini40Park Ridge, N.J.operations vice presidentAllendale Insurance
Jane S. Beatty53Belford, N.J.technical supervisorMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Manette Marie Beckles43Rahway, N.J.account processor
Carl John Bedigian35New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Michael Beekman39New York, N.Y.head trade clerkLaBranche
Maria Behr41Milford, N.J.securities traderCantor Fitzgerald
Yelena Belilovsky38Mamaroneck, N.Y. Fred Alger Management
Nina Patrice Bell39New York, N.Y.senior managerMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Andrea Della Bella59Jersey City, N.J.legal secretaryAon Corp.
Debbie S. Bellows30East Windsor, N.J.executive assistantCantor Fitzgerald
Stephen Elliot Belson51New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Paul Michael Benedetti32New York, N.Y.assistant directorAon Corp.
Denise Lenore Benedetto40New York, N.Y.executive assistantAon Corp.
Bryan Craig Bennett25New York, N.Y.salesman at eSpeedCantor Fitzgerald
Eric L. Bennett29New York, N.Y.area vice presidentAlliance Consulting
Oliver Duncan Bennett29London, Englandstaff writerRisk magazine, Risk Waters Group
Margaret L. Benson52Rockaway, N.J.human resources departmentPort Authority of New York and New Jersey
Dominick J. Berardi25New York, N.Y. Cantor Fitzgerald
James Patrick Berger44Lower Makefield, Pa.senior vice presidentAon Corp.
Steven Howard Berger45Manalapan, N.J.supervisor of corporate tax auditorsNew York State Department of Taxation and Finance
John P. Bergin39New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Alvin Bergsohn48Baldwin Harbor, N.Y.equity traderCantor Fitzgerald
Daniel D. Bergstein38Teaneck, N.J.corporate secretaryPort Authority of New York and New Jersey
Michael J. Berkeley38New York, N.Y.
Donna Bernaerts-Kearns44Hoboken, N.J.computer programmerAccenture
William Bernstein44New York, N.Y.mortgage bond brokerCantor Fitzgerald
David M. Berray39New York, N.Y.vice presidentMoneyLine
David S. Berry43New York, N.Y.chief of researchKeefe, Bruyette & Woods
Joseph J. Berry55Saddle River, N.J.chairman and CEOKeefe, Bruyette & Woods
William Reed Bethke36Hamilton, N.J.computer programmerMarsh USA
Timothy D. Betterly42Little Silver, N.J.bond traderCantor Fitzgerald
Edward F. Beyea42New York, N.Y.computer programmerEmpire Blue Cross and Blue Shield
Paul Michael Beyer37New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Anil T. Bharvaney41East Windsor, N.J.senior vice presidentInstinet (Reuters)
Bella Bhukhan24Union, N.J.human resources departmentCantor Fitzgerald
Shimmy D. Biegeleisen42New York, N.Y.vice presidentFiduciary Trust International
Peter Alexander Bielfeld44New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
William Biggart54New York, N.Y.photographer
Brian Bilcher36New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Carl Vincent Bini44New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Gary Bird51Tempe, Ariz.senior vice presidentMarsh USA
Joshua David Birnbaum24New York, N.Y.assistant bond traderCantor Fitzgerald
George Bishop52Granite Springs, N.Y.vice presidentAon Corp.
Jeffrey D. Bittner27New York, N.Y.research analystKeefe, Bruyette & Woods
Balewa Albert Blackman26New York, N.Y.junior accountantCantor Fitzgerald
Christopher Joseph Blackwell42Patterson, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Susan L. Blair35East Brunswick, N.J.insurance executiveAon Corp.
Harry Blanding Jr.38Blakeslee, Pa.claims analystAon Corp.
Janice L. Blaney55Williston Park, N.Y.consultantMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Craig Michael Blass27Greenlawn, N.Y.traderCantor Fitzgerald
Rita Blau52New York, N.Y.supervisor of switchboard operatorsFiduciary Trust International
Richard M. Blood Jr.38Ridgewood, N.J.insurance brokerAon Corp.
Michael A. Boccardi30Bronxville, N.Y.senior vice president of institutional relationsFred Alger Management
John Paul Bocchi38New Vernon, N.J.managing director of interest rate optionsCantor Fitzgerald
Michael L. Bocchino45New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Susan Mary Bochino36New York, N.Y.client specialistAon Corp.
Bruce Douglas (Chappy) Boehm49West Hempstead, N.Y.government agencies brokerCantor Fitzgerald
Mary Katherine Boffa45New York, N.Y.vice president of purchasingMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Nicholas A. Bogdan34Browns Mills, N.J.managerMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Darren C. Bohan34New York, N.Y.temporary employeeAon Corp.
