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Sept. 11: One year after

Today's date
Increasing protective measures

How Boston-area companies and government agencies have altered their security.

EnergyPhysical plant Budget Personnel Training Liaison
  Q: Have you made changes to increase security and protect against terrorist attacks? Q: Have you increased your security budget since Sept. 11? Q: Have you hired more full-time security personnel? Q: Have you provided additional counterterrorism training ? Q: Have you designated a liaison to Homeland Security officials?
NStar Electric/Gas Yes Yes, no amount disclosed No, more police/ contract guards as needed Yes Yes
Mass. Electric Yes, ongoing Yes, no amount disclosed No, but more patrols Yes Yes
ISO-New England Yes, including upgrade of backup grid control center Yes, by over $500,000 Yes Yes Yes
Pilgrim nuclear plant Yes, including larger boat exclusion zone, barriers, confi dential changes Yes, by "millions" Yes, number not disclosed Yes, ongoing "as changing conditions mandate" Yes
Seabrook nuclear plant Yes, including closure of one entry road, new checkpoints Yes, no amount disclosed Yes Yes, ongoing No
KeySpan Energy Yes, including new gates/ barriers, digital recorders for surveillance cameras Yes, "substantially" Yes, consultants and new high-level New England security executive Yes Yes
Distrigas (Everett LNG storage) Yes Yes, over $3 million so far Yes, including 4 ex-military officers Yes Yes
Coastal Oil (Chelsea Creek) Declined to respond
Verizon Communications Yes, backup operations centers, extra network routes, card-controlled access Yes, "substantial" No Yes, including biological and nuclear Yes
AT&T Yes Yes, amount not disclosed Yes Yes Yes
AT&T Wireless Yes, no details given Yes, amount not disclosed Declined to comment Declined to comment Yes
Cingular Declined to respond
Nextel Declined to respond
Verizon Wireless No No No No Yes
Federal Reserve Bank of Boston Yes, including new street barriers Yes, amount not disclosed Yes Yes Yes, through national board of governors
MWRA Yes Yes, More than $8 million No, but State Police and National Guard at reservoirs Yes Yes
Boston Water & Sewer Commission Yes Yes, including $115,000 federal security improvement grant No Yes Yes
Massport Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Mass. Aeronautics Commission Yes, at 40 airports MAC oversees No, but $15 million proposed by Legislature for security upgrades No No formal training, but forums and discussions Yes
Turnpike/Central Artery Yes Yes, "substantially" Yes No, but planned soon Yes
Metropolitan District Commission Yes, including State House entries, Quabbin Reservoir Yes, $250,000+/year Yes, 10 new rangers for State House No Yes
Mass. Highway Yes Yes, amount not disclosed No Yes Yes
MBTA Yes, including $45 million security communications network Yes, $5 million to $10 million Yes, including 22 MBTA Police Yes, including all operators/ station personnel Yes

Compiled by Peter J. Howe

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