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Sept. 11: One year after

Today's date
Under attack
Globe and Boston.com coverage from September 11, 2001

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World Trade Ctr.
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United Flight 93
United Flight 175
Flight 11
Flight 175

Tenants of WTC
North Tower
South Tower

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How do you feel one year after the terrorist attacks?

Today marks one year since the September 11th tragedy. How do you feel about the attacks one year later? How do you feel about the way they changed America? Are you still trying to cope, or have you come to terms with what happened?

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I will never forgot this day! God Bless America!

Brian, Lynn

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. I am still a bit surprised that I feel as bad as I do today. The attacks seem so long ago, yet I recall each and every event as though it happened yesterday. It is a day of mixed emotions...pride and sorrow are at the top of the list. My only hope is that we, as Americans, keep our sense of unity and resolve. These are the very things that the attackers sought to take away.

Melissa , Nashua

don't use 9/11 as an excuse to wuss out. live your life, do good things, think about your place in the world, and take no prisoners. this country's prolonged childhood is over.

valkyrie, Boston

What is my voice among millions?
In screams of chaos…and unison
What is my voice but a whisper?
In a nation to witness the dark

Who am I but one of its mourners
What am I but one of it's strong
Where else will I be but accounted?
With so many more lost among

I weep for a nation like many
I fear not but what is unknown
I want nothing more than rebellion
I want nothing more than us all

It's sadness, which suffers in millions
It's sickness, which none comprehend
It's strength, which builds us an army
It's vengeance, which plots our revenge

Their savior is more than a phantom
Their patrons among flesh and bone
The chaos will not be forgotten
Avenge them, we will not let go

Words will live but a memory
With so much more left undone
When will we see unforgiven
Burn in the chaos resolve?

It's nothing I wish us to speak of
But pain makes us scream from the soul
A prayer will not serve as forgiveness
To those who deserve so much more

J. Harvey, Melrose

Kiss and Hug your friends and familiy everyday ..

Milena , Salem, MA

To all of the family and friends of those who were murdered on this tragic day you are in my prayers. The sting of loss is sharp; time will ease the pain, but not make the memories of loved ones less clear. To our unpresident, a few questions: Mr. Bush, how do you sleep at night knowing the sinister role you played in this horrific event and continue to play? When were citizens lives deemed dispensable? Is money, oil and power that important that you would let this happen? We the People are not as ignorant as you, we demand answers.

Ann, Norwood

One year later -- the war against terror the President ordered has not stopped terror or suicide bombings. Ben Laden has not been captured dead or alive...THE CIA, FBI still do not have a clue who started the Anthrax murders...yet the president wants to have a war with Iran with little or no results from the existing war. The American Airports still do not equal Israel with respect to safety. Unfortuantely too many people have died due to this "War Against Terror", with no results! War against other governments is not the answer!

Barbara , Hyde Park, Massachusetts

I still feel deeply sad and very angry!!! These vile little cave dwelling devil workers, so called worshipers of Allah don't have a clue about who we are and what we're capable of. To think they can break America is a deadly mistake. One year later has not diminished my feelings. Our country is stronger than ever, and I feel we'll do whatever it takes. They better pray to Allah, they're going to need him... GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck, Amesbury

Sad. Somber. Determined. Patriotic. Faithful. So many conflicting feelings and thoughts. I feel for those who lost loved ones. How could this happen to us? It is still inconceivable. I remember taking the bus home from work. We were all discussing what had happened. Someone who boarded after I did, and therefore had followed the news longer, told us that one of the towers collapsed. I said "No way. That couldn't happen. You must have misunderstood." I still feel like this entire year has been a nightmare and I will wake up on the morning of September 11th and get ready for work as usual. I will not let the terrorists win. I have not and will not bow to terrorism. God Bless America.

Feeling Somber, Boston, MA

I feel more determined that we must do whatever we can to locate and bring to justice all the individuals responsible (Osama, Al-Qaida, Saddam, Islamist extremists) for the attack on 9/11. With that, I also feel that the task is formidable, and that it must never end.

Kent, Douglas

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