Lawrence Francis Boisseau36Freehold, N.J.fire safety directorOCS Security
Vincent M. Boland Jr,25Ringwood, N.J.business analystMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Alan Bondarenko53Flemington, N.J. Washington Group International
Andre Bonheur Jr.40New York, N.Y.financial analystCitibank
Colin Arthur Bonnett39New York, N.Y.telecommunications programmerMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Frank Bonomo42Port Jefferson, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Yvonne L. Bonomo30New York, N.Y.corporate travel bookerAmerican Express
Sean Booker35Irvington, N.J.account associateXerox Corp.
Sherry Ann Bordeaux38Jersey City, N.J.accountantFiduciary Trust International
Krystine C. Bordenabe33Old Bridge, N.J.sales assistantKeefe, Bruyette & Woods
Martin Boryczewski29Parsippany, N.J.institutional sales traderCantor Fitzgerald
Richard E. Bosco34Suffern, N.Y.bankerCitibank
John Howard Boulton Jr.29New York, N.Y.options brokerEuro Brokers Inc.
Francisco Bourdier41New York, N.Y.security guardDeutsche Bank
Thomas H. Bowden Jr.36Wyckoff, N.J.equities traderCantor Fitzgerald
Kimberly S. Bowers31Islip, N.Y.administrative staffCantor Fitzgerald
Veronique (Bonnie) Nicole Bowers28New York, N.Y.credit collections managerWindows on the World
Larry Bowman46New York, N.Y.security officerSummit Security Services
Shawn Edward Bowman Jr.28New York, N.Y.human resources information specialistCantor Fitzgerald
Kevin L. Bowser45Philadelphia, Pa.computer trainerMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Gary R. Box37North Bellmore, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Gennady Boyarsky34New York, N.Y.travel agentAmerican Express
Pamela Boyce43New York, N.Y.assistant vice president of accountingCarr Futures
Michael Boyle37Westbury, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Alfred Braca54Leonardo, N.J.bond broker for eSpeedCantor Fitzgerald
Sandra Conaty Brace60New York, N.Y.administrative assistantRisk Insurance Solutions
Kevin H. Bracken37New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
David Brian Brady41Summit, N.J.financial advisorMerrill Lynch
Alexander Braginsky38Stamford, Conn.foreign exchange products managerReuters
Nicholas W. Brandemarti21Mantua, N.J.analystKeefe, Bruyette & Woods
Michelle Renee Bratton23Yonkers, N.Y.executive assistant, marketingCantor Fitzgerald
Patrice Braut31New York, N.Y.technologyMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Lydia Estelle Bravo50Dunellen, N.J.nurseMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Ronald Michael Breitweiser39Middletown Township, N.J.senior vice presidentFiduciary Trust International
Edward A. Brennan III37New York, N.Y.vice president, government bondsCantor Fitzgerald
Frank H. Brennan50New York, N.Y.senior vice president and limited partnerCantor Fitzgerald
Michael Emmett Brennan27New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Peter Brennan30Ronkonkoma, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Thomas M. Brennan32Scarsdale, N.Y.investment bankerSandler O'Neill & Partners
Capt. Daniel Brethel43Farmingdale, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Gary L. Bright36Union City, N.J.insurance analystAon Corp.
Jonathan Eric Briley43Mount Vernon, N.Y.audiovisual technicianWindows on the World
Mark A. Brisman34Armonk, N.Y.associateHarris Beach LLP
Paul Gary Bristow27New York, N.Y.conferences producerRisk Waters Group
Victoria Alvarez Brito38New York, N.Y. Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Mark Francis Broderick42Old Bridge, N.J.accountantCantor Fitzgerald
Herman C. Broghammer58North Merrick, N.Y.senior vice presidentAon Corp.
Keith Broomfield49New York, N.Y.mechanical technicianAdvent Corp.
Janice J. Brown35New York, N.Y.accountantMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Lloyd Brown28Bronxville, N.Y.compliance officer for institutional equitiesCantor Fitzgerald
Capt. Patrick J. Brown48New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Bettina Browne49Atlantic Beach, N.Y.vice president, mergers and acquisitionsAon Corp.
Mark Bruce40Summit, N.J.trader, mortgage-backed securitiesSandler O'Neill & Partners
Richard Bruehert38Westbury, N.Y.vice president for technologyMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Andrew Brunn28 firefighterNew York Fire Department
Capt. Vincent Brunton43New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Ronald Paul Bucca47Tuckahoe, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Brandon J. Buchanan24New York, N.Y.equity traderCantor Fitzgerald
Greg Joseph Buck37New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Dennis Buckley38Chatham, N.J.bond brokerCantor Fitzgerald
Nancy Bueche43Hicksville, N.Y. Aon Corp.
