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Sept. 11: One year after

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Under attack
Globe and Boston.com coverage from September 11, 2001

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Flight 175

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How do you feel one year after the terrorist attacks?

Today marks one year since the September 11th tragedy. How do you feel about the attacks one year later? How do you feel about the way they changed America? Are you still trying to cope, or have you come to terms with what happened?

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I feel very sad, afraid and MAD all at once. I didn't loose any family member, friend or fellow worker but it has hit home hard. My neighbors son, Tommy Jr.20 yrs old is in the Navy SEALS and he has been sent out to defend our home land and I"m very scared for him. I pray God will keep him safe. I feel that we as a nation need to stop all of these Terrorist from ever doing this again. I pray to God for the family who have lost love ones and to let them know that we will never forget them. God Bless America. Jennifer Garland

Jennifer, Saugus

I feel angry that this ever happened, but more angry when I read comments from people like Lisa in Quincy. How dare you tell the widows of all the people who died to shut up and stop whining! Perhaps you yourself are a widow, and for that I am terribly sorry, but this was a national tragedy, something that none of us quite know how to deal with. Now imagine having to deal with it on such a personal level. These widows do carry on each day. They must carry on, for many of them have been left to raise very young children on their own. As for whining about money the government gives them, I contributed my own hard-earned money to all of these 9/11 funds because I wanted to give to the families, not because I wanted the money to get held up in all this red tape. After such a tragedy as this, it's a shame that people can't just come together and help each other move on, instead of being so bitter towards your fellow Americans. May we never see such atrocity again; God Bless America!

Laura, Dracut

where ever the people who perished are, let it be known that WE will not forget you on this day and every day. may your souls be at peace. WE will not let you go in vein.

christian , somerville

To LISA from QUINCY, This is a day to reflect back on what happened on 9/11. This was a horrific and traggic event and people will move on when they are good and ready. Who are you to say anything about those who lost a loved one on that day? I didnt know of anyone personally touched by a loss that day but as a citizen, I was effected by this for the rest of my life as were millions of others in the world. Today is one year anniversary, those widows that you speak of didn't lose their husbands to any ordinary event. They deserve the same courtesy as does anyone else who loses a loved one. A little respect for others on this day may help you lose some of the bitterness that you're holding in your own heart. My thoughts and prayers are with those who lost a loved one that day.

WD, Somerville

My wishes go out to all those families that were directly affected by this tragic event. God bless america.

Dan, Tewksbury

I continue to consider "responsibility". We have a responsibility to remember each man and woman who passed on this day last year. We have a responsibility to appreciate what we have been given and live each day to it's fullest. And we have a responsibility to understand our rights and privileges as Americans. However, we have experienced this entire tragedy on television. We expect that the press is impartial and accurate. Now, more than ever before, the press has an enormous responsibility to report pro-actively. Our nation witnessed the horrific events of 9/11 through on television, on-line, on our radios, and in newspapers - now we should expect the press to bring us forward. Feeding our tendency to "rubber-neck" and watch the horrifying events of 9/11 on a daily basis will traumatize us, anger us and even numb us. The press also has a responsibility to accurately represent all sides to a debate as critical as choosing war - and not be manipulated as political propaganda for a government that may just be determined to get its way. Do we really have all the facts? Is this really such a great idea? Will war ultimately give us the peace and security we lost this day last year? We should have these answers and not selected news bites that are strategically released to the press. Be responsible: choose your news sources wisely, remain well informed as we are told to be passively "vigilant", and remember every family who lost a loved this day last year.

CJ, Boston

We NEED Justice. Or else we will always be scared. Those who took from us need to be taken out of this world.

Keri, Brighton

I am upset by today's media coverage of the anniversary. All attention has fallen exclusively on remembering the dead. Don't get me wrong: they must be remembered today, by their families, friends, co-workers, indeed, by all of us. Their stories remain as heartrending today as they were twelve months ago. But there are other stories to be told as well. 9/11 was not a natural disaster or industrial accident. It was more than a tragedy. It was an attack on America, and all of us were its intended victims. Look at TV today. Is there a single story about how 9/11 affected the rest of us -- those who panicked over loved ones who might have been in the City or on the planes, or who simply stood in horror transfixed in front of our television sets? Is there any mention of the way we reacted, how neighborhoods spontaneously came together, of the eerie solidarity that took hold across the nation, or the extraoardinary, universal urge to help? What about the untold stories of that day, the truth behind our frantic speculations? Or even a single glimpse at the big picture -- the larger, worldwide conflict of which the World Trade Center was simply one terrible battlefield? To some extent, many feel that 9/11 happened because the needs of average Americans were ignored by our own politicians, by special interests, and by the media. That September, I really felt, for the first time in my life, we would finally be heard. This September, I realize that still, after all this, no one wants to listen.

Steve, Cambridge

Everything I do now, I do for America.

Carl, braintree

A rude awakening to the fact that what we stand for and believe in might not be popular worldwide. It's taught me not to be CONDESCENDING and to be TOLERANT!..And furthermore illustrated that HATRED AND VILE WILL NOT DICRIMINATE BETWEEN INNOCENT CIVILIANS AND PROTAGONISTS. It is sad that it took 9/11 for us to see this. And while we mourn the loss of life, let us also not forget that people are dying of hunger and poverty around the world and it is upon us to share and help for A CANDLE LOSES NOTHING WHEN IT LIGHTS ANOTHER.


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