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Sept. 11: One year after

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Has racial profiling increased since September 11th?

Has racial profiling increased since September 11 either at the airport or on the street? Do you find yourself looking suspiciously at people of certain races when you are on an airplane? What do you think of our government's policies on this matter? Share your thoughts.

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Absolutely racial profiling has increased, and it should increase more. It is an unfortunate by product of a few people, but it is a necessary by product. I remember flying 3 weeks after 9/11 and sitting next to 3 middle eastern looking men, I can assure you that I was a little unnerved. While racial profiling might target a few, it can help protect the safety of the whole.

John, Brighton, MA

As an American citizen I am embarrassed by what and how my country is doing in the world community. More americans need to wake up from their sleep. Things are not what they were and may never be again thanks in part to Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney and John Ashcroft among others. On another note, I have yet to hear an outcry ( a real one) from the Islamic clergy condemming their own acts and fostering peace in their teachings. We are not infidels and neither are Arabs. The current confrontaions have their roots in Islamic teachings It's a no brainer why Americans there for have distrust. Duh. When will the Islamic world contain their own violence and corruption against innocent people.

Steven M. Natale, Bellingham, MA

The danger could be focusing TOO much on Arabs. Who's to say another disgruntled arab-sympathizer Timothy McVeigh doesn't come along, paid off by al-qaida or someone? He can strike while we are focusing primarily on Arabs. It's true, we need to be more alert and profiling is 100% called for in this case, in my opinion - but let's never relax and close our eyes to other potential terrorists that don't look like Arabs, either.

Kris, Brighton, MA

Timothy McVeigh didn't look particularly Arab, as I recall. Terror comes in all colors. And wasn't the bomb that brought down the Pan Am flight over Lockerbie believed to have been concealed in a radio and brought on board unknowingly by the innocent and unknowing (English?) girlfriend of one of the bombers?

Chris, Boston

A glance of these messages only confirms that 9/11 has truly brought out the worst in Americans. We act not on logic, but rather on emotions and instinct. Racial profiling, in any form, is just flat-out wrong. I'd bet my money that all of the people who favor it in this forum are white. How ould you like it if someone singled YOU out because you happen to be an Arab? Before we point the finger at one nation of one race, let's remember that the worst act of terrorism before 9/11 was orchestrated by Timothy McVeigh, who, last time I checked, was very much white. Wake up, America, and sober up to reality. Profiling is a "cure" far worse than the disease.

Disturbed, Boston

People wake up lets profile everyone we already forgot Oklahoma White Supremacist this countries All American White terrorist served in the U.S. Army Timothy??? How about the Irish republican army bombing us here in our own backyard ??? How about the Italian Americans terrorizing our neighborhoods ??? How about African Americans with there drive by shootings ??? So letís profile white Americans , Black Americans , Irish Americans , KKK , Jewish Americans Etc... I think we need to focus on Arabs and make sure we profile everyone no exception ! Otherwise we are leaving the door open for some other groups to cause America land of all Creeds more deaths.

Mike, South Boston

Yes. Racial profiling has increased since September 11th. I am terrified that we are quickly headed into another era similar to that of the McCarthy era. McCarthyism is not the way for us to go. Just as not every Communist is a bad Communist, not every Arab is a bad Arab and every person wearing a turban is a not a bad person or an Arab. I am afraid of terrorism and of terrorists, but I am equally afraid that good people, good American Citizens, are being discriminated against simply because they wear a turban or have a different, "non-American" name. Concerned

Concerned, Boston, MA

In hindsight, the Gulf War was a strategic error. Our presence on Saudi soil - coupled with our advocacy of Isreal - has alot to do with the present debacal. If the goal of Desert Storm was securing cheap oil, that cost became dear September 11. Even if Saddam controlled half the world's oil, he has to sell it to somebody. That means us, the world's largest customer. 20 years ago, the Arabs priced this commodity above what the West would pay and they have never really recovered. Isreal should not be our concern. The Cold War is over and their strategic value ended with it. That region is a viper's nest not worth any American's blood. We are becoming too Imperialistic and this is making America despised. We can not slay all the world's monsters, John Quincey Adams wisely observed some 200 years ago and our leaders need to return to our traditional stance on this regard.


Racial profiling is necessary. Look at Israel's airport security procedures and you will understand why they don't have any hijacked planes. The #1 thing they do is racial profile. This country needs to wake up stop all the liberal nonsense that makes it a "crime" to profile people.

Kris, Boston

I think maybe it has, but I also feel it is justified. If you want to enjoy all the freedoms of the U.S., then you should recognize the benefits of the repurcussions that have come since 9/11/01.

kalfish, Norwood

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