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Sept. 11: One year after

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Globe and Boston.com coverage from September 11, 2001

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How have your children been affected by 9/11?

How have your children been affected by the tragedies of September 11? Did you find an effective way of helping your child cope? How do we best explain the unexplainable to young children? Share your experiences.

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I do not have kids yet but my sister does. They have yet to get on a plane again. The refused to go to Disney world because of the attacks. They had been looking forward to the trip before sept. 11.

Alex, Boston

no! we explained to them that these happen and life goes on. also, i think we dwell on this stuff too much.

jack, westford

My kids, at the time, were 11, 7 and 5--It was very confusing for them at first (who could blame them, we were all confused), but as I explained (simply for the younger ones) what had happened, my son looked at me and so innocently stated "Those bad people need to go to jail. All those people who died are ok, Mom, they are in Heaven with God. I feel sorry for their mom's and dad's. They will miss them". I had to fight the tears back. My kids helped myself and our community raise money for the Red Cross, and we prayed every night for every soul lost. It has taught all of us to be more caring.

LovingParent, Anytown

As long as they have their own tv programs like Builder Bob and Blues Clues they are immune to the outside world. Throw in a playstation and they know little about the real world.

john , chelsea

As time has gone on my children have processed the tragedy, although they will not fly. We visited the WTC ruins and it was impossible not to feel the overcoming emotion of the scene. This is real life, hard as it is. However, with this summer's constant barage of the news coverage of disappearing children, they are far more fearful of "their fellow Americans". We have all stepped up our awareness and have taken extra safety measures to avoid disaster. I pray for the safety of all kids. I only hope they can enjoy the greatness of the world and overcome the fear that accompanies doing new and different things.

mom, norwell

No child here or abroad should have their innocence stolen away from them. That is something we need to help them hold on to for as long as possible. God Bless the World !!!!

Just a man

To John from Chelsea and any others with similar beliefs. Hopefully I have misinterpreted you, but it's methods like yours that produce the dead, lame and lazy that do nothing to prevent things such as 9/11. Heck, we should just all stick our heads in the ground like a bunch of ostriches and the problem is gone. Wake up! I have no kids, only a niece who was 4 at the time, but I was fortunate enough to not have to explain what happened to her. Anyone who didn't attempt some sort of explanation to there kids has done a terrible disservice to their kids and the country, you have only exacerbated the belief that if problems and issues are ignored they aren't really there, which we all know is not the case.

Shawn, Methuen, MA

It's changed my point of view on wanting to have children, as it's not a good world to bring them into. With children, you need to stay positive with them.

Kleary, Plymouth

Two weeks ago I traveled by air with my youngest child who is four years old . Few minutes into the flight, he asked me if our plane would crash to a building. Then I responded to him: "no honey that does not happen". But his reponse was that it did happen and he saw on TV. He also asked me the same question on our way back. I am trying to make him feel secure and that our airplanes are safe. Last week I took him with me to the airport in Providence, RI when picking up a family member and he he saw planes landing safely. I am taking him today to the Worcester airport to drop off my husband and we will stay there a little longer for him to see planes taking off and landing safely and hopefully he will not have that fear when we travel again in December by air.

Fadumo , Worcester MA

The real "children" in this whole era of our lives has been the media and the self-serving musicians who are addicted to using the media and Sept 11 to further their own careers. Sept 11 was a tragedy - and we should pay respect to all of those who were unfairly taken before their prime, but WE MUST ALSO MOVE ON WITH OUR LIVES. Focus our children on what America is about - enjoying our freedoms and building our futures; not reliving the past every minute of every waking day.

Jeff, Wilmington, MA

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