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Sept. 11: One year after

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Globe and Boston.com coverage from September 11, 2001

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How do you feel one year after the terrorist attacks?

Today marks one year since the September 11th tragedy. How do you feel about the attacks one year later? How do you feel about the way they changed America? Are you still trying to cope, or have you come to terms with what happened?

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At 8:46 this morning, on a very busy I-495, I, and at least half of the cars on the road, stopped our commute and pulled to the side of the road for a minute of silence to honor the victims of 9-11. I felt such strength from all of those strangers coming together in a most unlikely place. That kind of unity and strength is what I have felt since the events of one year ago today.

Karen, Newton, NH

I feel it changed my life forever...it made me re-evaluate my priorities and think a lot harder about my life and what I am doing with it. It made me consider that we cannot afford to "waste" time doing pointless things because life is short. The main thing that still brings tears to my eyes and chokes me up is thinking about Flight 93. We will never know exactly what happened, but it seems clear that those people did what we would like to believe we are all capable of doing as Americans...they fought back and sacrificed their lives against an evil that assumed they would be paralyzed by fear. It reaffirms my faith in human nature, against all the evil and cynacism and helplessness...to know that a random group of people reacted with such heroism when confronted with such terror.

Dave A, Needham

Hold your children a little tighter, call your parents and tell them you love them, thank God for every breathe and remember every second of every day presents a new opportunity to make this world a better place. God Bless America.

Adam, Boston

I mourn the loss of lives that occured one year ago. The way in which these honest people died is truly terrible. But everyone please remember that every day, more people die of hunger and malnourishment than in the incidents of september 11th. Every day! I wish the whole world would do more for these innocent people by sharing the world's wealth, resources and knowledge better. We have to stop looking at people in terms of nationality, but in terms of humanity. 3500 fellow human beings died a year ago, the same happened yesterday and it will occur tomorrow too.

Jim, Waltham, Ma

We are surrounded by amazing individuals who know what the significance of this day is and how to stand together. This morning I was driving to work on 95 North (where it crosses over Rt. 114). I had been listening to the radio and pulled over about a minute before the moment of silence at 8:46. I put my head down for maybe 30 seconds, when I looked up... I was so moved to see the breakdown lanes, on both sides of the highway were filled with cars for as far as I could see. An amazing thing to see on such a hard day. So if you were one of those pulled over this morning, I thank you for that memory. God Bless America.

Suzanne, Lynn

I saw a guy crying while we were all in traffic today. I think that's the overwhelming feeling today, sadness. I'm a nurse, I know life can be very difficult, you just get on with it, but today I'm sad


I thought that I had adjusted very well and then Sept 11, 2002 came around. I have tried to watch a few of the specials only to find myself changing stations as I cannot watch without crying. I didnt think my 3 children were any different because of this, but this morning I was watching the news and they asked me to shut if off. They just didnt want to watch any of it. My oldest stated that President Bush should just do what he wants and bomb overthere and kill them all. I replied that she shouldnt think that way. I stated "what if some other country was mad at us and attacked us and killed innocent civilians" To my surprise, she turned to me and stated "they already have". This statement blew me away. I now realize just how much impact 9/11 has had on my kids. God bless all the victims.

cheryl, wilmington

The values that built this great country have long since departed. How about a ball player that will not run 90 feet even though he is paid $20,000 to do it. Imagine how other countries view our actions and you'll know why we are hated.

Ed, Lexington

In a word...Angry. The threat of additional terrorist attacks is not going to end until the USA succeeds in beating those ignorant, self riteous islamic extremists into the ground to the point that they cower at the mere mention of the US. I don't care who we offend in the process. Why is it that we have heard no prominent islamic leadership figures voice any significant condemnation of the 9/11 attacks nor pledge any real support to our war on terror. Surely the media would be there to cover it if there was a voice to be heard. Could it be that the vast majority supports the terrorists? Seems mighty suspicious to me.

Ed, West Newbury

At 8:46 AM, 11-Sept-2001, I sat at my desk and watched our world change forever. Although I did not personally know any of the victims, I miss them all. I have been laid off since January - a victim of the economic downturn. Despite what the new reports, there are not enough jobs to go around. I am frustrated by the situation, but grateful to be alive.

Karen Jay, Dedham, MA

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