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A new Archbishop for Boston Boston Globe
JULY 30, 2003
A new Archbishop for Boston Boston Globe

July 31
A new leader reaches out
Installed as archbishop, O'Malley voices remorse and looks to renewal
By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff
Sean Patrick O'Malley, the 59-year-old Capuchin friar who has become an expert at taking over troubled Catholic dioceses, was installed as the sixth archbishop of the scandal-racked Archdiocese of Boston in a solemn ceremony overlaid with sadness and hope.
At BC, students watch with optimism, awe
Three faces in crowd bound in hope, faith
Sandwiches, chips were bill of fare
O'Malley's homily reveals a frank, devout, humorous man
Near cathedral portals, voices of protest and support
'Good priests' moved to tears at archbishop's words
An angry protest, and prayers
Full text of O'Malley's homily
Graphic: The moment of installation

A special series by The Boston Globe

Rites, challenges await O'Malley
By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff
Today, a humble friar becomes one of the most powerful men in Boston. After nearly 17 months of nonstop crisis, the Archdiocese of Boston will welcome Archbishop Sean Patrick O'Malley with pomp and protest, optimism and impatience.
Viewer's guide Ceremony TV coverage
O'Malley's vestments O'Malley's coat of arms
Processional in detail Cathedral of the Holy Cross

Parishes replenish from other shores
By Monica Rhor, Globe Staff
The fusion of religious ritual and immigrant traditions is fast becoming an integral part of parishes throughout the Archdiocese of Boston. The church community that Bishop Sean P. O'Malley will take charge of when he is installed as archbishop tomorrow is remarkably changed from the one that greeted his predecessors.

Capuchins take mission beyond friary
By Michael Paulson, Globe Staff
Capuchin friars have labored in the Boston area, largely in obscurity, since the 1920s, when a group of British Capuchins set up shop in Milton. Some of the friars hope O'Malley's arrival will somehow lead to new life for them.

  Photo gallery
The lives of brothers at St. Benedict the Moor friary in Roxbury. See photos

O'Malley's path of quiet conviction
By Globe Staff
The Globe examines defining moments along O'Malley's path to the nation's fourth largest Catholic diocese.
Washington D.C.: Tenants found unity in 'Padre Sean'
Virgin Islands: Humility renewed a frayed faith
Fall River: For roiled parish, uneasy compromise

  Photo gallery
Bishop O'Malley in Washington, D.C. and the Virgin Islands See photos

Archbishop Sean Patrick O'Malley
Archbishop Sean Patrick O'Malley blesses parishioners after his installation ceremony July 30.
(Globe Staff Photo / David L. Ryan)

 Photo galleries
The installation ceremony
Protesters outside the cathedral
Preparations for the ceremony

 About O'Malley
A profile of the new bishop
  (Boston Globe, July 2, 2003)
Care for immigrants a constant
  (Boston Globe, July 3, 2003)
Francisan represents change
  (Boston Globe, July 6, 2003)

 About the Boston church
Archdiocese by the numbers

 Message board
Boston's new archbishop
On the day of O'Malley's appointment, readers shared their thoughts on his selection and the future of the archdiocese.

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The front page of The Boston Globe announcing O'Malley's appointment.
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The front page of The Boston Globe the day after O'Malley's installation.
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