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Sept. 11: One year after

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How well is the fight against Al Qaeda progressing?

A year after the Sept. 11 attacks, questions persist as to why US intelligence and military operations haven't been able to capture Osama bin Laden and dissolve Al Qaeda terror cells. How well do you believe the US is doing in its effort to eradicate Al Qaeda? Have sufficient measures been taken to stomp out the possibility of future terror attacks?

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As outsiders, it looks like not enough is being done to capture and prosecute those responsible for such a horrific and cowardly act. But, I keep telling myself that there's more going on than the public is aware of. I'd like to give our leaders the benefit of the doubt that at least this time, they can't afford to screw up!

Mrs. Simpson, Medford

Call me an extremist if you will, but I think the only thing that will ultimately protect Americans against future attacks is the immediate and indefinite suspension of all immigration. This is not to say that this condition will or should be permanent, but logic and common sense dictate that if our enemies are clandestine agents whose main goal is to infiltrate U.S. society before striking, then the only way to strip them of that ability is to deny foreigners access to this country for an undetermined period of time (students included). As for the cells already here and waiting to strike, the only logical solution to that problem is racial profiling and "snitching", either by regular citizens, law enforcement, or both. Those who claim that a "police state" will evolve from these logical, common sense attempts to protect American citizens from a repeat of the horrors of 9/11, simply do not understand what it means to live under a true police state...such statements are pure hyperbole and are not grounded in fact or logic. As for the military progress...we need to pull out of Kosovo and Bosnia to free up those troops for the coming, necessary onslaught against Saddam's terror regime, and eventually, the mother of all terror regime's residing in Tehran. Bottom line: Our progress since 9/11 has been fair-to-good, but we are not doing enough, either here at home, or militarily abroad. As Michael Ledeen has been saying: Faster, please.

TC, Malden

The war on terror is a joke. If anyone really wants to fight this "war on terror", you'll have to stop buying gasoline (as opposed to drugs) and find another way to get around. At the very least we should stop importing Saudi oil. We should have let Saddam go ahead and invade them way back when. Bombing Afghanistan and the planned invasion of Iraq are such obvious distractions from the real problems, and it is sickening how many people are going along with it.

Adam, Brookline

I think our military actions has been executed quite well. I am certain resolution will arise shortly. However, I am completely outraged at what the media is doing in relation to the anniversary of 9/11. Let it be! Let the families of all the victims and heroes mourn peacefully and individually. Although 9/11 brought us together communally as a nation, the grief is personal and all the hype and re-enactments are disgraceful in my opinion. Emotionally and mentally, the constant viewing of the horror from last year's atacks is so detrimental. It is an AMERICAN sin how the media is using this for exposure and capitalistic advancements. This Wednesday should be about realizing the heroes and at your own pace, dealing with the tragedy of human spirit. We shouldn't have to have it shoved in our face by Oprah, Dateline, Newspapers, etc. It should be a personal and independent time.

Angelica, Boston

Bin Laden is obviously dead. He would have made appearances to stir up the Muslim world if he wasn't. It would be dumb to think any inroads to stopping terror attacks has been made. Killing Al Qaeda in Afganistan will do more harm than good. The threat of attacks would be over instantly if our government changed its views and support in the middle east.

jonny , chelsea

I think we are doing as well as can be expected given the circumstances. It is exceedingly difficult to track and ascertain a heavily-armed, mobile strike force such as a terrorist group. We could bomb their location depending on intelligence reports but they will pick up and move elsewhere. Poor border control in Pakistan, Afganistan, and yes, Southern Russia makes this hunt all the more difficult. An issue with intelligence, reports coming out seem to suggest that intelligence reports were on cue regarding a terrorist threat. This information was shared with the Executive Branch of the government but no action (failure of will instead of intelligence)was taken. With the bombing of the USS Cole should have alerted authorities to the fact that something else significant could be planned. Democracy and freedom requires diligence. Given the volatile situation in Afghanistan, I don't support a pre-emptive (!!) strike on Iraq. Let's rebuild Carlos

Carlos, Boston, MA

We're at War? Did anyone ever see "Wag The Dog"?

Marc, Boston

Unfortunately there will always remain the threat of terrorism. All we can do is try and live our lives the best we can without letting the threat disrupt our lives. Invading Afghanistan and Iraq will help but it will not deter others from striking against America and its interests. We have to face the fact that the world is forever changed by the events of September 11th. Fear will remain a constant. God Bless America and the World.

Ed , Alpharetta, GA

Well, you tell me. Is Bin Laded alive or dead? I haven't heard. How significant have air traffic reforms been if local news reporters can get a lead box through security checkpoints? What significant changes have been developed (post-attack) to put your mind at ease that our nation can't be victimized again. (Patriotism in advertising doesn't count) be victimized again

Tim, Medford

I think that we are putting up a hell of a fight! I think the last couple of months are the smoke screen to the near future...attacking the Middle East. We need to go into Iraq, Iran, and Saudi Arabia.

JB, Quincy

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