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Share your thoughts on the second anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks

Two years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, America has unmistakably changed. Yet, as time heals the emotional and physical wounds of that day, many aspects of life have returned to the way they were. What are your thoughts on this, the second anniversary of the disaster? Has the nation taken to heart the lessons of that searing event? Are we safer today than we were? Or are we at greater peril? How do you rate the job the Bush administration has done combatting terrorism? And what is your opinion on the rebuilding of Ground Zero? What should rise there, and what should the victims' memorial look like?

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I'll never forget who I was with, what I was doing two years ago today. I'm sure no one will. I will always remember. But what I'll remember the most is the way this country came together the days that followed this tragedy. Driving into Boston to work over the months that followed, and seeing the stickers and flags on the back end of cars, trucks and buses. I still commute into the city. And I still see those flags. A bit tarnished and worn, but holding up well after the travels they've withstood- a perfect metaphor for America. What a truly uplifting and inspiring feeling. I'll never forget the 11th, the people who perished, or the reasons behind the attack. Nor will I ever forget the freedoms I am allowed each day as a citizen of this country. Peace to the troops that still reside overseas. J.H., I hope you're doing ok over there. Keep your spirits up. You WILL be home soon.

Mike W., Boston

I'd just like to share my 911 art.

lenian, southwest USA

In memory of Jason and Daniel Coffey. Jay and I were highschool classmates. Until we meet again.

E.B., Boston, MA

I'm sad that we've had to accept the horror of that day, that it has become a reality and not the "this can't happen here!" event it was 2 years ago. I've realized that the generations that come after us will never really know how horrible that day was and what it was like to hear about the 1st plane, the 2nd plane, the 3rd plane and the 4th plane and not know if there would be a 5th plane. And I am saddened that the media seems to forget about Flight 93 - the brave passengers killed in Shanksville, PA. Please keep those people and the lives that were lost in mind when you think about the tragedy of 9/11.

Mary Beth, Arlington

I Was e-mailed A message to keep my headlights on during the day for the world to see our nation nobody will ever forget that day. I seem to think I was one out of very few who got that message, Indeed I participated I only hope others do as well.

Somber American, Mass.

God Bless America and God bless the family and friends who lost loved ones two short years ago. I will never forget . . .

SS, Manchester, NH

As I read the responses, I tear up. As I watch the news I tear up. A day to never be forgotten. A day to pray for those fighting to make sure our world can and will be a better and safer place. Please send our troops home soon so that they can be with their loved ones.

Kim, boston

I would like to say for me it is still fresh in my mind. I remember scrambling around our office looking for a TV to see what the heck was going on. I remember how we all wept for the fallen hero's and the victims of this tragic event. I remember today how I felt, and how many tears I cried. I was 2 months pregnant for my daughter, I remember how scared I was for her and my other 2 children. Let this day be a reminder of how much we take life for granted. Let's live in the moment, hug your children, love your family, and have peace within your self. This we should do not only today but for everyday. One last thought, I think they should have a memorial a replica of the towers, very large, with every name of every person that died on the walls. I say build around not on. I also say live on, be free, be peaceful, and feel love if only for a fleeting moment. My familes thoughts and prayers are with the survivors, I don't pray for those who died although I did weep for them, for I know they are with their heavenly father safe and warm.

Lori, Minoa, NY

Raymond Rocha 1972-2001. Missed by all who knew you; justly mourned by every person who cherishes freedom - this day and every day.

Tim, Boston

I find it difficult to put into words the feelings I have on this day: the two year anniversary of our horrific loss. I remember feeling that now I know what other people must feel when their fellow countrymen are brutally slaughtered for no reason other than hatred or misguided ideals. I cried for days afterwards and even months. No.....I will NEVER forget that day. I pray often that man may gain some measure of insight and go on from here to keep this from happening again. We must all be vigilant and alert.

Ann, Brighton

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