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Sept. 11: One year after

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Globe and Boston.com coverage from September 11, 2001

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How well is the fight against Al Qaeda progressing?

A year after the Sept. 11 attacks, questions persist as to why US intelligence and military operations haven't been able to capture Osama bin Laden and dissolve Al Qaeda terror cells. How well do you believe the US is doing in its effort to eradicate Al Qaeda? Have sufficient measures been taken to stomp out the possibility of future terror attacks?

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Zilch,nada. Seems Like The Government has Shifted Gears And Is Going To Rebuild all These Damn Countries... what Happened To Bush And His '"we are In The Nation Rebuilding Business". ya,right. As A American Citizen,i'm Tired Of getting My Butt Kicked!

Dick, Westford

sad state of affairs. there was once a time when i could hold my head high,but no more. government has failed us again!

uncle sam, usa

Kill them all and let God sort them out. Pacificism is for wimps.

Judi, Boston

One year after 9/11, here is what Bust & Co. has achieved. - The chairman of Al Quaeda, Pervez Musharaf is now given tons of US tax payers money. - Before every attack on US property, the terrorists visited Pakistan. Funds were wired from Pakistan to Mohammad Atta. Pakistan is now US's best friend in war agaist terror. In reality, Pakistan is more than ever, a fertile ground for new terrorist. - India has sufferred at the hands of Pakistani state sponsored terroris, a staunch ally of US in fight against terrorism - sounds like an oxymoran. US media's hype on Pakistan and glorification of Musharraf is beyond common man's understanding. Will US government and puppet media ever grow up. Consider these facts when it comes to Pakistan's doing with India: 1. Musharraf personally initiated the Kargil war and encouraged terrorists 2. Pakistan has given away strategic territory in Kashmir to China 3. Pervez's questioning of elections in Kashmir goes against its own record on democracy 4. Pakistan has been the breeding ground for terrorists no matter that it says now 5. A militarised Pakistan is inimical to peace with India

Justice Against Terror, Boston

It's time to start killing some camels and their jockeys.

Buck, Walpole

WE didn't fly our planes into two buildings. WE don't go around terrorizing other countries and blowing them up intentionally-in the name of God-that is not MY God. WE get the job done-along with bailing everyone else out. WE defend ourselves. I am tired of everyone saying that it does no good to go to war....well it seems that is all those people understand....I agree with EVERYTHING that the Bush Administration is doing.

CR, boston

How are we doing ? Better than before 9/11. It's something that can't really be measured. I think Saddam Hussien should be squashed. If you don't think his hand was involved in 9/11, wake up! George W. might not have diplomatic flair, but he's got the right idea. There's a reason the UN inspectors were booted. He is bent on our destruction. Do you want this man with his finger on the button? If Hitler could have been stopped in the 30's wouldn't you have, in hindsight of course, approved? We should have let Stormin' Norman take his show all the way to Bagdad when we had the chance.

Paul L, Kingston, MA

Interesting how there's always a couple of peanicks out there espousing the same boring "an eye for an eye will make the world go blind" and a few implicit anti-Semites who'd love nothing better than for the US to stop supporting Israel. Aside from the obvious fact that doing the latter is the only moral and sane thing for the US to do (Israel being the only true democracy in the Middle East), suppose for a moment we'd abandon them and leave them to their own devices - to be destroyed, scorched, devoured and pushed out to sea by Saddam, Arafat and a bunch of their thugs. What then? This would eliminate the threat of terrorism against our country? Don't make me laugh. Appease the terrorists, cave in to their demands and get more terrorism in return - never fails. Ask Alan Dershowitz, even HE understands that!

AG, Weymouth

We have a war against terror? Is that where we make sure the Big Dig workers actually get stuff done?

Dubiousmike, Fall River

None of you seemed to read the question--"How are we doing against Al Qaeda" My answer is--in the fight against Al Qaeda, I measure the government's success in regards to our daily lives. Since September 11, no more planes have flown into buildings, no more American war-ships have been blown up--the govermentment must be doing enough to eradicate Al-Qaeda because Al-Qaeda hasn't hit us again.

A, Brookline

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