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Sept. 11: One year after

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Globe and Boston.com coverage from September 11, 2001

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How do you feel one year after the terrorist attacks?

Today marks one year since the September 11th tragedy. How do you feel about the attacks one year later? How do you feel about the way they changed America? Are you still trying to cope, or have you come to terms with what happened?

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Page 13

I feel sad because of the people that die and because i have a daughter and son that there birthday is on that day. But i will always remember all of them .today i went to ring a bell in our city to honor all of them and i got a ribbon and on the ribbom it had a name on it and the name i got is Stuart Lee he was 30 year. and now i will remember him and light a candle ever year,because he will be like a son to me.love always Patricia Zavala

Patricia , El Paso Tesax

THANK YOU NELLIE (page 12)... you said it exactly!!! I feel great sorrow for ALL victims of needless violence worldwide. America is only the latest country to be affected by random acts of terrorism... but I'm afraid we won't be the last. Peace!

Dagmar, Belmont, MA

I think that America should have remembered the attacks w/ an attack of our own! Bomb those who celebrated the death of innocent people on that day last year! I can still see the news report showing the Palestinians and others celebrating. It was sickening! How can people hate that much? I DON'T WANT TO UNDERSTAND!

Gary, Newton, NH

I am absolutely HORRIFIED by some of the postings on this message board (Lisa from Quincy; Nellie from Boston, Jeff R from DC - and numerous others). What is supposed to be a day of remembrance, reflection, and peace, has now turned into a rabid political discussion about WHY the events unfolded and HOW people should be behaving. You are no better than the sick-minded terrorists that live in my backyard. In my mind, TODAY, it simply doesn't matter why or how the tragedy occurred. Today, all that matters to me is that innocent lives were lost. That is what today should be all about - remembering THEM. No political analysis, challenge to our government, or terrorist investigation will bring THEM back. They are gone forever. We all have a right to be angry - we all have a right to question our government and elected officials - and on another day, by all means -- feel free to engage in a political discussion. But not today. This is one American who will not criticize his Country, his President, or his Democracy today -- for better or worse.

Not Today, Newburyport

September 11th will always be a day that i will never forget. Just when you think that your world in which you live in is safe, things change. That day did change and I will forever be different because of it. We cannot let people who hate our country and go against everything that is good personally attack our country and lives. We need to stand together and not let this intolerant behavior stand anymore. We need to embrace our differences and live in harmony. America is a changed nation and I want to say thank you to the men and women who have given thier lives and time helping rebuild our nation that was so horribly destroyed on that day. My thoughts and prayers are with the families. May God bless everyone and may this next year be a time of rebuilding and continued healing for everyone. God Bless!

Rachel, Peabody

Thanks to soft liberals...terrorism will always be around!! No more asking WHY, what was their motivation?!?! WHO CARES!!! There should be NO reasoning with Murderes

Mac, Boston

I feel for the families that lost loved ones. I feel for the people who lost dear friends. It isn't only today that I feel for them but everyday when I wake up. I cannot remove any of the images I saw on that day. The news people were doing there jobs but to see countless pictures of the buildings being destroyed and the towers crumbling will live in my mind and heart forever. Everytime that I think of those images I think of the fireman who knew going in that they may not get out, of the people who had one last chance to call their families to say goodbye, I think of how hard it must have been to hear the voice of their loved ones saying I will make it out but if I don't I love you... I wonder how someone keeps it all together in a situation like that. I feel like one year later I still live in the best country in the world, in a place were people come together and mourn for friends, loved one's and family. I think these events have shown us that we are all one big family and when the going gets tough everyne has someone to help them through it. I feel that we are going to get ALL the people who planned this and cheered this and put them in front of their maker to meet there deserved punishment. I feel most of all that something is missing and it cannot be replaced through construction but we see that the rebuilding can be helped through patriotism.

tim, boston

Hey "Ed from Lexington" on page 13 If you think that that lazy baseball player represents america then you are sadly mistaken. Wake up! There is no need to apologize for being American. These countries that "hate us" demean women, disallow education, live by archaic rules of crime and punishment, and are in no position to judge. They refuse to tolerate us, not the other way around chief. You shame the proud hetitage of Lexington! Why don't you move to the middle east.

Ed Yankee, West Newbury

I had always taken for granted living in the United States. Since 9-11-01, I haven't done that. Pulling over at a truck stop in a small town in Maine and seeing red and white candles burning and adding the blue made me realize that we will always stand one nation, united under God.

Karen, Brighton

Today we had an assembly to honor the victims of September 11th. People had a chance to share their thoughts and feelings, and how they found comfort during those terrible times. One speaker in particular told us about a friend from church, whose husband died on flight 11 that morning. She told us how he had always been hopeful and optimistic, and that he would reject the idea of a war started on his behalf. He would not have wanted his loved ones to seek revenge for him. Thats how peaceful this man had been. This is true wisdom in my eyes. If the world could model itself after people such as him, we would live in a harmonious, peace-filled environment, where people of different faiths could live and work together without feud. We say we want peace, but when the time comes to hold true to our beliefs, can we do it? Can we be the nation to demonstrate true wisdom? Both sides want God to be with them. Maybe we should try being with God.

Lisa M, Watertown

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