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JFK Jr. reader reflections

July 21, 1999

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s, somerville
May there bodies rest in peace and there family be strong. Prayers and thoughts are with their families and friends..what a horrible horrible thing to happen.

Eileen Connolly, Cohasset
I feel for the family. Not only for tragic and sudden losses, but because of the lack of privacy during such a tramatic time.

Loss is equally hard on all individuals no matter their stature in society. There are defined stages each person must go through in order to understand, except and move on from such trageties life brings forth. Most of the public are allowed to face these stages in intimate settings with loved ones who share some of the same valid feelings.

The feelings of sympathy that I have for the family are not only due to the recent losses, but also for the complicated media and social impacts they will have to endure in the next couple of weeks.

The idea of not being able to scream with rage, cry uncontrollably, or even go for a lonesome walk, without the attendance of numerous cameras or microphones saddens me more then words can express.

The intent behind this message is not to bash or undermine the media or people in general. I do believe there is a great deal of importance to the media. I also understand the feelings of loss that the public may feel. I just hope that with the coverage, and the out pooring of public sympathy the family's emotional state and general need for privacy does not get lost in the current events. -Eileen Connolly

Suzanne, Quincy
Thank God they have found their bodies. Now the families can have some closure and John, Carolyn and Lauren can rest in peace for eternity. I am still very saddened by this sudden loss of three young and beautiful lives and will never forget the day I first heard of the tragedy. God Bless the Bessettes and the Kennedys.

Being from Honduras, also not an american, I share your grief from this tragedy. I believe when one's time comes, nothing can be done, but this is one death I don't wish on me or anyone else. I simpathize with the Kennedy and Bessette family for their losses as I've been thru this a lot of times, and it's always hard, especially when young lives are lost and had so much future ahead of them. I'm just glad that the bodies were found so they can be laid to rest at peace. By the way, my mom was a true fan of John F. Kennedy Sr.

gayle, stoughton
even though we didn't know each other,i just wanted express my sympathies to the kennedy and bissette families. i also wanted to say that they are also in my prayers. i also wanted to say god bless in this time of tragedy and always

Margie Bonuchi, Illinois
This is a tremendous loss for it represents another one of the truly good people among us who has been taken away. We will never really know the full impact, since he was a modest man working quietly to do great things. We are really sorry for ourselves right now, because he is with God and we are here. I hope Carolyn takes his place and runs "George" as his legacy.

T Murphy, Boston
I don't think the public needs to know the intricate details of the Kennedy family activities. Your article about Caroline describes (with photo) the time and route of her morning bike ride as well as the arrival and departure of you cousin. WHO CARES! You are only feeding the public's interest in the personal details of the family. I don't want to see pictures of anyone who doesn't want to be photographed! Get It!

GG, Boston
To be moved to tears by the death of three individuals I have never met, truly indicates the mystique surrounding such a revered family. My prayers are with you all.

jsudina, baltimore
My heart is heavy. Peace to their families and friends. I wish joy in heaven to Carolyn, John, and Lauren. God be with them on their journey home.

Citizen, Boston
Why was the media so catered to by the officials conducting the search and rescue? I think the authorities should have spent less time on the Today Show and more time out finding the wreckage.

Jeanine, Maryland
Life is short. Most of us don't take the time to remember that. It takes the death of someone universally known to once again hit us over the head with the reality that we are mortal and will die. Complaining about the media coverage or about whether the Kennedy's deserve the nation's attention don't hit the real message from this sad event. Live each day to the fullest and fill your life with love and purpose. My condolances to the Bessettes, the Schlossbergs and the Kennedys.

I am 18 years old. I was not around for the Camelot years of the Kennedy family but somehow I have still grown up intrigued by this family. I have admired Jackie Kennedy for her elegence and grace in a life of misfortune and grief; and I have also admired Caroline and JFK Jr. for that same mystique, myth, and yet realism about them. The death of President Kennedy always sparked an interest in me, I think probablly because no matter who you ask, no matter what age, they can remember where they were when the Preseident was shot. That was the mystique of the Kennedys that I admired and that is the mystique that lived on through JFK Jr. So now at 18 I am hearing people again grieving for a man of our nation too young to die and I now will never forget where I was when I heard the news that John F. Kennedy was dead.

Jen, Hanover
To Mike Notrem from Weymouth, how DARE you say that you are glad this happened. Eventhough you may not sympathize with what is going on, it gives you no right to say you are glad anyone is dead. I am very sad at what has happened on what was to be a joyous family ocassion. My deepest sympathies go out to the Bessett and Kennedy families.

Sue Toscano, Hibbing
I think the outpouring of public support and interest is gracious. Everyone admired and in some way cared for John F. Kennedy, Jr., but at this time of tragedy, the press needs to leave the family alone to grieve. I was astonished to see the pictures taken from the air at Caroline's home. She has just lost her brother and she and their whole family should be allowed their peace now.

Frank Vetere, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
JFK Junior truly represented my generation. I was 7 years old in October 1963 when I first visited my mother's family in South Dakota. We got back from the trip on All Saints Day, and a few weeks later, we all learned of the assassination of JFK. I recall being very moved by the image of John John saluting his father at the funeral. My father and his mother were both born in Boston, and I remember an account from my grandmother of meeting Robert Kennedy in a Boston hospital where my grandfather was receiving treatment for cancer, coincidentally on the same floor as Joseph Kennedy. My grandfather had had a very difficult time that day, and my grandmother will never forget stepping into the same elevator as Robert Kennedy who, despite his own grief over his father's illness, spent time consoling my grandmother. That is so in keeping with the Kennedy persona: immensely wealthy and powerful, yes, but at the same time truly concerned with the welfare of others. The same qu! ! alities shone through in JKF Junior. JFK Junior was the standard bearer of the Kennedy legacy and, to me, personified the term "class" in the very best sense of the word. His death is a great loss to us all.

K, Boston
May the media have respect for the families. I hope there is not a rush of capitalizing on these victims with the marketing of dozens of over nite biographies.

Marilyn Schmidt, Hillsboro
This is a very sad time for all of us in our country, and until the other two bodies are found, we will never experience complete closure. John F. Kennedy, Jr. presented himself in such a dignified and professional manner at all times. He was intelligent, eloquent, well-mannered, and seemed to be such a caring individual in all aspects of his life. He was not flamboyant, never sought the limelight, and took all measures to insure his family's privacy. His behavior was professional and courteous at all times. This is a person who loved challenge, but didn't take a lot of risks. His mother raised him so well. He will sorely be missed. The only thing I can add to this is that he is in G-d's hands and that I hope he will find eternal and spiritual peace.

Courtney Hall, Fremont,CA
The loss of John Kennedy Jr is way beyond words and way beyond tears for me. He was a national treasure and an exceptionally well bred asset to the human race. He was raised to be a leader of men. He was a good person, unimpressed with his own aura and legacy. Kind and considerate of other people -- any person, any where. That's the way he was raised.

He looked like the Bouvier's and had the style and demeanor and elegance and grace of his mother and the best of his father.

His loss is the world's loss. Like Diana, the People's Princess, John Kennedy Jr. was to be a leader of people.

Irreplaceable. There is no other Kennedy that can take his place. And he left no heir. Way beyond tragic.

God has a plan for John. God is lucky to have John. Thank you God and Jack and Jackie for sharing your son with us, however briefly.

We needed him.

Cathy Foster, Cambridge
e have suffered a great loss. This is as big as Princess Diana. It was so nice to see a gentleman that wasn't afraid to show his emotions and how much he cared for Carolyn. The made a beautiful couple. I hope they have peace together eternally.

Ronnie Smith, New York
I would hope that the family does not bury Kennedy at sea. I think the most proper and fitting site for burial would be at the JFK library in Boston. There, both John and Carolyn could be laid to rest side by side. It would also be fitting and proper for this to be the burial site of Caroline and Edward upon their deaths.

Travis J.I. Corcoran, Arlington
I can respect this Kennedy more than others because he tried to make his way in the free market (even if he wasn't too good at it, and even if he did use his connections to get contacts and such that his ideas did not merit on their own worth).

However, I dislike him for the way that he, like the other Kennedys, was able to glide through life, his path greased by the contacts of his family and the money made my his alchohol-running grandfather Joe Kennedy.

I disliked his magazine on general principals (even though I didn't read it), because it glorified politics, when in fact politics is a short word for the concept of stealing money from party A to give to party B in order to be loved (and to collect a bit of the cash flow). OK, that's not fair - politics also involves forceing party B to do things against his will for party C, and forbidding party C to do things that D would like.

Politicians love to talk about how politics is a noble calling where various points of view are debated and compromise is reached, but in fact it is a thuggish culture based around theft and coercion, and no good can come of it. The only place where people come together and create value is the market. Glorifying politics and its practitioners is different only in slight degree, and not in kind, from glorifying the policies and people that helped make Germany free of Jews, or Russia free of capitalists. I'm sure a lot of compromise was needed in both those cases: corporatist A wants to build a Jew liquidating center here, corporatist B wants to build it there...General X wants more troops, General Y wants more planes. Noble stuff. Wonderful. Let's write a magazine.

On the other hand, it's a rare person who can break free of the indoctrination of received wisdom that they receive from school, and even rarer when they can break free of the propaganda that they've received at home, so maybe I can't blame this Kennedy that much for glorifying the thieving thugs among us.

I find the Kennedy clan a dangerous ideological political machine. I find the New England, and to a lesser degree, the national, loyalty to them troubling and upsetting. It bespeaks of a nation of people eager to find an uberman to look up to, someone better than all of us to make the hard decisions and run the country. In short, it makes clear the national desire to abdicate adulthood, and retain only the trappings. The hereditary nature of the Kennedy worship, like Di worship, worries me. The fact that this worship continues despite the vile nature and actions of the members is even worse (let's see: there's the Florida rapist Kennedy, the I left a drowning girlfriend and an envelope of cocaine Kennedy, the statuatory rape with the babysitter Kennedy, the cheating on his wife in the Whitehouse Kennedy, etc.)

The fact that we can at least vote for our king is not that deceives us, and makes us trust his actions (after all, he's one of us). Perhaps better an actual hereditary king...we would be more careful to circumscribe his powers.

Voting is the opiate of the masses - it makes us thing that we're not being opressed. We're lied to in school that if you don't vote you can't complain, when in fact, if you do vote, you can't complain, because you have endorsed the system of elect the most popular tyrant.

So, perhaps even if this Kennedy isn't the worst of the batch, and even if he didn't commit any crimes against individuals or against freedom more generally that would make me say "he deserves to be dead", I can at least say that the world is always better off with one less Kennedy.


