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JFK Jr. reader reflections

July 19, 1999

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Pam B, Monessen
I am very sorry for the death of you family members. My heart goes out to all of your family.I will pray for the family. I will keep all of you in my thoughts . God Bless the whole family

Sarah J Ehrman, Pittsburgh
i am so sorry about the recent death of john kennedy jr. i was young when his father was killed what a terrible thing to happen to a person with so much promise and such charisma. i hope the kennedy's are ok and that they will recover but i doubt it because the way they have lost their family has been to alot tragedy and pain god speed and again i want to extend my sincerest condolences and take care

Karen Mazzant, BeaverFall
To The Kennedy & Bessette Families My sincere heartfelt sympathy goes out to both families. My prayers are for all 3 of them. I am saddened by their deaths, especially John, Jr. He will be sorely missed. He will remain in our hearts, as his father is now. The country has lost another great person. May God Bless John, Caroline & Lauren. May they rest in peace. Amen.

Connie Logan
I wish to convey my sincere sympathy to both families of this tragedy. Their physical beings may be gone but as we all know the soul lives on and his soul will now be able to reunite with the father he never had a chance to know.My prayers are with all whom this tragedy has touched. With God's help we can all heal the deep sorrow these families have endured.With Sincere Sympathy

Mary Lou Triggiani
I have lost my entire family -- while not as large as either of these families -- it just doesn't matter at what age we are when this happens -- one feels orphaned. My heart and prayers go out to Caroline as her life shall never be the same. My husband died of cancer at age 44 and his parents lost their 'child' -- my heart also goes out to Carolyn and Lauren's parents. One thing is for sure, however, love does not die. I feel, like most Americans who remember the death of our President, John F. Kennedy, that his children became ours -- to love and watch them prosper. I grieve that Jackie's and John's child has died. I rejoice that their child is with God and them.

Lucy Green SF, SD
I have been a follower of the Kennedy family's lives, good things that have happened to them, and the tragedies they have had over the years. What a great family you have been in so many ways and what wonderful things you have done for our country. Over many years I have taped many things that have been on TV about the Kennedys. We will miss John, Jr. just as we miss Pres. Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, and the others. John, Jr. was a fine man who was most interesting to watch and see what he did in his life to date. We are sorry and our sympathies go out to the familes in this tragic accident. Sincerely. Lucy Green.

M. Brady, Somerville
After reading some of the other thoughts that people have written, all I have to say to those that have nothing better to do than to complain that their soaps aren't on during the day and to question how much money the recovery effort is costing taxpayers is SHAME ON YOU! Three people have died a most tragic death and for you to be so wrapped up in superficial nonsense is discusting!

Kevin, San Diego
I certainly feel sorry for the families of those lost in this incident. However, the media attention is pathetic. When I saw that the British Open had been preempted Saturday because of 'breaking world news', I assumed that something of national or world importance had occurred. This spectacle is no different than O.J., or Princess Diana's death. Please, let's get our priorities straight!

Chris, Cambridge
Of course JFK Jr's death has received more media coverage (and taxpayer money) than any of us average citizens would have received if we were on that plane. Are we so naive to expect otherwise? People of more substance die every day; they are our fathers and teachers and friends, and we know them in a way that the world never could. But the truth is that celebrities are not famous by accident: they possess a certain indefinable quality that draws us to them, makes us feel close to them as if we know them; something about them inspires us, turns us on or gives us hope. It is an irrational attraction, but what attraction worth its salt is rational? Though JFK Jr.'s fame is a by-product of his two famous parents and his extended family, he had a quality of his own that made Americans feel proud that he represented us. (Read: he was no Bill Clinton). Instead of smarmy, cut-throat hyper-masculine aggressiveness and greed, JFK Jr. symbolized a heartening but quickly-disappearing American male ideal: a man of brash good looks who is masculine but sensitive, spontaneous, entrepreneurial, romantic, devoted to his mother and wife, a good-provider family man with a boyish side. Whether he was these things in "real life" matters little; either way, he convinced us by his example that such a man could still thrive in 1990's America. We will never get to see what happens to this ideal American. The loss of him is the loss, somehow, of our own potential, and that is why we are mourning.

Eric Kubicsek, Pittsburgh
I feel sooo bad for JFK Jr. because the Kennedys have had a lot of tradgedies in their life starting with John F. Kennedy, his former father, getting assassinated in Dallas, Texas. Then, his dad's brother Robert Kennedy, his former uncle was assassinated. Then of course his mother died at an old age. Now John F. Kennedy Jr. dies in a tradgic plane accident, and his wife and his sister-in-law also die. I just hope that when they find them, they will be safe up in Heaven with God and his other family members who have been killed or died. God Bless the Kennedy Family and the peace be with them.

