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Jason Sylvester

Coventry, R.I.

Jason Sylvester, 24, may have spent his days installing heating and air conditioning for his father's company.

But after hours, and on weekends, music took over.

Sylvester wasn't a player, though. He was the ultimate fan.

"If you were to name an old, old band, like Humble Pie ... bang, he'd tell you the name of their first album ... bang, he'd tell you the name of the drummer," said his uncle, Richard Sylvester.

"He must have had 1,500 CDs. He was in [CD] trading clubs, and he could tell you if an artist was in a group that no one had ever heard of."

Sylvester was so particular about his music that he kept his room, and the CDs in it, precisely arranged.

"If you moved one of his CDs, and put it in a different spot, he'd know. He kept that room like he was in the Navy. ... I'd go in there as a joke sometimes, and take a knickknack, and move it," his uncle recalled.

Sylvester lived with his parents, Jane and Bob Sylvester, and his brother Jeffrey, in Coventry, and went to The Station that night to get Great White's autograph, his uncle said.