Tommy, Brighton
Is this a terrible tragedy, or should we call this one a very stupid accident? John should never have been flying that plane at night with out being instrument certified. My hearts go out to the Bessette family, for their daughters probably thought he could fly the plane at night, in haze, with one foot. It seems as though the Kennedy's are always taking innocent lives into their own hands. My honest belief, the Kennedy's are cursed because Papa Joe had his daughter lobotimized. From that point onwards, it's been all hell!!!! Tough price to pay.

Shari, Virginia
I often think if God would grant me one would be to bring John, Carolyn and Lauren back. My love to all the Kennedys and prayers to the Bassetts. We lost our future when we lost John!

Pam, Maryland
I am very saddened at the tragedy. My heart goes out to both families, especially the Bassette's, for they have lost two beautiful daughters. I wish I could turn back time, back to Friday, and wish that someone would have stopped him from flying on that very hazey night. But that is impossible. So, I pray to God to embrace both families with loving arms and hold them tight through this most difficult time. And let them know that they are in heaven now with their loved ones who have passed on before. To both families, please feel God's loving arms holding you tight.

First and foremost, My heartfelt sympathy and prayers go out to all the Kennedy's during this horrible ordeal. I would like to express my concern as to how the media will continue to cover this tragedy. Many of us feel that graphic details are definitely not necessary. We would like to see the media stop swarming over the Kennedy family. They need some time to adjust to this tragic loss. As a nation we are all joined by the memories, good and bad of John, and we should honor his memory by allowing his family to grieve in peace and get on with their lives. Let's keep only the "living" photos and stories of these three beautiful lives foremost in our hearts and minds.

P. Barney, St. Peters
When God call Angels home, he has a great work for them to do. So, as he has called John, jr., Carolyn and Lauren, I keep in mind that it is okay to mourn the loss of Angels on earth. They are indeed in a better place and are doing an even greater work. May God Bless the families of His three new beautiful Angels.

Louise O'Connell, Woburn
I am very happy that John, Caroline and Lauren have been located. I feel more at ease. I send my sympathy to both families. I am a twin to a sister. I feel alot of sorrow for Lisa, Laurens twin. The solid bonding between twins is so strong. The pain she is experiencing is so sharp.

John & Josephine, Sault Ste Marie, Ont. Can.
I send my deepest condolences on your loss, and I fell we have lost a great potential leader in whatever he chose to do, above all I fell we lose a wonderful person. He was absolutely unique in his own way. It Makes a person sick to think what John and his wife Carolyn could have accomplished in this world, we needed them so much. We have very few wonderful people in this World. May the Bessette family fine some comfort In knowing that our prayers are with you, may God bless you all. please let us leave these two wonderful families to greave in privet. To John's sister Carolyn, be strong and remember always they are now in Gods hands and together forever. To senator Kennedy I feel for you, you have been through so much in your life. I was only six when your brother John died. I remember getting a pitcher in the mail and saying to my mother that he must have been a wonderful man. Knowing what it is like to lose someone you love. I lost my father when I was fourteen and my mother when I was eighteen, May Gods bless you, and keep you all safe.

Rose L., Boston
This tragedy should allow us to look at ourselves, to examine our lives and most importantly to see that our grief is only self-righteous. Instead of wallowing in the loss that we feel, we should turn our attention to the families and wholeheartedly pray for their peace. I pray that the families continue to hold onto their spirituality; as that is the key to help ease the pain, even though it will never go away, and it shouldn't. I am at peace knowing that those three spirits lived their lives tremendously. Their journey in this life has ended, the journey into the next has just begun. God bless them in that journey. Their wonderful spirits will live forever!

just me, Boston
John, I am saddened to think of all the potential that will be left unrealized. My only comfort is that you are with your parents and that together you will be able to shine your love and strength down on your sister....she is going to need it.

Anonymous, Rockland
Our thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy and Bessette families. This is a poem that I would like to share with everyone.

How You Spend Your "Dash"

I read of a man who stood to speak
At the funeral of a friend.
He referred to the dates on her tombstone
From the beginning ... to the end.

He noted that first came her date of birth And spoke the following date with tears, But he said what mattered most of all
Was the dash between those years.

For that dash represents all the time That she spent alive on earth....
And now only those who loved her
Know what that little line is worth.

For it matters not, how much we own; The cars...the house...the cash.
What matters is how we live and love And how we spend our dash.

So think about this long and hard... Are there things you'd like to change?
For you never know how much time is left. That can still be rearranged.

If we could just slow down enough
To consider what's true and real,
And always try to understand
The way other people feel.

And be less quick to anger,
And show appreciation more
And love the people in our lives
Like we've never loved before.

If we treat each other with respect, And more often wear a smile...
Remembering that this special dash
Might only last a little while.

So, when your eulogy's being read
With your life's action's to rehash... Would you be proud of the things they say About how you spent your dash?

Spend it well.

Ursula Paul, New York
I am heartbroken. I am so sorry to both families. WE have wonderful memories of John Kennedy They are with God now and they are happy.

Geo & Catherine Ferreira, Falmouth
We send our sincere sympathy to Caroline Schlosser, the Kennedy Family and the Bessett Family. What a great loss you all must endure. May God keep you all in his prayers.

Donna, Illinois
My thoughts and prayers are with the family and victims of the crash. It is truly a great loss to everyone. What will it take to realize that we need to give people their privacy? Mayby, if they weren't so hounded all of the time by cameras and people they would not have felt the need to flee.We have to give people their space.

Uncle Fester, Brighton
Where the hell are the bodies of the other two crash victims???????

Jeanne, Boston
I'm not going to use my enthusiasm for the Kennedys as the reason for why this tragedy has made me very sad. I just think the entire incident is a disaster the likes of which I hope I'll never see again. I am tired of all this sadness, all these people saying the same things over and over and all the piano music I keep hearing on CNN, not because I am cynical, but because I am not. I am really, really mad and what's more I am scared because the old "God works in mysterious ways" thing just isn't cutting it anymore. What if there is no God? What if this simply more proof that we live in a random world where we create religion just to ccomfort ourselves because we can't handle the idea of something ending without a meaning? I was raised Catholic and attended Catholic school from kindergarten through law school. I'm not saying this is what I subscribe to, but what I am saying is that this latest disaster is just making me think about things I don't like thinking about. And on a different note, I would just like to express my annoyance at several comments I've read recently about people complaining about the coverage because John Kennedy Jr. was no Princess Di. How incredibly classy to start playing who's the better dead celebrity, don't you think?

Tom, Atlanta
"I was so numbed", "I was so saddened", "I cried...". How about "I have no life"?

Face it, you didn't "know" JFK Jr. You have followed the media coverage of this just like the sheep that you are. If Dan Rather says it's a sad, sad, day and a great loss to the country then by gosh it must be.

I understand how personal friends and family can mourn the loss of a loved one. But if you have these feelings for an individual based upon his celebrity then you are just a very shallow person with a meaningless existance.

I don't wish death upon anyone. But I have no more or less feelings for JFK Jr than I do for some poor peasant dieing of ebola in his hut in Zaire. If you are so saddened by this death and unaffected by all of the other deaths that occur each and every day, then it's time for a reality check.

Dala Dew, Revere
I pray God in his infinite mercy gives members of both families the strength they need at this time to carry on. It will not be easy I know. However, God is faithful. For the departed, I hope their souls rest in perfect peace. Amen

Pat Miller, Odessa, TX
I am DEEPLY saddened at the loss of this fine young man . . . just as with his father, we will never know what great things he could have accomplished. He was a very bright and sensitive man with so much potential. We have truly lost a priceless treasure. It is such a shame he did not have the chance to spend more time on this earth with his wife and his family.

Our hearts go out to all the family members . . . particularly to Caroline, the only remaining member of JFK's family.

Steve Hudson, weymouth
Some say JFK jr was rerspected by millions, well where are they, it seems theya re only the people in the know, or those jerry springer wanna be's that pretend they live through others. There is also something inherently wrong with a press that treats a death in this manner. Why not put the obituaries on the front page, if that what you all want so much. The fact that that half the damn country was out searching for a dead man to rescue days after we all knew he was dead, while a innocent young schoolteacher lay under a pile of leaves with only her family to keep up the search, is repulsive. Jfk jr was not famous, his name was, he was not respected by millions, his name was, so i say bury the name and get on with your lives. Oh and if you ever become stranded in the ocean, better hope your dad was president , because if he isnt, no one will give a damn.

Susan, Illinois
So that Jody in Needham doesn't think I am cruel or one of the devils children, let me say upfront that I feel badly for the Kennedy and Bessette families and for all other families across the Globe that experience tradedy and hardship everyday.

Moving on...JFK Jr's accident has been is clearly being used as a cash cow for the media. The special edition magazine's were already on the store shelves on Monday morning. The television news and televsion magazine programs like 20/20, Prime Time et all have been enjoying the ratings war at the expense of the Kennedy and Bessette families privacy and the dignity for which JFK and his wife preferred to live their lives. When one of these media vehicles has the intestinal fortitude to give us other news and human interest stories to focus on, they will be assured the top of the ratings heap. All this week I have been traveling, and without a doubt, a majority of American's would rather "move on". That does not make us uncaring, insensitive, or chilren of the devil as Jody from Needham has determined. It means that a true national tragedy was the death of Presidient JFK, Martin Luther King, and the ranks that those two have shared company with over our history. JFK Jr. and his wife and sister in-law do not belong in the same company, and THEY understood that. If those who write saying they are so upset and can't stop crying would channel that energy to supporting JFK's causes for children or other issues, then the collective WE would be much better off. He didn't want the spotlight, and would be disgusted by the media coverage being shown. Remember that an accident of this nature is far less tragic than so many other things in this world that we turn a blind eye too.

ME, Peabody
Since I heard the news on Sat. morning I feel as though I have been just going through the motions, the shock is so overwhelming. I cannot imagine the shock and pain that both the Bessette and Kennedy family's are going through. I pray for both families and for the souls of John, Caroline, and Lauren.

John F. Kennedy. Jr., was born under the curseof fame. as i see it, he struggled to establish a life of his own: his own identity, his own privacy, his own achievements. And he did so with grace and dignity. My heart goes out to his sister Caroline, to the Kennedy and Bessette families. My thoughts and prayers are with them.


KK, Dedham
My deepest sympathies to the Kennedy and Bessette families. I was completely devistated when I heard the news, I have admired John from a far for many years and I found it hard to believe that this happened. Knowing that he, his wife and sister-in-law are together forever in eternity is the only comforting thought I can hold on to for now.

H.P., South End
Perhaps Robert Kennedy's words on the death of Martin Luther King can somehow provide comfort in an hour of despair. Quoting the Greek dramatist Aeschylus, he said "Even in our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart, until in our own deep despair, against our will, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God." Let God bless these three children.

