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Sept. 11: One year after

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Do you feel safer one year later?

Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, sweeping changes in security, covering nearly every aspect of American life, have been implemented. The new government Office of Homeland Security aims to centrally oversee the nation's safety. With all of these measures in place, do you believe America a safer place today than it was one year ago? Have new security measures made you feel more confident? In your opinion, how likely is another terrorist attack on US soil? Share your thoughts.

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I do feel safer but not because of steps taken by our government. in the year since 9/11 several attempts at terror have been made and it was regular citizens that stepped up and took matters into their own hands. i feel safer because everyday average americans aren't going to let a bunch of cowards have their way. if we all stay alert and level headed,9/11 will not be repeated

Jason, winthrop

Homeland security is a joke! A cabinet position for this is just another way for Georgie to get a Republican into his cabinet. Airline security is no different than pre- 9/11 except that you have to take your laptop out. George DO NOT worry about Iraq. Worry about the United States FIRST!!! You are President here, protect us, not your oil friends!

Jeff, Everett, MA

NO. Just look around and you see that people are just giving the 'security' lip service... as for increased security - in November I took a full sized metal screwdriver through the metal detector at Logan & it was not noticed (only caught in Dulles, taken on by mistake, obviously). Another example, the gas tank in Dorchester - the police officer that was there was frequently asleep in the car.

Walter, Boston

Safer? Are you kidding? There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

Tom , North Attleboro

Not really. I went on a trip to Arizona a few weeks ago and didn't find much difference in security in Boston or Phoenix. There are more guards but procedures seem the same as they did the last time I was at Logan which was years ago...although the lines are longer. From my perspective, it doesn't seem like much has changed but maybe there are things going on behind the scenes that I am unaware of? Not really sure. All I know is, I was nervous in my travels which were uneventful thank goodness!

Annee, Clinton

New security measures have not made me feel more confident, if anything, less so.

C. Evans, Gardner

I agree that security needs to be improved, but the methods which have been employed up to now do nothing to make me feel any safer. We have to stop worrying about letting someone through with a pair of tweezers and start focusing on the real issues.

Mark, Boston

I feel much less safe than I did on September 11. I don't trust our government. i think those in power are just as dangerous (if not more!) as the members of the al Qaeda. And I'm not alone in thinking this. Plus, our goverment wants to make us believe through heavy "propa" that people who think what I think are the problem. "Before you accuse me, take a look at yourself" The U.S. government is a bunch of white men who came from money, and they think they can trick all of us into believing them. I have no faith that another sept. 11 won't happen again.

Anyone, Boston

No, I don't feel safe at all. I won't fly anymore and I think that we live in an extremely dangerous world.

Mary Ann

I am safe with flying. I feel that if something is to happen again, Americans will defend themselves, rather than sit back and be quiet. Sure we are going to have to deal with lazy screeners and poor equipment, I just think that people are going to be more willing to stop these insane individuals.

Eric, Waltham, Ma

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