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Sept. 11: One year after

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Do you feel safer one year later?

Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, sweeping changes in security, covering nearly every aspect of American life, have been implemented. The new government Office of Homeland Security aims to centrally oversee the nation's safety. With all of these measures in place, do you believe America a safer place today than it was one year ago? Have new security measures made you feel more confident? In your opinion, how likely is another terrorist attack on US soil? Share your thoughts.

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It's no safer than it was before, I forgot I had a fork in my bag for lunch and got through security. I didn't know it was there until I got to my destination. WOW. What security and safety?

Unknown person, Halifax

A tricky question. But, answering honestly, I'd have to say no. Although the government has made a lot of noise about security, and is trying to create a new department for "Homeland Security". It appears not much has really changed as far as making our borders safe from this type of terroism threat. I believe that many of the mechanisms that have been put in place since last year, are really just cosmetic, and more of an inconvenience on travellers than real security measures. Have our forces been able to root out Osama Bin Laden? NO. Do they even have a clue if he is still alive? NO. Mr. Bush now downplays the importance of getting the main person responsible for the attacks of last year. Most people I know believe another attack is all but guaranteed. So, the answer is, no, I don't feel safer one year later.

Rick , Pembroke

Not at all. We still are waiting for something to happen instead of putting procedures into place to prevent another disaster. We constantly criticize ourselves on how we are handling the situation and are more concerned with how the rest of the world preceives us. We should not care about what the rest of the world thinks and for once see if these "U.S. critical" countries (France, Saudia Arabia etc.) can survive on their own. Fat Chance. Our politicians who are looking for the "vote" need to be more supportive our U.S. citizens instead of the Taliban prisoners in Cuba. These jokers (Hilery you top them all) are the worst. Keep the doors to the country closed until "WE" say you are invited to come in. Remember ...if you are not a U.S. citizen, you have no rights.

Twig , Pembroke

When I travel, I don't feel any safer at all. Strangely, I feel safer in our office building, where security is much more strict!

Susan, West Newton

Until we get serious about identifying those who want to do us harm, we will never be safe. We need to “get over” the political correct response and start profiling.

Steve, Kingston

No way, It is exactly the same. Sure the illusion is there, more money is being spent, but at the end of the day, the terrorists are always (and always have been) a step ahead of the game. You can't prepare for an attack of this nature. The government is compelled to say they are doing everything they can to calm the very "neurotic" american. General statment - but true. We need to feel safe, but in reality, we are no safer now than 2 years ago.

GW, Franklin

NYC has/is/will be the BEST city! It is truly safe there - compared to Boston. I just moved here, and am shocked about the "general" crime here - robberies, rapes, muggings. Not to mention totally "stupid" crimes - smashing car windows, car crashes, sidewalk trash police (please explain this waste of time and money!). THIS is scarier to live with!! Living through 9/11 in Manhattan is not anything I wish upon anyone. However, NYC'ers truly faced it head-on and worked together. NYC is very diverse, yet communal. On 9/11, and weeks later, everyone (race, ethnicity, religion, culture) were ther for eachother - even more than ever. Unfortunately, terrorists threats are a reality now. You just have to live and deal with it.

Pat, Boston ( Home-NYC)

No, I don't feel safer but I do feel more aware that the US is no longer an island seperated from the hate that others have for our great nation.

Pete , Brookline

I feel just as safe as I did last year. I don't think that my chances of being attacked by terrorists are any better or worse than they were just because security has been bumped up. Just like with winning the lottery, everyone has an equal chance of it happening to them. That hasn't changed.

Dave, Gloucester, MA

The security guards in my office building are as bad as shopping mall security.

Tom, Boston

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