Sylvia Bombardier
My deepest sympathies to the Kennedy and Bessette Family. I send my prayers for the findings of the three passengers. It is so important for the mourning process. My heart goes out to the families. These three special indivduals will be greatly missed. It is quite a loss for everyone. They have marked the world forever with there gracefulness, style and especially there wonderful personalities. Not knowing them on a personal level, they still had an effective impact on my life. God bless the families on there loss.

Renee Kiernan, Jamaica Plain
I just wanted to say that i feel so bad for the Kennedy family. I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to them along with all my love. I hope that people will never forget all the good things that John F. Kennedy Jr. did for this country. I also like to send my love down to Greenwich, CT to the Bessett and Freedman family Carolyn and Lauren will always be in everyones heart and we will never forget them. I know that I will always hold a special place in my heart for John, Carolyn and Lauren. I wish the families the best and hope that one day they can relize that they are truely in a better place now and they are being taken care of by people who love them.

Marg Gotwald, York, PA
How many of us who remember that three year old in 1963 and who have watched and waited patiently for the boy to grow into a man and make his way in life are is dismay over the loss of that light that may have again shown in the White House. All that was good and beautiful about this favorite son or brother is going to be missed by those who dwell on what might have been. We should have told him to be more cautious because we had great expectations. We were just being patient, biding our time and respectful of his need to take time to get where we knew he was going.

Diana, Waltham
I think all of the media should take a step back and realize how they are insulting Carolyn Kennedy. She was John's wife not his mistress. All reports are of John Kennedy Jr, and oh yeah Carolyn Bissett Kennedy. What happened to Mr. and Mrs. Kennedy. Certainly, John comes from the limelight, but he was married to Carolyn and I feel it should be treated as such. Even the burial sounds like it will be one way for John and another for Carolyn. Usually, married couples are burried together. My sympathy to Caroline and the Bisset Family.

No one inparticullar, Boston
A certain and consumate tradegy it is, however, how is it any more special than the horrible murder of a kind and giving 27 year old teacher from Jamacia Plain?

Reine, MA
I'm deeply saddened by some of the harsh comments I've been reading. May GOD forgive the evildoers. I only ask GOD to give the Kennedy and Bessett families strength, patience and support in their sorrow. I'm pretty certain John, Carolyn and Lauren are in God's Kingdom and John is reunited with his Mom and Dad. I know John was a great example to others the way he conducted himself throughout his short life, his Mom really raised him well! I don't know much about Carolyn and Lauren, butI belive Carolyn must have been a good person for John to marry her. I pray for all of them to rest in peace. We have to all be ready, as we never know when the end of time will come. Be good and love each other the way GOD loves us.

Our deepest condoleances to the Kennedys and Bessetts families.

Anon E. Mouse
How terrible that two separate tragedies had to happen within the same week. Melissa Gosule and JFK, Jr. Now that there is a certain amount of closure to the first, we can focus on the second. In either case, for whatever the reasons (and I believe individual stupidity ranks high here, and it makes me incredibly angry), four people have died within the last ten days. Three families mourn. Whether a person dies by self infliction or natural causes, it is a loss, and each loss should be mourned and RESPECTED. The media is making the plane crash all a little to "schmaltzy," and with all the schmaltz, I think some of the much-earned respect is fading. Because of his family and the notoriety that accompanies being a Kennedy, we are seeing a great deal of this tragedy. What I am sick to death of is the constant repetition. In almost every article, there is mention of Chappequidick. Let the dead rest in peace. In each article, there is mention again of how many fe! !

et per second the plane plummeted to earth. Is this voyeurism? Is this shock value? Why do we need to be reminded again and again of how horrid it must have been for them?

They are dead. May they rest in peace, and may their respective families find the strength and courage to deal with it.


Charleston Lee, Landstuhl
So many parallels. I met his parents in 1959 in undergraduate school. I was in Germany when JFK came in 1963. I was at the funeral. My own son went to Andover. I went to NYU. My family vacationed on Martha's Vinyard, for years. We vacationed in Chatham, near Hyannis, one year. I felt so sorry for him and his sister at his mother's funeral. I never met the man, but the Kennedy's changed my life around (sent me to Europe where I now live, helped me start a career when before his father's presidency, there was not very much for a black person anywhere). At my age, my own children are close to JFKjr's age and my feelings now are those of a parent, grieving over the lost promise of these three fine young people. I guess I had hoped he would perhaps go into politics someday, watching like a parent the progress of an older child who has suffered and is overcoming the problems of childhood. I feel, very old, numb I guess, from the blows and shocks of the last years. Again, ! ! I feel very sorry for that young man and his sister. May God grant him and her peace.

Mrs. Ithzel Villarreal, Panama
There are not enough words to describe the sorrow we all are feeling, may the Lord give peace and Cristhian understanding to Caroline and the families.

billy sarson, weymouth

Deb Marciano, Tewksbury
My deepest sympathy to the Bessette and Kennedy families,as well as to anyone who has gone through such a horrible tragedy in thier lifetime. My heart goes out to anyone who has lost a family member so tragically, and so young, especially the Bessette's who have lost two children. Although we did not know John F. Kennedy Jr. other than as a celebrity, many of us have grown up with him and have respected him and his immediate family for thier own sufferings. The sadness that many of us feel is mostly because we knew more about him than we do our own coworkers, neighbors, cousins, or even siblings. This unfortunate truth is why so many people feel so strongly about this tragic incident.

To Brian in Chelmsford, Jack in Roslindale and Joel in Wilmington: From your messages sent, every reader would have to assume that you were very personal friends with Princess Di, are very important "role models" in Mass., or recognized as a highly important public servant in Mass. (of course, lacking any "eternal slacking" skills). Otherwise, you would not be in the position to make those condescending, insensitive remarks and judging society the way you did in your emails.

You are all extremely insensitive, shallow people who are an embarrasment to the Mass. community! I certainly hope you are not bearing any children because attitudes like yours are what contribute to the "high school horrors" we are also sadly growing up with.

Marijane Hancock, Wakefield
God Bless the Kennedy and Bessette family. I simply can't imagine the profound loss they feel. The Kennedy family has known more tragedy than only one family should have to ever endure. God be with them all.

Lori O, New Jersey
I am so very sad. My heart has been hurting for days. We just have to learn to appreciate all the time we have because you just never know. Live each day as if it were your last.......

In memory of John, Carolyn and Lauren.

mike bonvie, weymouth
we will all miss john john and god speed those girls

Lisa Butera, Winthrop
I can't express what a loss this is not only to the Kennedy's as well as the Bessette's, but also to the people of America. Although John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Jr. was born blessed with some of life's greatest pleasures, as well as advantages, he knew what it meant to give back. He spent countless hours working with charities and setting positive examples for the people of America, especially children. He'll be remembered by many as a hero. Prayer and thoughts are with your families. God Bless John, Carolyn and Lauren!!!!!!

Marie Clarke
I woke up Saturday, to watch the morning news,and I was glued to the TV Satuurday, and have been reading as much as I could on this tradegy. I was in the first grade in New York,and I remembered being dismissed from school because of the tradegy of President John F. Kennedy. I went home and told my Mom and she just wept, couldn't fully understand why, but as I got older and heard stories from my Aunts & Uncles I understood what a great person he was. Saturday I called my Mon in Sacramento and we both cried, like we lost a family member, but then again I think he was a part of our family. I truly wish for Caroline that she finds peace and the love of nation.

Scott Gallagher, Westboro
I feel really bad for the kennedy family. I just wish that the press and the public would leave them alone. They are trying to cope with a loss in the family, and they can't even try to greve together without some moron with a camra watching.

Nick, Boston
The real tradgegy here is the fact that the Bessettes are all but ignored through this whole ordeal. Granted they might not be as famous as the Kennedys, but didn't their lives mean enough to get more than just an occasional mention?

Jeffrey, East Boston
Yes, it truly is sad of the tragic painful loss that Kennedy and Bassett family members must endure. I know, I have lost love ones as well. But let me ask, who is consoling the family of Mary Jo Kopechne in their eternal grief, as well as other people the Kennedy clan has hurt over the years?

Greg, Cambridge
The news coverage and the rescue/recovery efforts have merit. Some seem to say that you need to be Mother Theresa to deserve all this, but that misses the point. You can measure news coverage of a death by how much the deceased has touched others' lives.

JFK, Jr. touched others because of his name, family history, magazine covers, good looks, gentlemanly charm and kindness. These admittedly superficial reasons nevertheless earned the love and respect of millions. Americans of three generations felt a connection to him: those who lived through JFK's assasination as adults, those were remember the announcement interrupting school lessons, and those, like me, who grew up hearing about what an impact JFK and his death had made.

In contrast, the average American could hardly relate to Mother Theresa and her plight, and certainly not to any unknown small-plane pilot meeting JFK Jr.'s fate. It is not that JFK was worth more than the "average Joe" or the truly saintly Mother Theresa. He was the same as everyone else, but held dearly by many more people. JFK Jr. was a household name, and, like it or not, for many of us across the country, it is as if someone in the neighborhood has died. With such a wide body of mourners, the coverage and search efforts are certainly justified.

To think I woke up to a hot day thinking how miserable I was going to be for that whole day in the heat. Shame on me. I lay in my air conditioned bedroom watching the news on this tragedy thinking "no - not again". As a family the Kennedy's have endured more than their share, but Caroline Kennedy has endured oh so much. She has her husband and children, but her life as a Kennedy is just a memory. She has no immediate family left. I was so sure in my heart of hearts that they would find John Jr, Carolyn and Lauren. I had no doubt in my mind. When I was in my car later that day and heard that luggage had been found, my heart sank and I felt sick. I felt like I needed to be somewhere or do something - I didn't know where or what. I have spent the last several days making sure I spent quality time with my friends and family and telling my husband over and over again that I love him. This whole situation just makes one realize just how precious life is. I feel ! ! for the Bissett family - such a tragedy to lose two beautiful young women at once. We should pray that it happened quickly, mourn for the families and move on. The press needs to back off and let these families grieve in private - wouldn't they want the same?

Dana, Boston
How special were these people the world lost last Friday night? The flood of heartfelt messages should answer that question.

We've truly lost shining stars of our generation. May we learn lessons from their lives, as we mourn their untimely deaths. -- My prayers are with the Kennedy and Bessette families.

I really feel like we have lost a great person, a great family man and I dont think we can even start to imagine the pain for the bessette family having lost their two wonderful daughters. Glod bless them all.

Blaine W. Price, Jacksonville
From my days as crew member on board the US Navy Yatch Honey Fitz. I I have deep regeat for this Loss of another Kennedy >After the big loss of his Father and Mother who I rem ember very well from the three years on the yatch. Blaine W. Price BMC. USN Ret.