Bill St. George, Wakefield
A terrible tragedy for all three of the victims and their respective families. The country has lost a born leader who, seemingly destined to take his father's place in the White House, was stopped short on his journey. Some thoughts came to mind while watching the coverage. Couldn't stop thinking of his father in the ocean after the wreck of the PT-109 and hoping that John-John would be found floating with his own crew off of Martha's Vineyard. Sadness and tears as Dan Rather read from the tales of King Arthur which Jackie used to read to her son. The political irony and comparison between two celebrated families. First President Kennedy is assassinated, then his only son dies tragically. The final chapter of bold leadership closes. A contemporary of Kennedy yet his political opposite, George Bush, becomes President, next year one of his sons will probably be elected our next President. Stability and prudence prevails over risk taking and initiative. Life oftentimes doesn't seem fair but one hopes that all things have a purpose.

James, Boston
It amazes me how people can grieve for a total stranger known only from soundbytes and photographs. Get a life! He was a private, albeit privileged citizen. The loss of any life is tragic, not just a Kennedy life. Learn the real lesson here - life can be snatched away at any time so take care of your loved ones and let them know they are loved before it is too late.

Daniel Krueger, Withrop
A significant loss for all of us.

TS, Toronto
This is very unfortunate...I feel extremely sad for the Bessette family. Losing two daughters, on a twin, must be the most horrible feeling. However, it is time for the media to get on with this. IT is memories of Diana - a hot summer with no other news. It is indeed unfortunate, but there are others who deserve public recognition for their deeds, charisma and family. He was gorgeous, sweet and friendly, but very irresponsible. Stuff happens.

Paula Weiner, Bradford
I was devastated to hear about the plane crash. I have been a Kennedy fan all my life. I would like to extend my condolences to both families.

Wanda Torres, Mass.
Conspiracy Theory Rumors that I've heard: Kidnapped or staged his own death for hideaway and ultimate privacy? His presumed death is extremely devastating. My sympathy for all who were close to him and his wife...

M McVeigh, Boston
It is an unfortunate tragedy. My heartfelt condolences for Caroline Kennedy & family and the Bessette family. As I read some of the negative postings below on this situation, I am appalled at how we as a society continue to decline. To those of you who feel compelled to post such negative wishes, have you ever heard the phrase "If you dont have anything nice to say, then dont say it at all!"

Melissa, Tyngsoboro
I just couldn't believe it when I was told on Saturday. I had tears in my eyes. Just trying to imagine what this family was going through again. To see the paper read JFK Lost At Sea - my thoughts where just that this couldn't be happening. My prayers go out to both the Kennedy and Bessette families. Not only have the Bessette's lost two daughters but a son in law too. What a tragedy once again.

Pat Maher, South Boston
My prayers and thoughts are with both the Kennedy family and Bassette family. I have been thinking about all of them since we first heard. Expecially the Bassette family, losing 2 daughters at once. Also, I think that it's a blessing that Jackie Kennedy Onassis is already deceased, as this would have surely killed her.

Bruce James-Newman, Winthrop
While I am feel for the Kennedy family, I think we all need a sense of proportion here. The media have gone overboard (this is not Kennedy bashing) not only in this, but in similar deaths (not tragedies--Rwanda was a tragedy, this an accident) with 24 hour coverage, and nothing to say. Of course, the people who cover his door step with flowers, and cards he'll never read, soak this all up, which is why the networks and newsmagazines keep pumping it out.

Kassie England, Kingsport
just wanted to say you have my prayers and he will always be a prince in my heart. john were are come home to us we need you and your family too. kassie

Deb, Mass.
Why are some so angry? Why do some place blame? We mourn the death of people we know, and the whole world knew John John. We mourn the death of the little boy and the wonderful man. We mourn the loss of the two beautiful and strong women in his life. If you do not mourn, please let the rest of us.

Matt Bloom, Toronto
As a Private pilot myself, with similar hours as Pilot in cammand, as John Jr, It saddens me that this tragedy might very well be the result of what we pilots call "GET THERE-ITIS." The many forces that tell us to "get there" no matter what, can so easily lead to a bad decision...They were running way late...had a wedding to get to...late to fairfield this time it's near dusk, hazy, an over-water flight...all this equals...STAY PUT!!!!!!!!!!! No wedding was worth any 3 human lives. Let's learn from this senseless loss of life.

