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Share your thoughts on the second anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks

Two years after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, America has unmistakably changed. Yet, as time heals the emotional and physical wounds of that day, many aspects of life have returned to the way they were. What are your thoughts on this, the second anniversary of the disaster? Has the nation taken to heart the lessons of that searing event? Are we safer today than we were? Or are we at greater peril? How do you rate the job the Bush administration has done combatting terrorism? And what is your opinion on the rebuilding of Ground Zero? What should rise there, and what should the victims' memorial look like?

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It happened and it will happen again. We are no better off then we where before 9/11.

C.T., Lynn

I can hardly believe it's already been two years since 9-11 it seems like it just happend yesterday. My thoughts and prayers are wtih everyone who lost love ones friends, etc. I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to the family of Lynn Goodchild and Shawn Nassaney they will never be forgotten GOD BLESS THE USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emily, Brighton

I was watching the today show when they said a plane had hit onr of the towers and they shower the second plane and I could see that it was banking to the left and I got sick I had the feeling that it was banking to hit the second tower. all I could think of was that people were late getting to work. May they rest in peace.

Paul, Pasm Coast, FL.

Umm, a.a, Birmingham, intelligent debates don't start with name calling. The very freedom to openly rant and rave about our government is what makes me so glad to live in America. Thank you for reminding me how much I love being an American! God bless those who lost their lives on 9/11 and to their families and friends who must go on without them.

Happy to live here, Cambridge

Just to add to Pg. 4, to Bless, Bless, Bless, all of our MILITARY FORCES, and, any other COUNTRY IN THE WORLD WHO HELPS FIGHT THE EVIL!

Debbie, Chelsea

I still get teary eyed when think of 9/11 and find the whole thing utterly mind blowing. But from the rubble that remains I am amazed daily by how it has changed us, our country. Today I live with utter respect and warmth to the veterans who have fought in a war to insure our country peace, daily I am thankful that I live in a country where we can have a life and do not have to face such tragedy and terrosim. It made me proud to be an american and to live in this country when the blackout happened and in NYC there was no rioting, looting, or mass hysteria. Perhaps through this incredible sadness of 9/11 we can think that it made us grown and learn and become a better country.

Stephanie, Milton

Face it Republicans, all of the reasons that the war protestors gave for opposing this mess in Iraq were rpoven to be correct - no weapons of mass destruction, no evidence linking Iraq to 9/11, billions and billions taken from our schools and health care to fund the invasion, and it looks like we'll be there for at least 5 years. Plus, the Iraq people don't want us there. All we are doing is creating more terrorists and spilling American blood. Impeach Bush!

Think, Newton

A bed that now only sleeps one A father no longer seen with his son A daughter without a mom to set her straight No grandfather to fix a broken gate A husband without a wife to hold A wife without a husband to scold These are the things that we now see Thanks to that terrible killing spree My tears are shed for all of you Maybe some day your dreams will come true

John, Manchester

I think that the memorial to be built at ground zero that is to be dedicated to all who have perished should be LARGER and TALLER than the WTC towers!! This to spit in the faces of those who think that they can beat us!!!

Rob, Boston, Massachusetts

My prayers are with the families who lost loved ones. My thoughts and prayers are with those military personnel who are still fighting terrorism in Iraq. My heart goes out to the families in the US that are praying that their loved ones return save. I cannot express what I feel for those military personnel who have returned and have lost everything they have fighting for the US. I understand why our government is doing, but they also need to put some focus on the welfare of the US Citizens who are still here and are struggling after 9/11.

Lucy, Boston

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