Heather Giangreco, Boston
My thoughts and prayers are will you all at this time of sadness. They were all very beautiful people who we admired, and aspired to be.

The Wytiaz Family, Aliquippa
Our sincere condolences to the Kennedy and Bessette families. Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you. God Bless!

Lynda Burke, Westfield
My heart sunk when I heard the plane was missing with three young lives on board. I knew from that moment that the outcome would not be positive. My deepest sympathy goes out to both families. What I can not understand in all the bad things that have happened to the Kennedy family, how come Teddy still survives?? I am amazed...

Lisa Ladd, Oakwood
First I want to express my deepest sympathies to the Kennedy and Bessette families. It was a great shock for three young people's lives to end so prematurely.You can take solace in the fact that John and Carolyn truly loved each other and won't have to face life without the other and will spend eternity together.They can also comfort Lauren until the day that all family members are reunited in Heaven. May they rest in peace.

ML, Allston
First, and foremost, my deep and heartfelt sympathy and prayers to the Kennedy family, especially Caroline, and to the Bissette family. Such a terrible extinguishing of three bright lights. I do have to say that (knowing that they planned an earlier departure) perhaps the trip was ill advised given the weather conditions, darkness, John Jr.'s relative inexperience, but until more is known about any possible mechanical problems or other circumstances, I will just say how sad I feel about the tragic loss to all of us for what these special individuals would have contributed to their families and to our fellow U.S. citizens. A reminder to all to live every day to the fullest, because there are no guarantees. Peace.

jody, Needham


Nicole, Canada
I am only 26 years old and I have been deeply affected by this horrible tragedy. It's amazing how connected you can become to people without even knowing them. I guess we have the media to thank for that. My thoughts and prayers go out to both families, friends of the deceased, and all those who feel the way I feel today. My request is that the media kindly let the families grieve in peace. I am at peace knowing that John Jr. is at last with both his parents, and his lovely wife. I know JFK would be proud of what his son has accomplished, and the man he has turned out to be.(thanks to his wonderful mother) As for those of you who say you have not been affected by this tragedy, and for those of you who have nothing kind to say, my thoughts and prayers are with you also.

Colleen Kelly, Chicago,IL
He was such a wonderful person and to have his life end like this is tragic!! I hope he is now at peace with his wife and sister-in-law. My prayers go out to both families!

Tharon Williams, Westfield
It is truly a terrible tragedy for both the Kennedy's and the Bessette family. John was loved by the nation and the loss is shattering. I pray that all the victims are found so that the families may have a small amount of closure.

God be with them.

Mike, Raleigh
Get a grip people. This is not a national tragedy and there's more important news to be covered.

Don McCarron, Narraganset
We are not whole until the last body is returned to their loved ones for proper burial. This confirmation is the sum of our fears but the brutal reality that we all must face. There will be much to this tragedy. Finding fault will be the media's greatest urge. Please resist. Hounding Caroline will be another target. Aim higher. Hound no one. Forgetting Carolyn and Lauren and their memory will be easy. Choose the difficult. We have lost 3 very wonderful human beings. Remember human beings with great potential and talent and with the weaknesses that haunt us all. Recrimination is easy. Choose the difficult. When all the analysis is done, change the rules so that others do not face the reality that these faced. Make flight plans easy to file but required. Make life saving equipment mandatory even if potentially useless as was probably the case in this incident. If similar meteorological conditions are predictable, restict flight severely: even more signi! !

ficantly trained flyers need not risk their or other flyers' lives in such killer haze. Yes it is my business to make recommendations, but these are more like prayers. Judge not lest you be judged. Bring healing to all the issues that this tragedy has delivered. Respect with gentleness those who have lost so much: Caroline, the Freemans and the Bessettes, the Kennedys, all whom they loved and those who loved them. Be at peace not at just the loss, however huge, but at the promise of those who were lost and the need for us all to learn, make necessary changes, and ensure that our children and theirs know that the level of these individuals' achievements are the height to which we must raise our chidren's and their children's bars. Again their achievements not their failings. Forgive, do not attack. Be gentle when it is so easy to decry. Again do the difficult thing. Be at Peace.


Joanne Nichols, Raynham
I'm terribly saddened by this tradgedy. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families involved.

Toni Wilson, Cambridge
My deepest sympathy to the Bassette and Kennedy family. May you know that God has gathered these three individuals to bring them home. Also, to Caroline, my deepest sympathy. May you have to strenghth to get through this and know that God will take good care of John Jr.

Beverly A. Vallone
When I hear the Kennedy name mentioned in the news, in conversation or anywhere, it is with respect and admiration. We mourn the loss of John Kennedy, Jr., his wife and his sister-in-law.

Erin, Cambridge

I never knew you, but I will miss you. Your passing has left a hole in this country that can never be filled. May you find eternal happiness with your loved ones in heaven.


I'd like to send my deepest, heartfelt sympathies to the Kennedy and Bessette families. May they find peace and comfort during these painful times.

Jean, PA
I do not grieve for those who have gone on. My feeling is that when it is your time, it is your time. No money, fame, or honor can keep you when you are called.

I do however, send my heart out to the families and friends of those left behind. It is hard to let go when you love someone so much. Continue to trust in your faith and hold on to those who remain with you - together they will get you through this difficult time.

Caroline, you are in my heart and in my prayers. I wish I could make it easier for you, but each of us has our burdens that we must work through before we can again be united with those we have lost.

God Bless you all!!

Donna, Pittsburgh
Words can not express the deep sorrow that I feel for the families and friends of John F. Kennedy Jr., Caroline Bessette-Kennedy and Lauren Bessette and the great loss that they are suffering at this time. It is ironic that I too was 3 years old when John F. Kennedy was killed and now that we are living through the tragic loss of John Jr., I too have a 3-year-old daughter. We will never know what paths these three vital lives would have taken, only that they will be dearly missed. I believe that life goes on and they are in a much better place. You have my thoughts and prayers. And may your faith and God comfort you now and always. God Bless.

Claudia Tanzer, Cordova,TN
I lived in Ipswich, MA when President Kennedy was murdered in Dallas. I remember exactly what I was doing and what everyone else was doing when we heard the announcement about the President's death. We were glued to our TV sets for days. Last Saturday was dejavue again, It felt like that day in 1963 again, we were glued to our TV sets once we heard JFK,Jr was missing.

I hope and pray that death was swift and God took them quickly so they won't die a horrible and agonizing death at sea.

We all mourn with the Kennedy's.

Melanie, NYC
My mother always shared with me her memories of being in school and hearing over the intercom about the assassination of JFK. The school dismissed immediately and she went home ... crying. When she arrived home, she saw her mother at the kitchen table also crying. Isn't it amazing how one can feel another's pain? Someone we really do not know, but feel like we do because their lives were so public? As soon as I heard the news of JFK Jr.'s plane crash, I felt a big pain in my chest. This is how my mom must have felt. He seemed to be such a nice guy, down to earth and keeping it real every day. The three of them (John, Carolyn, Lauren) were beautiful special people. What really hurts is that the three of them were soo young and had so much to give to this world. There destinys were cut short. I know it seems unfair .... but, God has His plan. The only comfort I can think of for the Kennedys is that John will finally get to see his father and mother again ... All involved and affected by this tragedy are in my prayers. God bless.


Michael Minasian, Norwell
There are some stunning complaints cropping up in these messages, like the writer who laments that Howard Stern wouldn't receive the same treatment.

Let's see if we can all use our imaginations and GUESS why Howard Stern wouldn't receive the same treatment.

We hold ourselves up to be a nation of decent people. Given this, and given all we know of the travails of the Kennedy family, is it anything more than decent of us to achieve closure by delivering up the body of the son of a World War II hero and the president who may have saved the Western Hemisphere from nuclear war?

Is it anything more than decent for our government to use its resources to ease the unspeakable grief of a family who has produced more public servants than perhaps any other in American history?

These coming days would be a good time for those who harbor cynicism and anger to govern their emotions. If they are patriotic Americans, that would be the decent thing to do.

Carrie, Arlington
There is no disputing that the loss of three lives is a formidable tragedy - my heart and soul grieve for the surviving loved ones who must make sense of this loss and tragedy - but my head and heart are also enraged by the carelessness and recklessness of a grown man. This tragedy did not have to happen. This is a situation where "what if" is a viable argument. Had John, Jr. acted in a responsible and mature manner he wouldn't have flown at night, in an unlicensed situation, unaccompanied by a copilot and with a broken foot. Why must the media make it seem that he is a victim of some "family curse"? Unfortunately, John, Jr. is a victim of his own careless actions. We, as a nation, should learn from his mistakes - not make excuses for pure recklessness. There is no "family curse" at work, here. It is easy, as the media proves time and again, to leave the humanistic story on the desk while weaving a melodrama for the history books.

Theresa, Cambridge
When I first heard this tradgedy I was very sad and in shock how much can one family take I just hope god can give them the strength to move. I also send my condolences to the Besett family they must being going through hell! loosing two daughters at the same time. I feel like the media needs to back off let them mourn they are humans so lets treat them like one imagine if it happen to you would there really be this much media.

To the families of this tragedy:

All our deepest sympathies and condolences. My heart aches for you at this time. Please don't loose your faith, it is the only thing that will get you through this terrible time. Words cannot express the sorrow and pain that this country feels right a long with you for the loss of such exceptional people.

Liz, Lebanon,CT
Since the news of this tragedy, I have found myself overwelmingly saddened. I have tried to follow the legacy of the Kennedy's since I was a teenager. Though I am from a different generation than John Jr. and his father, I as most other Americans found myself awe-struck when the name was mentioned.

I plan to attend the memorial service when it is con- firmed. I do this in honor of John Jr., but also as a citizen of this country paying tribute to the legacy.

Brian, Chelmsford
If i hear one more word about him, ill be sick. To compare him to Princess Di is an insult to Princess Di. Trust me people, nobody outside of southern Mass. all. For it to be front page news 4 days straight is crazy. I thought highly of him before, just because he didnt seem to be a drunk rapist, but now, with all the overexposure, i cant stand him. Look people, he's gone, you didn't know him, you never were going to know him, and to anybody who calls him John John, get a life. Deaths are always sad, but until Joe Schmoe gets this much attention, it shouldnt be made out to be that the president died. JFK jr. was nothing. at all. a "businessman" if that. He founded a magazine that failed. People please, get over it.

Jill, Cambridge
he media should give the families some privacy now. Why do they have to be "on location" at the Kennedy house? That's not where the crash occured - do we need to see the family grieving to believe it? The public will just as easily accept a reporter's credibility when they are reporting "live from the newsroom". That's the network I'd choose to watch. Just give the families some space.

Julia, Boston
Rest in peace.

