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Sept. 11: One year after

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Do you feel safer one year later?

Since the September 11 terrorist attacks, sweeping changes in security, covering nearly every aspect of American life, have been implemented. The new government Office of Homeland Security aims to centrally oversee the nation's safety. With all of these measures in place, do you believe America a safer place today than it was one year ago? Have new security measures made you feel more confident? In your opinion, how likely is another terrorist attack on US soil? Share your thoughts.

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I have gone to 40 or 50 events since 9/11, and I have gotten ANYTHING in to wherever I was going. Fleet Center, Fenway Park, City Hall, Great Woods, any Zoo, anywhere, big backpacks, small items now banned, like a penknife to open your mail, or nailclippers. I have flown and seen NO SECURITY except the superficial stuff the government thinks is helpful. Finally, the WAR ON TERROR will only bring us more death and mayhem.

Not John Ashcroft, Roslindale

It is called politics as usual. Quick to speak, slow to act.

Craig, Beverly

I was feeling safe until I flew back to London from Boston a few days ago (August 27th). A woman travelling to San Juan on AA went through the baggage scan and had her bag searched where they found about 15 butter knives. The security guard and the woman had a good laugh about this, and then she was returned the knives. Why is it that I need to use a plastic knife on the plane, while the security at Logan is as lax as ever?

James, London

I have confidence that national security is better now, but since the attack, I feel that our country is much more vulnerable...and I will never feel as safe as I once did...September 11th forever changed the security we Americans had that our country was untouchable.

Karissa, Malden, MA

On the one hand, I won't allow myself to be terrorized. I won't change the way I live my life, or sacrifice the liberties I cherish. On the other hand, I think it's a bit sad that our government's notion of security is containment and clean-up. Most of the agencies seem to stress how great they'll perform after an attack. Thatís great, but I want them to prevent attacks. I'll take little comfort knowing that a terrorist attack was contained in record time, but that my loved ones were the unlucky ones. I realize you cannot protect all of the people all of the time, but I'd like to see a shift in the paradigm from reactive to proactive. I think then Iíd consider myself as safe as one can.

Tim, Boston

We are all probably a little safer, but not much. Terrorists are looking for an opening we won't suspect, most likely they can find a few.

Moe, Saratoga Springs, NY

Not at all. Our government is busy chasing down terrorist around the world. They've appointed officials, created new agencies, and talked a lot. Thats all they have done about making the U.S. safer.

Joe, Waltham

No. I do not feel any safer. In fact I feel less safe now because I have been so sheltered my whole life. After last year I realized even more that anything can happen at any time just like that. As Jack of Dedham said you cannot control a terrorist's mind.

Emily, Medford

I don't feel safer and it's mostly because I am watching our government handle our next move. I thought we agreed that we were going to whipe out the "bad" guys from one edge of the world to another. I thought it was expressed and agreed by most everyone that the war would be fought on several fronts? It took us 6 months to watch this become a politacal bipartison issue, and now, a year later, its even worse. The war is not by any means multi-front and we are sitting here while our known enemies get stronger. What will it take for us to really come together. Seems that 9/11 wasn't enough. Sad.

Rambo, Boston

The thing is before September 11 i had no reason to even look at the question "do you feel safe?" i always just took my saftey and the saftey of my fellow Americans for granted. The one thing that has changed for me is my attitude I have slowed down and started to really try and appreciate things.

tom, boston

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