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Sept. 11: One year after

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Globe and Boston.com coverage from September 11, 2001

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Have you been to New York City or Washington D.C. since September 11? What, if anything, was different?

Almost immediately after the terrorist attacks, the site of the World Trade Center became a tourist attraction where people went to post messages, take pictures, or read the memorial wall. Have you been to New York City or Washington D.C. since the terrorist attacks? Did you notice anything different about the people, the environment, the landscape, or the general attitude?
A look at two cities: New York Washington, DC

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I am glad that the TV stations are showing the events over and over. We must never forget and we must stay focused.


Everything. Absolutely everything.

Jan, Watertown

The one thing changed in New York is that you really can't have a great time as you are always looking over your shoulder. New York symbolizes America, so the terrorists want to hit there again, big time.

jonny, chelsea

I've been to both New York City and Washington D.C. within the past few years. I noticed more security measures and more Red White and Blue. It's everywhere.

C, Newton

I'm originally from Stoughton,MA and have been living and working in NYC for the last three years. Personally, I feel it is important for all of us to remember that day and to honor the heroes and victims. However, the images being flashed on TV from that day are a little overwheling for people that still live and work in the city. I believe that the rest of the country may need to be reminded of what happened on that day but working four blocks away from the WTC when it all happened and seeing the footage of the attack over and over again make the healing process a little more difficult.

Derek K, New York, NY

The people of NYC seem to have become united and seem to be more open and friendly than before. We are all in this together. United we stand. They know that. The feeling of the city is more warm than it has ever been.

Tourist, Boston

I still cry when I see the replays of that terrible day. I have not been to New York or Washington but believe me, I feel as if part of me died when I think back to that terrible day. God be with all those people and I pray for their families and loved ones every night. God Bless and keep them always.


I have visited both cities this last spring. I was a little disoriented in Lower Manhattan without the towers to help me navigate. So were my companions, one of whom lived there. Overall, people on the street were more open and respectful and helpful than they had been during past visits. New Yorkers are still New Yorkers, but they seemed actually less suspicious and indifferent on an interpersonal level than they were before, even if they are still in a hurry. Of course everybody is wary of what is going on around them. DC seemed the same as it ever was, although I last spent time there during the Gulf War. I think the fact that the Pentagon is not in the central city area makes a difference.

Kate, Boston

I moved to DC from Boston two years ago and frequently go to NYC. NYC has become very united and friendlier, it is one of my favorite cities in the world and there is just a different "feeling" after 9/11. You can't really explain it. The changes I have seen in DC are security..thats about it.

R, Washington DC

I think it is ridiculous that companies are not having a holiday or some sort of flexible work day on Sept 11th so people can mourn and gather their thoughts.. I am not looking forward to the flashbacks of Sept 11th while sitting at my desk rotting away in depression...

Yakov, Boston

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