Andrea Butler, Boston
I am truly sorry and send my condolences to both the Kennedy's and Bessette's. My heart dropped when I first heard of his plane missing. My opinion is that the coast guard should've had divers down in the water rather than on standby, once they had a mile radius on Saturday. Maybe they did and I didn't hear that in the reporting on the news and also I only heard the mention of an oil or gas spill of 100 yards once and was wondering if that was a lead to thier finding John F. Kennedy, Jr.? Again my condolences to the families.

Margie, Char., NC
To the Bessette family - May you celebrate the time you shared with Carolyn and Lauren on this earth, and may your memories always touch your hearts. You will all be together again one day. To the Kennedy family - Deepest sympathy and condolences on the loss of one who gave grace and dignity to the Kennedy name. God bless you in this time of grief.

Linda Topalian, Boston
I am truly saddened for the tragic loss of John, Carolyn and her sister Lauren. May God be with you and your families.

Jack, Roslindale
To: greg joyce, cambridge This whole thing is just getting blown out of proportion. JFK Jr's death has no real importance. Anyone who feels personally affected by this guy's death needs their head examined. You are absolutely right. While there are a very few people who may have contributed to this discussion the rest of the people who claim that they were 'touched' and 'inspired' by JFK Jr. are celebrity idolitors who live in a fantasy world. 'Leader' of what? 'Role model' for what? Eternal slacking?

Maria DeMeo, Baltimore
It is so incredibly sad. My heart and prayers go out to Caroline Kennedy-Schlossberg and her family. I pray that God gives her strength to guide her through her loss.

Denise Melvin, Lawrence
I was so numbed when I first heard the news. My heart goes out to everyone who is suffering. I find comfort in times as these that one day our loving God will reunite us with our dear loved ones again, on a paridise earth were as Revelations 21:4 states "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor out cry nor pain be any more. The former things have passed away." We will live an eternity, without the fear that our life, or the lives of those we love, will be taken away instantly. Please know that the thoughts of many are with you, and that our hearts reach out to try and offer a little comfort in your time of unspeakable sorrow. May the God of all comfort sustain you.

Beth, Falmouth
To the Bessette and Kennedy families I give you my thoughts and prayers for your tremendous loss. You have shown much grace and a faith and may these qualities carry you through these times.

To Mike in Las Vegas: I only have one comment. Let he who is without sin cast the first stone. Take a look at your own life before you criticize this family (and a nation) who are greiving.

Maureen McGann, Providence
When someone is rude to me or I to them, or moments of anger, loss of temper with a co-worker, salesperson, attendant. Any one of the minutes we waste with hostility I will always remember the quote from yesterday's newspaper: John and Carolyn will give solace to Lauren for all eternity." That sentence will probably change my life.

Dan, D.C.
To Zach O'Donnell from Andover MA. Zach, you give everyone in Massachusetts a bad name. First off, have a little sympathy for the families involved. To say that he was foolish is stepping on a man's grave. Second, do a favor for all of us...take a course in grammar and spelling when you get a chance. I know Andover offers a better education than that - even the free,public schools - not to mention Andover Academy.

Anonymous, Boston
I think the FAA regulation should be changed so that the ACTS is a real service. It should respond to the calls from people who identify themselves and who expres concern about pilots in flight. I undertand that the person at ACTS may have thought that a papparazi was going to be waiting for the plane, but that is no excuse to ignore the concern. If there is a human being responding to a call from another human being then the call is no longer "automatic" and SHOULD NOT be so!!

Doris Barnes
I am forty-five years old and still vividly remember, as if it were yesterday, the deep pain I felt upon hearing that President Kennedy had been assassinated. I believe that, as a nation, our hearts went out to John, Jr. and Caroline, as they so often do, to fatherless children, so that we always felt concern for them and wanted to be sure that they grew up allright. My family and I, along with numerous co-workers are deeply saddened by the untimely death of John, Jr., Carolyn and Lauren, and our faith, as their immediate families, await God's promise of the resurrection and everlasting life.

Pam, Hingham
My wish for the KENNEDY, BESSETTE, and GOSULE families is for a quick return to a normal life, filled only with lasting warm memories. May your tears flow more slowly each day. TO the REST OF US: give your daughter a big hug today, ruffle your little brother's hair and smile at the sun.

Carl Chavez, Downey ,CA
Their death remindes me how fragile and vulnerable we all are to circumstanes and how close enternity really is to us. No one of any status or wealth escapes death.

The question is; Which is more important? The climb and process to earthly success at which death than reminds us, it means nothing. or the climb to success in which our lives impact others to enternity, which means everything.

Joel, Wilmington
While it's always sad when someone dies a horrible death, let's not lose sight of the fact that this is not so much a tragic accident as it is the result of an unqualified pilot taking a plane through conditions he was not prepared to handle. If this had been the act of someone who wasn't good-looking, rich and famous, how much sympathy would we have for him? I fail to see why so many people (in particular Lisamarie) are ready to have John John sainted. I hate to break this to y'all, but none of us had a personal relationship with him, his wife or their families, and such self-centered histrionics cheapen their families' real grief. He was no better or worse than any of us, we just all knew who he was. Leave the weeping over their deaths to the people that really loved them.

Concerned, MA
Does anyone know where young Ted Kennedy Jr is? Have not heard anything about him.

Mary Gnosini, Leominster
I am deeply sadden by the death of a young man we have watched at birth. His life ended far too soon. Only God knows what might have been.

Elizabeth Sollas, Chicago
This event has struck up a "cornacopia" of emotions... How does one begin to fathom the loss experienced by surviving family members, those close to the families and those that had merely been touched by their mortal existence? My thoughts are with the families associated but most of all with Caroline Kennedy and Lisa Bessette for they have lost their loved siblings and are unable to share future immediate family events together.

My prayers of hope are with you to make it through this difficult time...

John Renoni, Billerica
With all this radar information now coming out regarding the final minutes of the flight how come nothing was noted at the time by anybody viewing radar at that time. This plane clearly was in trouble yet nobody did anything and if you take the phone call made at @10pm to the Connecticut radar center it makes you wonder what good is all this radar equipment etc. if it can only tell you what is going on or happened after the fact and is not designed to warn anyone about a plane obviously in trouble at the time it is in trouble.

Irish Immigration Center, Boston
To the Kennedy and Bessette families,

The board, staff and volunteers of the Irish Immigration Center in Boston want to extend our deepest sympathies for your terrible loss. Words are inadequate to express the sadness, but our thoughts and prayers are with you.

While we can't imagine what your grief must be, we know that the world has suffered a great loss with the deaths of your loved ones.

Lisa, Avon
It is a very tragic and sad situation. The press and news reporters should leaves the Kennedy family alone! Yes this family has always been in the limelight but is there a need for all of the privacy invasion and prying of information. If it were you....wouldn't you want to grieve in matter how famous you were or weren't. It's rude and very disrespectful the way this whole story has been all over the radio and TV. LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!! News updates are fine....but is there a need to be flying over the vessel to take pictures of the bodies???? Enough is enough!

Anthony Augeri, Wakefield
Having grown up with my parents telling me the horror of the assassination of President Kennedy, I nonetheless could never feel the great sadness of such a loss. Today, when it appears the body of John F. Kennedy, Jr. has been found at the bottom of Marthas Vineyard sound, I felt great sorrow for the two families who have suffered such a great loss. But what struck me most was the feeling of closure of a chapter in American history. Although Caroline Kennedy still alive, the political chapter involving President Kennedy has ended. Though John F. Kennedy, Jr. always dismissed political aspirations, few believed him. Most assumed that someday he would run for office, maybe even the Presidency, and "camelot" just might return. Now that will not happen. While there may be a young President in our lifetime who captures the American heart like President Kennedy, today that became that much more unlikely with the death of his only son. A chapter in American history has indeed closed!

Steve, Cambridge
If Howard Stern was on that plane would they have sent the navy, coast guard, and air force for the rescue?? For that matter would they even look for the body???? Helps to be a Kennedy when you get lost!

D, Boston
I'm disgusted by the hours of news coverage on an event that was caused by JFK Jr's inability to make a sound decision. If an average citizen had been involved you can bet the media would not have covered the accident, nor would there have been a search and rescue effort. America, the best country money can buy.

Steve, Boston
I somewhat agree with Mike from Las Vegas. I understand it is a Kennedy that died and all. But hey, I am sick of stars getting special treatment and so much coverage. What about all of the other average joes out there that die and never have coverage on CNN, or broadcast around the world. Treat everyone equally. Yeah, he the son of a president. I am the son of an electrical contractor, does that make John Jr. any better than me? I don't think so.Stop sensationalizing someone's death, let the family mourn without the whole world seeing it on tv!

Alan Peters, Crete, Il
By all accounts, the late President's son was a splendid young man who accomplished noble ends with both his name and his money. It is more than a thousand pities that his life, so full of promise, came to such an untimely end. Let us not forget that two others also lost their lives with him. As a transplanted Bostonian in my middle 50's, I think it far from maudlin to wonder if the Kennedy family has "seen too much."

A Friend, Oviedo, FL
My heart goes to those left behind who continue to ask the question, why? over an dover again. This what I would imagine John, Jr. saying to all of us. "Instead of complaining about the endless media coverage, just turn off your t. v. set and read a good book. Make good use of your time. Grieve for me no more- I'm in heaven with my family, but more importantly, with God. I was given a brief time on earth to make a difference. I made that time count for something. Now, you need to do the same. In the final analysis, the most important reason for living, is to remember that we all have meaning and purpose, and that we all need to matter. We can matter. Hug your loved ones and tell them you love them-- do it now, while you have an opportunity. What is done is done-- it happened and it was just what it appears to be an accident. There is no conspiracy or sabotage theory to think about. It just happened and it was ordained by a higher authority than any of you can ! !

understand. Be at peace, because I am at peace. Where we are, Carolyn, Lauren, and I, there is no sorrow or pain, no envy, or jealousy; this is not a material, greedy-driven world. We are rejoicing and having the time of our lives. Cheer up and smile-- it's not over because there is eternal life."


John Kassin, Pepperell
Although I've never met John, Carolyn or Lauren, the world has lost the best of what they had to offer. I'm shocked, speechless and stunned about the whole tragedy. They've certainly showed all of us, how we should carry ourselves, with class, dignity and a kinder, gentler human spirit. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Kennedy and Bessette families.

Mike Notrem, Weymouth

Lisa, Boston, MA
I was reading the thoughts shared on this web site and feel the need to tell a few people off : #1 Mike, Las Vegas needs to get a life. Why would you write such horrible things on a web site that is for people to remember John and the good he represented. You have no clue. Get your facts straight before you run off at the mouth. If you knew him you would know that he did alot for underprevilaged people and charities. Have you? He didn't need to do that but the type of person he was and how he was brought up made him who he is. So before you start talking about others so negatively take a look at yourself. #2. Also, J.Cim,NY what the heck are you thinking writing about and autopsy and who will supervise it. Get a life. Did you not see what the web site title was. I feel for the families involved and hope that they can find the love and support from family and friends to overcome and grow from the deaths of these three young people. May your bonds with John,! !

