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Sept. 11: One year after

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How do you feel one year after the terrorist attacks?

Today marks one year since the September 11th tragedy. How do you feel about the attacks one year later? How do you feel about the way they changed America? Are you still trying to cope, or have you come to terms with what happened?

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Hard to believe it's been a year already. It seems like it happened just yesterday.

Ryan , Wellesley

I am still angry about what happened that day. Like most everyone, I can recall every detail about where I was as the events unfolded. My most vivid memory was of watching an F-16 pursue a small private plane that was somehow airborne over my house after noon that day. When I heard the jet at such low altitude overhead, I ran out, hoping it was not another incident about to take place. I think the changes to our lives are obvious, but nevertheless we've moved on and continued to work, to raise our kids, and to be as close to normal as possible. I wish more progress had been made in the area of national security. It's clear that politics and bureaucracy have slowed or even prevented implementation of security measures, and my fear is that another attack will someday illustrate how much more could be done to prevent these sub-human scum from harming us again. I still fly a little, but I truly believe that airline security was and still is a sham. I hope all the families of the victims are recovering as best they can, and wish them peace and comfort. I think often of the victims and famiies with whom I was acquainted. God Bless us all, and no sick terrorist will ever destroy what we stand for.

Craig , Billerica MA

my thoughts with the people who lots love one at september 11th i am still very scared about the terrorism beacuse i work in boston ,ma for 6 years i think my building is going to be next target to get terrorist attack? that my thought? thank you for your time

jodi-ann , woburn,ma

I am still angry. We should have declared WAR and hit them hard. The worst part of this,is we still have people in this country who think that we can just make it go away. they are so soft - they will not or or cannot face the fact that some people and countries just hate us. This country will never be the same -we were, and some still are naive, about the rest of the world. Idon't think I will ever forget the sight of those people in the towers dying!!! And we should not forget! Because if we do It will be repeated.

Vivian , n Dartmouth

It still makes me sick to my stomach. How could this have happened? One way we can help is to do new things, explore life and take a moment right this very second to recognize the blessings that are calling out to us.

Suzanne, Hanson, MA

I think the attacks opened up our naive eyes to the fact that we are not sheilded from the evils of the world. I hope that the outpouring of caring, giving and general kindness during the weeks that followed the attacks is also remembered-and rejuvinated. We cannot forget what happened, but we need to learn from it. To all that were directly affected-my prayers and thoughts go out to you. To my fellow Americans, remember what makes us the greatest country on earth and care for each other. God Bless America!

Caring, Anytown

I feel as if the attacks changed my life forever. The one that I once knew no longer exists. Yes, I'm still very much trying to cope with it. I hurt inside.

Jan , Watertown

We must never forget. The events that occurred one year ago today were a horrific blow to the American way of life. If, as a country, we grow to forget or refuse to continue to act on our aggressors, we will be turning our backs on all those that gave their lives to make this country great. As time goes on, many people will begin to wane on there support for the war on terror and to these people I say, never forget.

Conor, Newton

I didn't think I would be crying this morning (9/11/02) while I was watching the news...but I was. The pain is still very strong and for me it will never go away. I pray for all of the families that lost someone dear to them on that dreadful day last year. God Bless America.

Leslie, Medford,MA

We have to get the country moving forward. Enough with the dwelling on what happened. We can't wallow in tears each day while the country is suffering financially. The survivors and relatives of the horrible occurrence are being more than well taken care of according to the reports. Let's pull up our boot straps and look ahead.

Theresa, Reading

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