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Share your thoughts on the second anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks

Two years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, America has unmistakably changed. Yet, as time heals the emotional and physical wounds of that day, many aspects of life have returned to the way they were. What are your thoughts on this, the second anniversary of the disaster? Has the nation taken to heart the lessons of that searing event? Are we safer today than we were? Or are we at greater peril? How do you rate the job the Bush administration has done combatting terrorism? And what is your opinion on the rebuilding of Ground Zero? What should rise there, and what should the victims' memorial look like?

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I have been running errands, and did not see many flags or tributes to our country and the victims....get your pride out there! Lest we forget!!

Suzanne, Worcester, MA



To Retrospection: Serious reflection and inner searching will combat terrorism????? Wake up! It takes a little more than that. Contrary to what the media would like you to believe, the majority of people from the Middle East do not hate us. They long to live like us. It is only the radical murderers who perform these acts and all the ridiculous reasons you can come up with will NEVER excuse their actions. And no matter what our gov't tried to do, they would ALWAYS find an excuse as to why they should kill. We must continue to try to hunt them down and eliminate them. God bless America and the victims of 9/11.

Tom, Boston

It's been 2 years, where the hell is Bin Laden?

Carolyn, Quincy

It was a very strange walk to work this morning. Church bell's in the North End were ringing just before 9am, I thought, how odd.... then I remembered. It made me cry. Construction workers were playing bagpipes. It was nice. Have a good day everyone.

CR, Boston

Ann from Lowell: To say that your experiences on 9/11 were more real than what other's experienced is ridiculous. What I felt on that day and what I still feel now is no less real because I was in Boston and not in Washington or NYC. I am honestly shocked someone would even say such a thing..

EF, Boston

Never Forget... Our fallen Brothers and Sisters ...may they rest in peace!

Teresa, Boston

Today is a scared day. How can we go on about our day w/everything so fresh in our minds? I remember leaving my office right after the attacks, crusing down 128 w/not one car on the road, state troopers stationed at each exit and F-15 fighter jets racing over my head. It was the end of the American as we knew it. To imagine the pain so many families woke up to this morning knowing the exact time their love ones died...... To imagine all the women who were pregnant when their husbands died, and to know the children who will never meet their father face to face in this world, are all closing in on 2 years old. Today is such a scared day.

Jessica, Nashua, NH

It's sort of an eerie feeling. The weather today is very much like it was that horrible morning two years ago. I remember it like it was yesterday. I don't agree with the notion that 9/11 should be a national holiday. On that line of thought, 12/7 should be also for the attacks on Pearl Harbor. These are tragedies, things to be remembered, and to learn from, but not things to celebrate.

Doug, Weymouth

Your hypocrtitical egotistical bastards. The only reason Sep.11th happened was because of your evil support of Sharon's soldiers raping and killing inocent men, women and children. You people support regimes that kill, rape and torture as long as they support you e.g. Donald Rumsfeld met Saddam Hussein the same day that the UN declared that the iranian soldiers were gassed. Why don't you filthy people look at yourselves and think why you are the most hated nation in the world? It can't be a simple coincidence. Look at your foreign and trade policies which make poorer countries poorer and richer countries richer. You help rich countries because you know that there is something in it for you whilst you leave other counteris in poverty and destitute. Look at yourselves first and i will be happy to challenge any of you to a intelligent debate.

a.a, Birmingham

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