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Sept. 11: One year after

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Globe and Boston.com coverage from September 11, 2001

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How well is the fight against Al Qaeda progressing?

A year after the Sept. 11 attacks, questions persist as to why US intelligence and military operations haven't been able to capture Osama bin Laden and dissolve Al Qaeda terror cells. How well do you believe the US is doing in its effort to eradicate Al Qaeda? Have sufficient measures been taken to stomp out the possibility of future terror attacks?

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The only real way to overcome evil is with good. I don't mean to offend anyone whose family member is out there doing the fighting, but I believe we as Americans must be careful of flag-waving until we recognize that might doesn't make right. We need to learn to be global citizens who don't just look out for our national interest, but also the interests of the rest of the world. Fighting terrorism might better be done by making our enemies our friends by listening to them instead of imposing our solutions on them. My $.02

Kathy, Everett

I think the war on terror is a joke. We haven't reduced the threat one bit, and we have compromised the Constitution. If you look at what our President promised(Destroy Al Qaeda and the Taliban, capture Osama bin Laden) and what has been accomplished(non of the above)I think you have your answer. We should be pressuring Saudi Arabia for their conduct and for being a terrorist breeding ground instead of sucking up to them because of the friggin' oil. This is what happens when you put Standard Oil and the Military-industrial complex in the White House.

Lance, Revere

It is troubling to me to read the comments of Adam from Brookline (though the hometown should have been a dead giveaway as to where he stands on the political spectrum). It is clear that he, like too many Americans on the Left, simply do not understand what these savage animal terrorists are all about. They are not about protesting US/Israeli policy; they are not about "driving the US out of the Middle East"; they are not about some anti-oil sales cause. Simply put, these people are about killing ANYONE who does not believe what they believe. That is what radical Islam is all about: Killing "infidels." Infidels, to them, are Jews, Christians, Hindus...whatever non-Wahabbi/Radical Muslim religion you can name. Whatever "political" reasons the bin Ladenites and members of Hamas/Islamic Jihad give for their actions are pure cover stories designed to engender the exact reaction from the world's liberal elites that our friend Adam has offered here today. Sorry pal, but they've pulled the wool over your eyes. If the U.S. unilaterally pulled out of every Middle Eastern or Muslim country by 5 p.m. today, attacks against the U.S. and U.S. interests will continue to be planned and executed. Faster, please.

TC, Malden

I agree with TC. We are under attack un all fronts. It's time to take this all seriously. The war overseas is being fought as well as can be expected. We need to bomb everyone we can. We need to understand the Saudi Arabia is our enemy. The Palestinians are really a bunch or Arabs who invaded Israel and must be done away with too. If we continue to pussy-foot our way through this war on terrorism and continue to be all PC about it, we'll have to live through another Sept. 11th all over again. All great civilizations have come to an end in the history of the world. Are we going to let this happen to us, too?

Rambo, Boston

Very poor... we should have used our intelligence in more efficent ways, and then when the enemy is finally located we shouldn't be sending in special forces, but atomic and nuclear weapons to remove these bastards off the face of this earth and bring them closer to Allah! Secondly we should comb the streets, country sides, and Colleges and Universities and round-up every last illegal immegrant or students here on Visas from terrorist related countries and deport them to the hell holes that they came from!!

Dimitris , Lowell

We have an idiot in the White House, and he isn't through playing war yet. Of Saddam: "He gassed his own people", yeah George, they were Kurds, remember them? They were the people YOUR father abandoned after the Gulf War when he led them to believe the U.S. would support them if only they would rise up against Saddam. U.S. Pilots were BEGGING to be allowed to fire against IRAQ when the Kurds began to move and the White House, yes direct from the Top, George Bush the elder idiot, decided to go back on his word. I don't need any Bush in the White House, and to be convinced of that, all I have to do is listen to them speak without a script in front of them.

Al, Boston

Bush's job was to find Osama Bin Laden in order to bring him to justice. Last I checked we still haven't found him. Now our leaders want to start a full-scale war with Iraq. How much will that cost in terms of lives lost and taxpayer dollars spent? is that to take our minds off the slumping economy and the fact that Bin Laden is still out there?

Chris , Newton

The United States has had a reasonable response to the terrorist attacks, but it hasn't changed one thing. It is still ignorant of the rest of the world and how it feels. You can't operate under the assumption that everyone agrees with what you want to do. Most people find that the majority of Americans are not aware of what else goes on in the world and that this is the cause of a lot of problems. Perhaps it is time for the US population to start being more aware of what's going on outside their country and how the rest of the world thinks and operates. Being more involved in co-operating with others instead of jumping right in without support might go a long way to helping achieve long standing relations with nations and working against terrorism.

Annie, Cambridge

The US fight on Terrorism will go as well as the Government wants it to.

Jay, NH

I believe the United States and President Bush have done an incredible job fighting terrorism. I have never been more proud to be an American. We haven't had an attempt since last September, doesn't that tell you how well we're doing? I have faith in President Bush and stand behind him and his team. I believe we're a stronger nation and more unified because of him. If only congress would stop criticizing and start helping him. It's too bad they see us as Democrat vs Republican and not as one nation. They were all in support of him one year ago, now they're letting their dirty politics get in the way, just because its election time. It's about them and not us or what they were elected for in the first place. People of the United states are looking towards their leaders for reassurance and comfort for their safety. The last thing we need to hear is a politician criticizing what our own leaders are doing.

Tracy, Danvers

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