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Sept. 11: One year after

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Globe and Boston.com coverage from September 11, 2001

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Flight 175

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How do you feel one year after the terrorist attacks?

Today marks one year since the September 11th tragedy. How do you feel about the attacks one year later? How do you feel about the way they changed America? Are you still trying to cope, or have you come to terms with what happened?

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I don't think the world hates the U.S., just select individuals. If we stopped burning oil, no one would get to work and people who don't like to chop wood would all be really, really cold in the winter. Everyone needs to pray everyday. God Bless America. And God bless the victims and their families.

Gabrielle, Boston

Obviously what happened on September 11th 2001 was a terrible tragedy. Unfortunately, the way the Bush administration has dealt with these events is even more tragic. Instead of bringing the country together and unifying America after such a horrific occurrence, the Bush administration has used 9/11 as a means to drive a hard right Republican agenda. More tax cuts, less environmental respect, more money for the special interest oil companies that put them in power, which in turn leads to an even greater dependence on Mid-east oil. It's a shame we didn't have someone like Kennedy in office on September 11th last year. The American people came together as never before on September 11th and created an energy of the masses unseen in our day. Instead of galvanizing that energy, this administration has fractured it. How easy would it have been for the entire American public to turn down the heat a degree last year? Or to make a pledge for their next car to be more fuel-efficient or perhaps even a hybrid? Instead of asking the people of America what they could do for their Country, this president has instead asked ‘what can your country do for you?’. If there was ever a time we needed strong leadership, it was this past year. Until we can ease our dependency on mid-east oil, we are bound to have the same type of relationship with the Middle East, and with factions like Osama Bin Laden's. We must realize that it is only through our evolving as a society that we can achieve peace with our neighbors in Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. If anyone is interested in hearing more on this track, I would urge them to read Tom Freedman's column in the New York Times and also his new book, Longitudes and Attitudes.

Dylan, Allston

How do I feel? I feel a lot of things... Proud to be part of this great country, Sad (so very sad) for all those inncocent people that lost their lives, Angry at those who were responsible. Grateful that my loved ones are safe, Afraid that something like this will happen again, Hopeful that we can live through this all and come out a stronger, more united nation.

Jill, Roslindale

Never forget that day as long as I live...God Bless America

Ibrahim, Boston

As an american overseas, I am sad for those lost but angry that so many insist on mindlessly accepting what the state run US media feeds them. Like the Chap in DC said, this is not the work of "THEM" its the work of "US". Who built up Bin Laden? Saddam? etc. Do a simple web search - don't take it from me. look up Mike Vreeland,General Mahmud Ahmad who wired the funds to M. Atta the day after a meeting with Bush & Co. etc. You'll learn the truth. And for those who snap that open discussion of the facts is inappropriate today - stop to think, these poor souls died that day, wouldn't they want people to find out what really happened? or are you like those people who love free speach only so long as you agree with it? There is no harm to the memory of that day greater than ignoring the truth.

Albert, London

Most of the posts here refer to God. Such as God Bless, In God We Trust, God is on our side, etc. What's that all about. Did God see fit to allow us to be punished last year? Did our "Guardian Angel" go on vacation? Does going down to Wal-Mart and buying flag so you can drive around with a flag flapping make us a "patriot." Get out of the dream world, if you want to help, go down and voluntare like the football player who left the sport!

jonny, chelsea

My heart is breaking all over again today. I have been reading different message boards throughout the day and I am saddened by some of the postings. It is so easy to place blame-the religion factor, U.S. foreign policy, our government, and our arrogance… Please, today should be a day of remembrance for all of those affected by the events of 9-11. A day to honor all of those who lost their lives. A day to praise all of the heroes, there were so many. A day of gratitude for the outpouring of support from all over the world. But most importantly today and every day should be a day of acceptance for every person. A day of compassion for mankind. The easy thing to do-place blame. The difficult but honorable thing to do-love each other-accept each other.

Kimberly, Cambrudge

It is hard to believe it has been a whole year. Our lives changed forever! I still can't get over how actions of so few affected the lives of so many. I am thankful all my friends and family are safe, but at the same time feel so sad because of the thousands that weren't as lucky as I am. The day I can still remember as if it were yesterday. First thing in the morning as I turned on the TV. It was like a seen from an action movie ( I wish it was just a movie) It hit really close home for me because one of my best friends works right next door to the twin towers and I could not get a hold of him. He called me later that day to let me know he was alright. He told me all the stories and the images he saw of the bodies jumping out windows and all the smoke and rubble. An aeful sight to see on TV let alone in real life. So now it has been a whole year and life is getting back to normal. But we will always remember that day and how are lives changed forever! LET LOVE GUIDE THE WAY!

Steve, Quincy

Very Very ANGRY

Dan, Quincy

What are we waiting for? Get the US out of these countries and drop the bomb.

KP, Brockton

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