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Share your thoughts on the second anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks

Two years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, America has unmistakably changed. Yet, as time heals the emotional and physical wounds of that day, many aspects of life have returned to the way they were. What are your thoughts on this, the second anniversary of the disaster? Has the nation taken to heart the lessons of that searing event? Are we safer today than we were? Or are we at greater peril? How do you rate the job the Bush administration has done combatting terrorism? And what is your opinion on the rebuilding of Ground Zero? What should rise there, and what should the victims' memorial look like?

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Safer? No. Wiser? No. As we contunue to line the pockets of those who are in favor of the destruction of America, we have seemingly slipped back into the "American Dream". As a WTC survivor, I can't help but feel that most of America should not be asking how to rebuild the present Ground Zero, but what can we do as a nation to prevent the next Ground Zero.

Christopher, Brookville, NY/Nantucket, MA

Proud to be an AMERICAN!

Michael, Framingham

Ben in Boston- So much for freedom of speech huh? It's only free if people agree with you? Everyone has to make sense of this tragedy in their own way, it's not for you to say if that way is the "right" way. In order to make sure history doesn't repeat itself, all policies, including the one in the middle east should be reviewed and questioned. Do you not think the attack 2 years ago was politically motivated? Of course our prayers and thoughts are with the victims and their families, but our actions are to prevent another attack.

cheryl, boston

i just attended a brief ceremony in front of the Alamo in San Antonio TX - i was very thankful that the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, guardians of the Alamo, took the time to remember 9/11/1 and lay a wreath of remebrance to those who lost their lives in NYC, Washington and Pennslyvania - times like these are nation is truly one

Bob, Burlington MA

Keep your agendas to yourself!!! 9/11/01 is the saddest day in American History. We were attacked by an enemy that we didn't know or understand. They weren't shooting to make a military statement, they meant and did kill as may Americans as possible. Remember those who perished and those who lost a mom, dad, etc. or a friend. Remember 9/11 and lets stay vigilant in order to prevent this from ever happening on our shores again!!!

Tom, Shrewsbury

I didn't think today would be so tough. I've gotten used to the cringing I feel when a large empty dumpster truck hits a bump in the road and makes a thunderous bang...I've also gotten used to the urge to fight back tears whenever I mistakenly see someone sky diving on TV. But I didn't think I'd feel this bad on the 2nd anniversary. I was visiting NYC for work that morning, 1 block away from WTC on the 8th floor of my building. A loud bang brought us to the windows and then down to the streets to witness the unbelievable. What seemed like hours passed when a second thunderous explosion rocked the street and buckled my knees. Then the bodies. I wonder why these poor souls were put in in the position choosing to jump from hundreds of feet in the air. They just showed up for work one morning, never for once believing that they would choose to jump to their deaths. Then walking for endless blocks. Then running for many more, trying to stay ahead of the billowing clouds of debris. I feel like I've been through hell, yet I'm alive and well. I cannot imagine what it must be like for a family member of a lost loved one. Your pain must be great. I truly wish you all the love and support you need during this most heinous of anniversaries.

Steve, Boston

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