Patrick Joseph Buhse36Lincroft, N.J.bond traderCantor Fitzgerald
John E. Bulaga Jr.35Paterson, N.J.network engineer at eSpeedCantor Fitzgerald
Stephen Bunin45New York, N.Y.VMS systems engineerCantor Fitzgerald
Matthew J. Burke28New York, N.Y.assistant equities traderCantor Fitzgerald
Thomas Daniel Burke38Bedford Hills, N.Y.managing directorCantor Fitzgerald
Capt. William F. Burke Jr.46New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Donald James Burns61Nissequogue, N.Y.assistant chiefNew York Fire Department
Kathleen A. Burns49New York, N.Y.vice president, office automationFiduciary Trust International
Keith James Burns39East Rutherford, N.J.equitiesCantor Fitzgerald
John Patrick Burnside36New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Irina Buslo32New York, N.Y.administrative assistantFuji Bank
Milton Bustillo37New York, N.Y.computer network operatorCantor Fitzgerald
Thomas M. Butler37Kings Park, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Patrick Byrne39New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Timothy G. Byrne36Manhattan, N.Y.investment bankerSandler O'Neill & Partners
Jesus Cabezas66New York, N.Y.cookWindows on the World
Lillian Caceres48New York, N.Y.technology administratorMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Brian Joseph Cachia26New York, N.Y.technical support specialistCantor Fitzgerald
Steven Cafiero Jr.31New York, N.Y.client specialistAon Corp.
Richard M. Caggiano25New York, N.Y.trade support clerkCantor Fitzgerald
Cecile M. Caguicla55Boonton, N.J.assistance vice president of financeMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Michael John Cahill37East Williston, N.Y.senior claims attorneyMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Scott W. Cahill30West Caldwell, N.J.municipal bond brokerCantor Fitzgerald
Thomas J. Cahill36Franklin Lakes, N.J.securities traderCantor Fitzgerald
George Cain35Massapequa, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Salvatore B. Calabro38New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Joseph Calandrillo49Hawley, Pa.treaty accountantRisk Solutions International
Philip V. Calcagno57New York, N.Y.assistant vice presidentMarsh & McLennan
Edward Calderon44Jersey City, N.J.operations managerPort Authority of New York and New Jersey
Kenneth Marcus Caldwell30New York, N.Y.senior account managerAlliance Consulting
Dominick E. Calia40Manalapan, N.J.bond brokerCantor Fitzgerald
Felix (Bobby) Calixte38New York, N.Y. BP Air Conditioning
Capt. Frank Callahan51New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Liam Callahan44Rockaway, N.J.police officerPort Authority of New York and New Jersey
Luigi Calvi34East Rutherford, N.J.bond traderCantor Fitzgerald
Roko Camaj60Manhasset, N.Y.janitorial, window cleanerABM Industries
Michael Cammarata22Huguenot, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
David Otey Campbell51Basking Ridge, N.J.senior vice president of equity salesKeefe, Bruyette & Woods
Geoffrey Thomas Campbell31New York, N.Y. Reuters
Jill Marie Campbell31New York, N.Y.administrative assistantBaseline Financial Services
Robert Arthur Campbell25New York, N.Y.painterFine Painting and Decorating
Sandra Patricia Campbell45New York, N.Y.computer programmerCantor Fitzgerald
Juan Ortega Campos32New York, N.Y.delivery manFine & Schapiro restaurant
Sean Canavan39New York, N.Y.carpenter
John A. Candela42Glen Ridge, N.J.senior traderCantor Fitzgerald
Vincent Cangelosi30New York, N.Y.bond brokerCantor Fitzgerald
Lisa B. Cannava30New York, N.Y.supervisorCarr Futures
Brian Cannizzaro30New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Michael R. Canty30Schenectady, N.Y.brokerCarr Futures
Louis A. Caporicci35New York, N.Y.vice presidentCantor Fitzgerald
Jonathan N. Cappello23Garden City, N.Y.trade support clerkCantor Fitzgerald
James Christopher Cappers33Wading River, N.Y.assistant vice presidentMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Richard M. Caproni34Lynbrook, N.Y.senior accounting specialistMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Jose Cardona32New York, N.Y.clerkCarr Futures
Dennis M Carey51Wantagh, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
Edward Carlino46New York, N.Y.financial reporting systemsMarsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Michael Scott Carlo34New York, N.Y.firefighterNew York Fire Department
David G. Carlone46Randolph, N.J.account executiveFM Global
Rosemarie C. Carlson40New York, N.Y. International Office Center

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