Carolin,and Lauren forever live in your hearts. May John John find peace in heaven with his Mom and Dad and may the world be a better place having known him. He did alot for the community and for charity and for that I celebrate his life. For the respect and love he showed his mom and sister through life. If all men were as wonderful as John John the world would be a better place. I only pray that my sons look to him as a role model in the accompishments he acheived in his life and the love we feel for him in his death. May you John John rest in peace and know that the world mourns your young life lost.

Frances Gaeta, Laurel, MD
My thoughts and prayers are with both families. I'm the same age John Jr. was and I distinctly remember his father's funeral on tv. How sad that now I have to (possibly) watch his and his wife's and sister-in-law's. And I also hope the media doesn't turn this into another "Dianafest"; let these families, however famous or known they are, grieve in peace.

Stephanie A. Sayre-Herndon, St. Lucie
The only way I can make sense of this, is that God must have looked over His heavenly garden and decided He needed to find three perfect flowers to make it complete. These flowers had to be filled with love and full of life. God found His flowers July 16, 1999. I pray that God will comfort these families. They say God will not give you more than you can handle, so I am sure He will give them the strength to survive this tragedy. I'm so sorry.

Mickie D, Ft. Lauderdale
My prayers are with both families. This is a tragedy for the nation and most especially for the families. We know that these young people are in the arms of our Lord and they are reunited with other members of their families that had passed on before them. We should take comfort in the fact that all of these people were in a happy place in their lives and had lived full rich lives. Our Lord blessed Caroline with a strong faith and a good husband that will help her through this tragedy.

Irma Sanchez
My thoughts goes to the family. I wish he could just come out and said why it took them so long to get to him. But my Payer goes to the family. He was and alway be in our heart and he was one of a kind. I am sad over this a i could feel the pain. But he is with his dad and mom with God and got his wife and is wife got her sister. But who got is dog? He must feel very sad waithing for him and he never come home. My payer goes to all the Kennedy and the other family.I just thank God for just leting us to know them.God Bless them all they will be miss.

greg joyce, cambridge
This whole thing is just getting blown out of proportion. JFK Jr's death has no real importance. Anyone who feels personally affected by this guy's death needs their head examined.

Racheal, Tipton
The lose of such a fine young man is felt by all today. The harsh reality that he is gone was sent thru us all when they reported his body found. Now the pain and suffering of Carolyn and Lauren Bessette's family family continues as they search for their bodies. But the Kennedy's may find some peace of mind now knowing that John-John is with his mother and father in heaven. I send out all my thoughts and prayers to both families on this day of sorrow and greif. You are all in my heart.

Deepest sympathies for the families of those killed by this unfortunate plane crash.

As far as the media is concerned, the word overkill does not do it justice. Enough prying into private lives. Enough stake-outs in front of the Kennedy compound. This is not as important a story as it has become. Jumbo jets crash and kill 200+ people (Flight 800) who are just as worthy of our sympathy and it managed to be covered in a moderation. Beautiful and rich does not equal more important and more valuable to our society.

People, please turn off your TV's and stop waiting for gruesome details! Let the families grieve and let the story come out when the time is right and only the parts that the public (strangers to these people) need to know. Stop living vicariously. You do not 'know' people whom you see on TV!! Also, stop piling flowers and gifts up on the sidewalk in NYC and other locations. Bring them to hospitals and nursing homes or donate to charity so that some good is done. This is ridiculous. Think about your own loved ones more and spend time and effort with them before they too are gone from this world.

Mary Lou Wilson
ur sincere sympathy and prayers go out to all the families involved in this tragedy. Throughout John's life the family has allowed us to share in family pictures of birthday parties, graduations, family gatherings and weddings. It is no wonder we feel such a great sense of loss. To some level the family was an extension of our own family. Above and beyond our own thoughts, Caroline lost a brother and a sister-in-law. The Bessette's and the Freeman's have lost 2 children and a son-in-law. Without intruding in their grief our family wishes to express our prayers for all.

Outside of Massachusetts, Connecticut or New York City: who really cares? Why are US taxpayers paying for the recovery of the bodies? Can't the Kennedy's afford it? In a bid to convince us of John Jr's significance (especially to the generation who can't remember exactly where they were when JFK was gunned down, because they weren't yet born) TV channels have been endlessly replaying the black-and-white clips of John, the toddler, saluting his father's flag-shrouded coffin. But that old news footage only reinforces the fact that the Kennedy clan is now so over. They are not America's royal family, and haven't been for decades. Instead, they are as dated now as the historical events we associate with them.

A tragedy? Yes. Do I feel like I've lost something significant? No, no more than if it were any other lesser known person(s). There are a lot of great people - more compassionate, more selfless, and significantly less advantaged, who go uncelebrated in life and death every day.

Dianne Hayes, Billerica
hat an incredible tragedy, I'm just glad that both John and his wife were together. They shouldn't have going when they did and should have had a experienced flyer but blame is not to be placed. The families and mourners need the prayers now, trust God always for life is precious.

Kathleen Silhol
y heartfelt sympathy to the families of John F. Kennedy, Jr. and the Bessette family.

Helen Revis, Brighton
I would just like to send my condolenses out to both families. It is a great tragedy to lose 3 people who were so young, beautiful, and full of promise. The world has suffered an incredible loss for I truly believe he was to be a man of greatness. How these families will go on, I do not know. May they find solace and peace.

Stephanie, Beaver, PA
Being only 20 years old, I have not experienced much life. Most people my age are just beginning to plan for the future. We are optimistic and hopeful for what God has in store. Every morning we wake up only to discover something new about ourselves. This does not only hold true for people my age, but for everyone. This process never ends. With every sun- rise and sunset our lives are changing. To be honest, I never knew much about John and Carolyn, and I knew even less of Lauren Besstte. I could only recognize their faces when they graced the cover of People Magazine. I could only envy Carolyn for her classic, physical beauty and admire the handsome face of John. But I knew from those faces that they were blessed. Not just because of their name or place in society, but because of the love that was evident between them. Because of the love that America had for them. Today, not only do I look up to their glamour and gracious presence, but to the wonderful spirits that they shared. I hope that the families of these three will find peace in the condolences of others and the memories that will always remain in our hearts. And to John, Carolyn and Lauren, may you live eternally in the glorious kingdom of God.

John, Boston
I am deeply sorrowed by these tragic events. My prayers and thoughts to their famalies. Now it is time for closure and let them rest in Peace! Now life needs to go on for everyone.

Debbie Cleary, Quincy
I am deeply saddened at the tragic loss of John F. Kennedy, Jr., his wife Carolyn and her sister Lauren. It is a tragedy that has marked our lives forever and I pray that John, Carolyn and Lauren are now at peace together to watch over each other and their families as they try to find peace and some sort of closure to this terrible tradegy. My thoughts and prayers are with the Bessette and Kennedy families.

Angela Thompson, Detroit, MI
I find it difficult to accept that an era of hope is now lost. His outlook on life and his desire to have a family has made him apart of those of us who were his age. The grief that the country feels is great. The hope of having the J.F.K legacy of fairness for all, was laying on his shoulders. In a quiet way, he helped direct those hopes to the future. I grieve with the rest of the country and pray that he is with his parents in a joyful reunion. My sympathies with his family and friends.

Zach O'Donnell, Andover
I think that JFK Jr. was a little foolish to fly at night over the seas when it's hard to see where you are going. If he was going to do that he should have brought a flight instructor. He seemeed like a very nice person to everyone which makes it worse loss to everyone who knew him. It is kind of scary to think who is going to come next in the in the string of deaths. I think that he should be buried next to his parents and infant brother. It would be kind of dumb to bury him at sea because peopls in the future would not be able to know who he really was. I say beury him at Arlington National Cemetary.

Genny Shively, Cres, PA
My thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy and Bessette Families today and always. With the help from God, may you meet each day ahead with courage and hope. I lost my 7 year old nephew last year, so I do understand and share your loss with you.

Karen Ostrom-Kelly, Foxborough
The discovery of John F. Kennedy Jr.'s body only confirms the unbelievable: he is truly gone and we will never again see his smiling face.

Susan M. Grout, Cambridge
To the families of Carolyn and Lauren Bessette: I am so sorry for the loss of your two daughters. I cannot imagine the pain you are experiencing. I could have pictured your beautiful Carolyn as our first lady. My prayers are with your family.

Eileen McKee, Readville
ow that JFK, Jr.'s body has been found, I'm praying that wife, Carolyn's, and sister-in-law, Lauren's, bodies will also be found so that both families can have a proper burial and closure for these three people. My thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy and Bessett families during this sad and tragic time.

Jim O'Connor and Family, North Attleboro
We have seen the promise of a young man with such grace and dignity, charisma and aplomb. We have witnessed two young women of remarkable vibrance, intelligence, beauty and promise. Promises never fulfilled in an ending that came too swiftly.

I vividly remember, as a child of five, my parents sobbing at the site of a caisson rolling through our capital. Five years forward, I recall waking on a June school morning to the site of my sobbing parents once more. The tragic news now apparent. Another leader is lost forever.

I think now ... again, why again, are all of us robbed of a chance to witness the mark these people would have left?

My family's thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy and Bessette families as the Nation mourns with them. God Bless.

Karen, Boston
Mike from Las Vegas: Who cares? I do! And so do many others. Just read on...

MP, Chelmsford
They found JFK Jr.'s body trapped in the fuselage. My God. What is there to say? I'm speechless. I can only hope they find Carolyn and Lauren as well. No matter what one's viewpoint, no one deserves such a death.

Shelly Edmonds, Washington D.C.
My thoughts and prayers are with the whole Kennedy and Bessett families. May God be with you.

Susan, MA
To all who loved these decent people: I sympathize with your loss. I hope people will respectfully allow you to mourn your loss in private. Because of their high profiles, their unfortunate and premature deaths have not been in vain. I have learned about the hazzards of small aircraft travel, as have people throughout the world. As a result of this tragedy, more unfortunate and premature deaths may be spared. These are people with whom many people identify. They seemed to be good people.

Ana Agosto, Dorchester
I want to say that I understand the sadness you must be feeling over the lost of your brother.

