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Share your thoughts on the second anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks

Two years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, America has unmistakably changed. Yet, as time heals the emotional and physical wounds of that day, many aspects of life have returned to the way they were. What are your thoughts on this, the second anniversary of the disaster? Has the nation taken to heart the lessons of that searing event? Are we safer today than we were? Or are we at greater peril? How do you rate the job the Bush administration has done combatting terrorism? And what is your opinion on the rebuilding of Ground Zero? What should rise there, and what should the victims' memorial look like?

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My grandfather - who was more a father than a grandfather - had died on labor day - 2001... the funeral and everything was held that weekend. We put him in the ground on September 10, 2001. Still in awe from that, I returned to work on 9/11... numb and in shock... only to be startled awake from my own, selfish mourning to mourn with the nation for all the innocents lost... for *our* innocence lost... I remember how kind we were to one another for the weeks following... and wish that we'd be that way still. How quickly we forget how precious the people around us are - friends and strangers alike... If we'd treat one another with greater dignity and respect on a regular basis, the world couldn't help but be a better place...

Zelda, Melrose

I woke up this morning to the sound of a plane flying over head and a chill ran down my spin. My life (as I knew it) and my innocents was lost on September 11, 2001. I remember driving home from work with tears in my eyes. My first thought was to go home and hang the American Flag. That flag has remained outside my house since then. And the images and words are today's ceremony still make me cry. My heart is heavy today. My thoughts and prays go out to the family and friends who have lost people 2 years ago. They were true heros and will NEVER be forgotten!! Today and everyday we should respect the flag and be proud to be Americans. NEVER FORGET...............September 11, 2001.

A Proud American, USA

it's disgusting what the cow ards did. Iknow quite a few people who lost a relative there.They may take our lives, but they will never take our FREEDOM.

r.t, b'ham

It still blows me away knowing that something like that could happen in the first place.I will never forget 911 as long as I live or all the innocent human beings that lost their lives that day.I pray for the famlies and friends of the victims for strengh on this somber occasion. I pray that nothing this tragic and horrific ever happens again. I will never forget!!! 9/11/01

Susan, Revere, ma

AA – Birmingham… A few responses… “You people support regimes that kill, rape and torture as long as they support you e.g. Donald Rumsfeld met Saddam Hussein the same day that the UN declared that the iranian soldiers were gassed.” Where is your proof for this? Can you back it up? Or is this something that you have been fed… some ridiculous propaganda? “why you are the most hated nation in the world” Because we are free… we can do as we wish… we can say what we wish… we can love, we can show our anger… we can live our lives more freely than any other nation in the world… and that drives those who would live otherwise bonkers. “you leave other counteris in poverty and destitute” First… c-o-u-n-t-r-i-e-s… second… Again… with the ignorant propaganda. We help those who cannot help themselves... on the other hand, we cannot feed the whole world and still have enough to take care of our own. We can’t be responsible for helping everyone out – especially those who are openly hostile… would you feed a dog that would just as soon bite your hand off as take the food from within your palm?

Zelda, Boston

EF from Boston: I think Ann was just expressing her own experience, not denigrating others.

shuck, malden

I lost my beloved wife of six years on Sept 11th at age 28. What can I say - I'm still suffering and aways will - it is the most painful thing that anyone has to go through. I had to move from our home because I couldn't bear to be there anymore - do the terrorists care- will they strike again? probably!. Today is a bleak day for me and thousands of others - I wish you all well and hope someday that our lives become normal again.

Tom, West Roxbury

As aa from Birmingham notes, this country has linked itself with Israel and regretfully we will pay the consequences for many years. Too often the US shows its greed, most recently by invading Iraq to gain control of oil. A review of the amounts the Bush campaign for President received will show that our oil barons contributed millions of dollars. I believe that Bush has done a creditable job, but money talks in this nation and he has to follow certain paths.

jonny, chelsea

I don't feel like answering those questions today. I don't feel like playing these games. I'd like a day off. I'd like to be able to come to gfrips with how sickening it is to walk outside and see that it's a perfect, crisp, clear day and how two years ago it was that same clear blue sky that felt like it was lying to us in being so calm. I'd ilke to come to terms with hearing airplanes this morning and thinking of how frightening they were to hear in those days. Most of all, I'd like to remember for a minute that for a while two years ago anybody would do anything for each other. People took care of each other. People took long, sobered looks at themselves and counted their blessings, and remembered that they were lucky to have each other. If you really want to do any of this day justice, skip the policy questions for once. The papers will still be bludgeoning you with them tomorrow. Just take care of somebody who needs it. Today in particular, we all need it.

Pete, Somerville

I will never forget 9/11/01. I was on my way to Logon to catch a flight to buffalo when the first plane hit, and then I was at Logon when they shut down. I knew right away as soon as I heard the news, but kept thinking please let it be an accident, please let it be an accident...Then the second plane hit and that was all the confirmation needed. I think they need to build at GZero, it's important to move forward but not forget. Has life changed since 9/11? Yes. We are smarter as a nation, but we need to continue taking the steps necessary to preserve our freedom. If you look at the learning curve for countering terrorism, we are closer to the bottom than the top. It takes time to learn and some people are already starting to get complacent. First line providers (firemen & police) are getting laid off now a days, and emergency preparedness and contingency plans are not where they need to be. Over there, they are taught at such a young age to hate the west (root cause?). It's almost like fighting a disorder or someone who is brain-washed. This will be the biggest challenge our nation faces, not the shoulder mounter rockets, or cargo containers on ships... Destroying two skyscrapers and killing thousands of innocent victims is the wrong way to get back at our government for the mistakes they made. Will another attack occur? You would be feeble minded to think not. I was not only ticketed to fly the morning of 9/11/01 (Bos to Buff), but I actually flew on one of the 9/11 flights back in 1999 (UA175) on a business trip to LA. My prayers to all the families of the victims.

Robert F., Hanson, MA

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