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Sept. 11: One year after

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Will science and technology be the decisive factors in the war on terror?

In the war on terror, a host of new technologies have been unleashed. Major fronts are being fought in the nation's laboratories as scientists explore how to counter biological warfare. Will advances in science and technology prove to be the decisive factors in the fight against terrorism? Will biological weapons determine who wins? Share your thoughts.

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Perhaps, as technology has come a long way, and with all the intelligence that we have on our side, it just may well serve as the decisive factor in the war against terrorism. With all the acts of terrorism--I think that we need all the high-tech weapons to stop this from destroying our freedom, as well as the world around us.

Krissy, Plymouth

Sure if we can hunt down the cowards behind the terrorism and use these high tech weapons against them they'd be very effective, but until we find them the most high tech weapon on the planet is useless.

John, Somerville

NEVER. It is always easier to take out expensive systems of defence with cheap methods of offense. Dollars and technological know how does not make a country, or the armed forces stronger. War is meant to be fought with human beings, on the ground, fighting eachother. The US is a cowardly superpower (sic) because it will not properly invade a country. Iraq should take a million military personnel, over the course of 5 years. NEVER. Don't forget, espionage and traitors. Scientists will leak systems to any enemy always, since the beginning of time to the end of time. You build high tech weapons, and then they proliferate. Then the world is less safe, and terror is more active. TRY TREATING PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD WITH DIGNITY, AND HELPING THEM WITH PRODUCTIVE EFFORSTS.

Not John Ashcroft, Weston

Laser-guided missiles, satellite surveillance, and bomb-detection equipment give a false sense of security. Israel has these things and people still get blown up over there. Maybe we should analyze and innovate our foreign policies in the Middle East. We should make sure that the foreign policy of this country reflects the best interest of the American people and not the special interests groups, because the american people are under attack because of it. Home Land Security (this sounds so foreign to me) and the investment in defense technology companies are going to be a huge drain on an already hurting economy.

R. H., dedham

Unfortunatley, yes. We all came into the world the same way and I think that we all are leaving it together at an hour of someone's choosing. Unfortunatley, terrorist will choose it for us. I hope that the last sentence is not true. But, the world has changed forever due to the miserable acts of terrorists.

Mel, USA

Has no one tried sitting down and talking?

Bob, Boston

Barring a miracle of God whereby the hearts of the terrorists are changed from their mindset of the way of battle, I believe American technological might will have to be the decisive factor in the fight against terrorism. By hiding and using methods like suicide bombings, they leave us no option. L. Land Michigan

Lynne , Roseville, Michigan

Technological might? No. Technological Hubris? Yes. Its a cat and mouse game that will never end, and improved technology will certainly deter and detect certain types of threats. But when you have a government that talks tough on terror and then refuses to properly secure nuclear power-plant fuel rods from even relatively simple forms of sabotage because of the costs to industry, technology is not the issue. Good sense is the issue.

Kate, Boston

No, technology will not be a decisive factor. What will be a decisive factor is closing our borders to all illegal foreigners, trying to get into the US to kill us. And hunt down the illegal aliens already here. Deport these scum. Tag them upon exiting the U.S. so they can never get back in. Better yet, kill a few of them upon their exit, just to set an example. "You come to this country illegally, this is what you get." Bang. Racial Profile is the only way. But there are too many bleeding heart liberals in the U.S. (Mass especially) who are too cowardly to make this happen. Tough Times Demand Tough Action !

ML, Townsend

We are presently most vulnerable in our nuclear power plants. A complete shut down of all electronic material within could be achieved with a slightly modified bomb that anyone could make within their garage. The bomb would make use of the "Compton Effect" and would give off a large amount of electromagnetic interference that would render circuitry worthless, appliances broken, and telephones dead. It is extremely expensive to insulate against this effect, and anything built more than five year ago is likely not protected. Also, a "wash-over" effect is possible even if the area is insulated, if it has power or phone lines which connect the insulated area to the outside world. Such an "EMP Bomb" would not need to be farther than half a mile away, although it could probably have some effect even up to two miles away. It can be aimed. The hypothetical situation is this: The terrorists construct such a bomb, using common materials such as fertilizer and copper wiring, the total cost being not more than $2,000, they approach near a nuclear power station that is near an urban center, at least as far as the wind direction is concerned. They do not need to deal with security, unless the plant is guarded from a great distance off, and even so, it is unlikely that they would be prevented from gaining access to land near the plant if they came prepared to use force. The terrorists detonate said bomb from a few hundred yards away, and ride away on 15 year old dirt bikes or some other equipment that does not make use of electronics. Pursuit would be impossible from the plant, as the guards'/soldiers' vehicles would not function, and no phone calls (even cell phones) would be function that were in the radius of the effect. By the time the rescue workers/police arrive, the plant should be malfunctioning and the terrorists should have escaped. Although I do not know exactly what would happen, do you care to contemplate what would happen if all the machinery in a nuclear power plant near a civilian center suddenly stopped working? warden399@yahoo.com

Rooster, Amherst

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