Mike, Las Vegas
Who cares? Oh my god! A dead presidents son, big whoop. Look at the screwed up family, the drugs, the sex scandals, the alcohol. Hell all they were like a rich hick family, not Camelot. I'm just glad to see that the death of a famous dead guy, his wife, and her sister takes presidence over the death of two service men in kosovo that died protecting people that were being butchered versus somebody taking a holiday in Martha's Vinyard. Oh my god, John Jr is dead, will the world go on? As long as that family has a bottle of scotch and a relative in the government it will for them.

This is something I will never get over. I cried when the media pronounced JFK Jr. dead. I cried at the photos, I cried at any coverage. If I feel as horribly as I do, and know that this is something a small piece of my heart will never get over, then God Bless the 2 families involved, because they are enduring so much pain. If I could take it for them I would. I refuse to believe he is gone. He was the definition of beautiful in every sense of the word, his heart and soul just the same. He was one of the few people in this world who defined humainity. A true prince in my heart he will always be. May they all go home and sleep well.

And to John-John: you were a role model, a regular guy with extraordinary gifts you gave to the world and could have given to the world. You respected people, your mother, your great father, your wife and all of your loved ones. You were "to good to be true", and yet, you were indeed true. True to yourself and everyone around you. Though, I never met you you have made a mark in my heart, and everone around the world. You were an amazing individual with amazing grace. And for that Precious Angel...I salute you.

My prayers to the Kennedy and Besstte family: although you are strong, remeber you have an entire world to be strong for you. Caroline, we're thinking of you.

Tina, Waltham
I am glad that there will be a feeling of closure for the Kennedy family. I just hope that the "media" will not forget Carolyn and Lauren. I feel very sad over the entire ordeal. Best wishes to both families and to the men and women involved in the recovery efferts.

Richie, Boston
In life, John Kennedy did his best to avoid the media and all the hype you people pushed on him for being a Kennedy. In death, I imagine he would be disgusted by the way his name his been spattered all over the place in an effort to bolster ratings and sell more papers. Shame on you.

L. Flynn, Boston
Words would only reiterate what America has already said about this tragedy and the lives of these young people. Our prayers are with both families. We only hope the officials will not give up on doing everything possible to locate the bodies of the 2 ladies. God be with you all.

Rosa, JP
My sincere condolence to the Kennedy and Bessette family. Until this morning that I heard the news on TV I was hoping for a miracle, but unfortunately didn't come true. I can not explain how do I feel today even though I am not a member of the Kennedy's family. Sometimes I wonder if Lauren Bessette twin sister had a premonition of that something wrong was happening to her sister. God is the only one that knows the moment in which we are going to reunite with him and the rest off our family unfortunately gone. Please do not loose your faith on him.

Tamara Womack
No one can say that they KNOW how the Kennedy and Bessette families feel right now. We all feel a sense of loss and sadness. However, there is only one true source that these families can find comfort.

This passage at 2Corinthians 1:3,4 which says:"Blessed be...the Father of tender mercies and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our tribulation.

Our hearts and condolences go out to these families in their time of need and sadness.

J.Cim, NY
Will there be an autopsy on JFK, Jr. and who will supervise it?

Ann, Tyngsboro
Most deaths are tragic and fill the family and friends with grief and a desire for answers. The JFK Jr. accident is no different. However the media is turning this tragedy into an event as equal to the murder of a sitting president or of the murder of a political leader. They did not give this much attention to the death of Sister Theresa, a woman who had such a positive impact on so many she touched, and not because she was born into a privileged and famous family.

The Kennedy family has always lived their lives as risk takers and with some recklessness. In this case it would appear that JFK chose to fly in questionable conditions, and at night, when he was not terribly experienced with this particular plane. For every action there is a consequence, and in this story the result was tragic.

While I hope the Kennedy and Bessette families find peace, and I am sorry for their loss, it disturbs me that our President and the media have elevated this accident to a national tragedy. This accident is no more or less tragic than the school teacher who was murdered presumably by a "good samaritan", or by the other small plane accident that killed a woman on Saturday evening in New England.

We need to put this in perspective. Unlike his father, JFK Jr. did not have an impact on most of our lives and for the media and President to whip up this frenzy is outrageous.

Tamara Robertson
I am very saddened by the death of such wonderful, young and promising people. However; everyone should remember that we reap what we sow. JFK, Jr. was one of the better Kennedys. I honestly feel that JFK, Jr. paid the price of life for the immoral behavior of some of the other Kennedys. For instance, Teddy Kennedy causing the death of that young girl, Jackie O. Kennedy taking away American Indian land on Martha's Vineyard to build a summer home. No human can sustain without being kind and humane to others.

I am very pleased to know that at least one of the bodies have been found. I only hope that Caroline's & Lauren bodies are also found to bring closure to such a tragic situation. My deepest sympathy goes out to Carolyn because she most of the members of her immediate family. I think sad to hear that some people are upset with the coverage the Kennedy case has been given todate. These people are America's icon & wether we like it or not they deserve the right to have as many rescue teams out there searching for their bodies. People should either get a life or do something as extradonariy as the Kennedy family. Blessing to the Kennedy family.

Susannah Stone, Brookline
I think that it is tragic and sad. However, the lack of attention that has been paid to the family of Carolyn and Lauren is apaulling. I am very saddened and dissapointed by the way that they are being treated as an after thought. It is disgusting. In all media coverage - it is a search JFK jr - not everyone. I feel terribly for their family and think that teh media has done a pittiful job of balancing the value that all of their lives had in this world.

Christine Fantini, Pittsburgh
This is such a tragedy for both of these families. This was such a wholesome couple that was setting a great example for the youth of this country. In this day and age, we need more people with this type of character for our youth to look up. Not only will they be sadly missed by their families but our country has also lost. I send my deepest sympathy to both families.

Danielle Alexis, Quincy, MA
I am still in shock by this awful tragedy taking the lives of these beautiful people inside and out. Poor Caroline is left with such sorrow. The private lives of these citizens are not so private anymore. America has lost their son and he will be deeply missed. My heart also goes out to the Bessette Family. Two sisters vanished before our eyes. I hope that these families can be strong through this awful tragedy and come together. May God guide these young souls to rest and may the nation always remember the kind hearts they all shared.

Greg, Cambridge
To the attorney in Winthrop: What about the forward-speed of the plane? It was falling at a rate of 60 mph while traveling forward at flight speed, thus meriting the term "plummeting".

David, Boston
I have searched all over this site for a place where I could give my condolences to the Gosule family. I know she did not have a famous last name, but to the people whose life she touched, I am sure that Melissa Gosule was a true hero.

I mean no disrepect to the Kennedy or Bissette families, but the media must remember that other tragedies have occurred as well.

K.Merrow, Allston
To think that so much can happen to one family. When things are good they seem really good, but when they are bad they are tragic. When things like this happen it should make people realize that it doesn't matter how much money you have or how much social power you encompass, you should never take life for granted and you should always believe in yourself. It almost seems that it is not until something tragic like this happens until we stop and take time to reflect on things in our lives and in the lives of loved ones. Which is very unfortunate.

Peter De Masi, Somerville
it is eerily coincidental that jfk,jr. died in a violent death as did lady di. in essence, they were both sought after by the media and went to extremes to avoid them. lady di used "get-away" limos. and jfk, jr. used his "get-away" plane. their blood may not be directly associated to his death, as was lady di's, but the link is undeniable.

Jeanine Ferri, Malden
My heart goes out to the Kennedy and Bessette families. I pray peace for them in this sad time.

The Kennedy family has consistently dedicated them- selves to the betterment of their fellow Americans. The loss of John a tragic example of the nearly constant tragedy that this family has faced. However, let us not forget that another family lost too. The Bessette's lost two daughters in this tragedy, and as it was so aptly noted in their statement, "Nothing prepares you for the loss of a child." So while it is certainly appropriate for us to grieve with the Kennedy family, we should grieve with the Bessette's too. This is the Kennedy - Bessette tragedy, but no matter how you look at us, it is a loss for the country and the world. To the Kennedy and Bessette family and friends, our hearts go out to you. In times of tragedy music often soothes the soul, so I offer to you the song "Wish You Were Here" by Mark Wills. The song reminds us that our loved ones are in a better place, where there is no pain and suffering, only paradise. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Please remember, you (and your children) have meant so much to so many, so if there is anything you need, all you have to do is ask.

Bill McCarthy, Wilmington
After a few days I still find it absolutely incredible that this could have happened. Our country and our world are a worse place for the loss of these inspirational people, but a better place for their having been here. May their families find some comfort in knowing how beloved they were.

Lori Huffman, Wakeman,OH
My thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy and Bessette families. To the family of the Bessette sisters it must be so difficult. Not only have they lost two daughters so suddenly, they also lost a dear son-in-law. Such a sadness! I feel badly for the Kennedys too. Especially Caroline. I am sure that she was very close to her brother. I also lost a parent at a young age and the other recently, and it brings the surviving members closer. I lost my husband suddenly in an accident two years ago and I can see the same closeness developing amoung my own children. The fact that it is such a sudden death makes it so hard for all. I am sure that John & Carolyn Kennedy were a very loving and caring aunt and uncle to Caroline's children and having to explain this to them has been very difficult. The pain never goes away totally. Life does continue. It will always be different. I pray you all will find "a new normal" as time goes on.

Jeff Smith, Melrose,Ma
While a sad event for the Kennedy's and the Bessette's, the overkill on this is unbelievable. Tragedy? Curse? No way. Assasinations are tragic, drug overdoses,skiing into trees playing football when you've been asked not to, and flying when you clearly shouldn't be are nothing but reckless stupidity. It's time for the media to pack up their satellite trucks and go home, leave the families alone to mourn their losses in private.

Maria Taylor-Perry, Charlotte
For both of the families in this time of sorrow, you will be in my family's prayers. Take strength in your faith and remember that you will all be together someday in heaven.

Tammy, Boston
It is such a sad loss for all the families, friends, and all of those who where fond of the Kennedy family. As most of us around the world have been watching the televised reports and news updates on this tragedy, we now know it is all to real. I guess I was being optimistic up until this point because there had been no recovery of the bodies. This morning listening to the news I felt a sudden rush of sadness, more than that of the feelings I have had over the past few days. When I finally heard that JFK JR was found inside the wreckage that they located this morning, I knew it was time to say goodbye. I guess some would say it is closure. I believe this is true, but you can not help to think what might have been.

I am sorry for both the Kennedy and the Bessette families. The loss of hopes, dreams, and future plans are no longer, but these three caring individuals will live in our hearts and our memories forever. If somehow we could all find some peace of mind through this sad time, please pass that on to the others that are out there, who over the past days since the accident have not had kind thoughts and comments, I know that would be appreciated by not only the families, but for those of us who truly cared about the loss of these people. My prayers and thoughts are with the Kennedy's and the Bessettes at this time.

Caroline, I am thinking of you. God bless

Ruth Lanes, SA, Texas
My thoughts and prayers go to both families. I am deeply heart broken by this tragedy. John-John was like a brother to me. We are both the same age, and I feel like a part of my childhood has vanished. I lost my beautiful mother in January this year, and I would have never believed they both leave us so soon.

Atty. Charles R. Balliro, Winthrop
I am troubled by the emphasis that is being touted by the aviation experts that John's plane was "plummeting" out of control at a rate of 5000+/- feet per minute. The simple math translates this air speed into a mere 60 miles per hour, a veritable snail's pace given the Piper Saratoga's potential air velocity and structural integrity. There's something wrong here. Somebody's hiding something

Kathleen W., Hopkinton
My prayers are with all the families. This little prayer helped me get through my Dad dying in March:

When I must leave you
For a little while- again.

J L Griffin Jamaica Plain
Once more we are left wondering what could have been.

Tim, Boston
Yes, it is a tragedy. It's a horrible loss for the families. I'd have to be a really cold person not to recognize that.

But there is a flip side to all this. In addition to the incredibly irresponsible journalism and the shameless plays on people's emotions, I can't believe that people are losing sight of the fact that 'horrible things' do indeed happen to reckless, careless people. The shock value of all of this was lost on me. I'm not reveling in the deaths of these people. I'm actually quite saddened by it. But, what kills me is the reaction to all of this.

As far as the media goes. Fine, go ahead preempt normal television programming for three days straight. But did you also have to preempt the local, daily news? I'm sure that the case of the missing woman in Halifax was solved before you threw the story by the wayside, RIGHT?

It's amazing to me that there's so much news every day and by coincidence, this past weekend, nothing happened. Apparently rapists, child molesters, burglars, arsonists, etc....were all home glued to their TV's waiting for more clips of JFK Jr. riding a pony named macaroni 33 years ago!

I know you have a responsibility to deliver breaking news. But, I'm sorry to inform you Mr. & Mrs. Informants to the Public...a 72 hour montage of JFK Jr. is not breaking news. When I throw caution to the wind and take others' lives into my hands, I'm sure you'll air tear-jerking footage of my life, right?

Also, My stomach turns when I turn on the TV and the splash screen beside the anchor man or woman has a close-up of JFK Jr. reading titles like 'The Kennedy Tragedy'. I'm not sure if the media's aware of it but, three people died in this accident.

Are we doomed to six month's of repetitive coverage in the over-done tradition of Lewinsky? If you people choreograph it just right, You could elevate this to an all-out media frenzied popularity contest between JFK Jr. and Ricky Martin. Hey, there's an idea!

Out of respect (which I feel is commonly uncommon of the media), I think they could have waited until after the Kennedy family's private prayer (Sunday morning) was over before they started carrying their propaganda weapons up in the their trees. The televised scenes of that morning are all too similar to and airborne ambush.

It was especially disheartening to hear a particular reporter say, "We haven't heard from the Kennedy family since yesterday afternoon, but we did catch a glimpse of some of their private moments." This was the voice-over of the story while we watched family trying to seek guidance through prayer in their own backyard. Normally a very tender, intimate family moment. Not so private with a reporter recording them is it.

To the families, you have much support.

To the media, Best of luck in your future endeavors to invade privacy, pull heart strings and get the most 'air-time'


Carol Goss Phone: N/A
My thoughts and prayers are with both the Kennedy and Bessette famililes in this time of grief and sorrow. May John, Carolyn and Lauren rest in eternal peace. Submit: Submit City%2FTown: Nashua, NH

Kerry, Denver
I was devastated when I heard the news on Saturday, I just cried. I can, no, I can't, imagine how the families feel, they must be reeling with disbelief.

My thought's and prayers go out to the families. These young people had everything going for them and lived life to its fullest. May they rest in peace........

To Senator Kennedy: God Bless you, you have been the backbone of the Kennedy family for many years and may you stay strong for the family in their time of need.

To Caroline: My prayers are go out to you and your family, just look into your families eyes and you will find peace.

God Bless....

Anonymousm Newton
Everything we do in life has consequences, be they immediate or gradual.

Unfortunately few, if any of us are taught that. The consequences of JFK Jr.'s lack of qualification in flying that plane are that two families are grieving the loss of their loved ones.

Hopefully, they didn't suffer.

Alli Farland, Boston
I am interested in writing to the Kennedy Family to let them know they are in my thoughts and prayers. Five months ago I lost my father and this past 4th of July my family and friends and I spread his ashes between Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. I've asked my father to say a little prayer and to take good care of JFK Jr., Carolyn, and Lauren. I would just like them to know how sad I am of their loss and hope they will get through this tragedy

Please do not grieve
And hug your sorrow to you
Through the years,
But start out bravely
With a gallant smile;
And for my sake
And im my name
Live on and do
All the things the same.
Feed not your loneliness
On the empty days,
But fill each waking hour
In useful ways
Reach out your hand
In comfort and in cheer
And I in turn will comfort you
and hold you near;
And never, never
Be afraid to die,
For I am waiting for you in the sky!

CHS, Walpole
At a time when so many of us are questioning our faith and the existence of a higher being, perhaps the Kennedy family's untiring commitment to God should be emulated.

Through the devastating losses that this one family has endured, one thing is constant --- their faith. We wonder, how much more pain can they withstand. They continually look to God for solace when most of us would be questioning him.

These horrific losses for the Bessette and Kennedy families are also a tragic loss for the nation.

To Caroline, please find solace in knowing that John is at peace and with his dad and mom.

Eugenia McKinney, Chicago
I was deeply saddened by the news on Saturday, July 17, 1999. To have known by the media only; how a man was truly genuine made me pay my respects in silence while I prayed for the family of the victims.

May God give you all strength.

To the Kennedys & The have my sincere condolences.

Tina Brightman, Framingham
PLEASE don't turn this tragedy into a tabloid circus of who said what and who did what wrong. This is a heartbreaking tragedy ending the life of three beautiful young contributors to the world and it could have happened to anyone Stop giving the ghoul freaks air time. Let's just feel the incredible sadness and express it without editorial comment.

Thank you

Josephine Lewis, Bell Island
I was sorry to hear about the tragedy of jfk jr. his wife and sister-in-law. My deepest sympathy go out to both families.

May god bless you all.

Fran Salty, Franklin
7/21/1999 -- "Requiescat in Pace"

My hearfelt sympathy to the families of these fine young people, taken away in the prime of their lives.

It would be nice if John could be buried on his Gay Head estate.

Dean and Cathy Roberts, Stoneville
We would like to send our sympathies to the Kennedy and Bessette families at this difficult time. We were saddened to learn of the loss of such young respectful humans. Our nation has truly loss a lot at this time and our prayers are with the families and May God pull you through this.

Anon Y. Mous, Boston
It's sad, but no sadder than any other death unless you knew any of the three personally. I don't admire people just because they are rich, good looking and born to a famous family. You shouldn't either. None of the Kennedys would care if you were killed, so let's extend them the same indifference.

Chris McGrath, Converse
Being from MA, I grew up with the Kennedy mystique. I lived through the assassination of JFK & RFK, Teddy's plane accident and Chappaquiddick. We watched the little boy play in the oval office, walk on the beach with his Dad, and grow to be a man. We will miss John-John and our thoughts and prayers go out to the entire Kennedy and Bissette family. Caroline, we pray for you and your family. A lot of us "boomers" feel as though you and John were our sister and brother.

God Bless you.

Sandy, Framingham
Why do I ache so much? My emotions are so overwhelmed and yet none of us can even call these people acquaintances. I lost my own sister when she was just 46 and can somehow feel the pain they are all going through; from Caroline on my level to the Bessette parents from my mom's perspective. This kind of pain stays with one forever, even after the "healing" period. These types of tragedies just bring it back from their hiding place.

It's just not "Camelot" or the "Prince", but it is and was the ability to see what a wonderful mother Jackie was. She raised her children to respect others and be respectful of all. Caroline has an extremely proud heritage and I pray that her husband and his extended family will be with her to assist her through the dark days ahead.

To the Bessette family, I have no words that will make a difference, except to hug and cry together and to speak about their daughters and sisters often. Not to make them more than they were, but to keep them with you.

Marilyn Powers, Dedham, MA
My thoughts and prayers, as well as those of my family, are with the Kennedys and the Bessettes. Although the three of them, John, Carolyn and Lauren were too young and had great futures, only God can decide what is best. I hope Faith will help the families accept this tragedy. They need to grieve privately and hopefully all parties involved will be allowed that time out of the spotlight. God Bless them all. In my faith I truly feel John has been reunited with his parents.

C. Morgan, Brockton
As a people we want to be informed. We want quick and accurate information. In an effort to fill these needs the media has become overly invasive. I hope during the Kennedy families's most private time of saying goodbye to a loved one the media can respect their privacy. I suggest that when a service is held the media be respectful and possibly have a whole minute or two of complete silence to show respect for the dead.

tom hotz, boston
it's very sad that jfk jr. died. i feel badly for their families. i am quite weary of the media's inundation of the airwaves and print with every last detail of the crash to the exception of many other equally important, if not more important, stories and crises happening in the world. this is also a commentary on our celebrity laden culture. would we all feel so sad if we felt more in control of our own lives? would we all feel so sad if the media showed some restraint in reporting on every minute detail of celebrities lives? i would hazard to say no. you have to accept things and move on. the coverage of this crash trivializes the many other more tragic air disasters.

I think that while this certainly is a tragedy, it is time to let the Kennedy and Bessette families grieve in peace. Their loved ones are with God now, and the continual media coverage can only serve to reopen the wounds that are too new, and too fresh. My thoughts and prayers are with both families.

I hope they will have a much better life somewhere up there than what they were having on earth. In each of their own ways, they gave us confidence and courage and wisdom that no money can buy.

I hope people will love each other more and that nothing binds relationship more than love.



Jim Ford, Midland,Tx
My wife and I have prayed for a safe rescue of John, Carolyn and Lauren. Now we find it is going to be three funerals. JFK, Jr. is the only Kennedy we know here in our part of this Country that has not made a fool of himself or embarrassed the family. Our deepest sympathy goes out to John's sister Carolyn.

Burial in Arlington Cemitary is totally out of the question. He does not qualify and I sure hope the issue is not pursued. The families and friends of JFK, Jr. do not need to labor over such an issue at this time.

Jim Ford

Laurel Moynihan, Hamilton
May they rest in peace.

Sri Nagesh Anand, Cambridge
It is a Sad and trauma to learn the death of JFK Jr and his Wife.

My God give the Strength to the Family of JFK in the hour of tragedy.

My heartiest and deepest condolences to the JFK family

Delynn Martin, Houston
Dear Kennedy Family,

I am sorry about this tragedy and just want you know my thoughts and prayers are with you all.



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