Teresa, Boston
To the Kennedy Family: Words cannot express the sorrow that you must be feeling to have lost your shining star and his wife and her sister at the prime of their lives on what was supposed to be a joyous occasion. I was very young when JFK was slain and felt the sorrow then that the family was going through. Now to have to lose yet another is almost uncomprehensible. My thoughts and prayers are with both the Kennedy and the Besette families and my hopes are with you as well to make it through this arduous time and to go on. Please try to remember all of the good and positive things that John Jr. has already accomplished in his life and remember all of the good times that you had together with him, his wife and her sister. God will be watching over them know and they will never be alone again.

Kris B., Boston
I am extremely sad and upset about this terrible tragedy. Everyone complaining about the media coverage should step back and think about WHO we're talking about and why there would be this kind of attention and coverage. This is our assassinated President, JFK's only son. He was born with of our entire country watching and then watched and followed his entire life after the tragic assassination of his father. John Jr. was followed and expected to keep the flame of the legacy burning. He deserves any respectable tribute that he is given for all he has put up with from the media and the grace and dignity he has kept with cameras around every corner. Think about that - the media constantly watching every move -GOOD AND ESPECIALLY BAD MOVES. Also, let's remember that he was not a movie star that chose this for himself. He was born into this. As for everyone saying it was a tragedy out of stupidity and/or risktaking -No matter what his family name - he was HUMAN and let's not forget that. Again, I would like to say how upsetting this is to me and my thoughts and prayers are with the families and especially with John, Carolyn and Lauren. May God stay with them always.

Billie Galbraith, Fort Smith
My heart is heavy, my eyes are full of tears. I want to say "I;m sorry, so sorry" but who to? My prayers go out to the Kennedy's & the Bessett's as well. I am a mother & I can't imagine how I would handle this kind of grief. I love the Lord God & would have to lean awfully hard back into His arms. I pray all the family will begin to heal & put their lives back together. God's blessings to all. You are loved and you are not alone.

JE, Cambridge
To the Losers looking for their precious tax payer dollars, When you or a family mamber lives a significant life, then the nation will search for you in this capacity. Right now, we don't care if you live or die. I had a family member die and nobody cried for me...blah, blah, blah....why don't you do something with your life to be recognized, then strangers will consider you a friend and mourn over your obituary. No wait...instead, go look for your tax dollars.

Tracy, Salem
All I think about is what those last moments were for them. Three people, in love and loving each other as sister, husband, and wife. I hope they did not suffer. I also think that the word "Kennedy" DOES have a curse attached to it. The tragedies that have befallen this family land far beyond the bounds of coincidence. I wonder if the remaining Kennedy's will finally see this. What they can do about it, I don't know. The only thing about this whole event that disturbs me is the "lavish" search that has occured. If this was Joe Shmoe from Timbuktu who was a lower-middle classed resident on a 20 minute plane ride; would the Pentagon coordinate the search? Get real. I only hope that if my loved one ever disappears, that the US government will foot the bill.

Cindy MacDonald, Chelsea
First and foremost people should feel sadness when anyone dies an untimely death. I have noticed many postings stating because he was rich, blah, blah, blah. Obviously money or privilege didn't help any of them. What we as people need to do is show respect in a time of great loss for the Kennedy & Bessette family and friends. My heart goes out to them and may they get through this any way that they can.

Denise T. Nia, Kansas
My condolences to the Kennedy and Bessette Families. My one deepest regret is that this lifelong Democrat will never get the chance to campaign for JFK Jr. as President. And, he will always in my mind be 'the man who would be President.' If only...

Karen Polvinen, Milton
My heart goes out to John's sister Carolyn and to the Bissette family, my prayers and thoughts are with them. If there are remains, I pray they find them so they can be put to rest and give the family some peace. Life is so precious. Thank you for this opportunity to let me put my thoughts in words, I needed to.

Cynthia, Stow
I don't understand why some poeple are saying that John Kennedy Jr. was a reckless person. His mother kept him away from the other Kennedy's and out of the spot light for years. He never did anything out of neglegence or stupidity. He never harmed anyone. He was a great person starting to make his mark in this world of ours. Now we will never know what he would have become in the political world. My heart goes out to his sister Caroline who is now alone, and to the Bassette family who lost two daughters. God Bless you all.

Heather, Burlington
Caroline, Lauren, John. May you have moved on to a better world. My prayers are with you and your families. I am ashamed that so many people are so quick to jump to conclusions as to the cause of the crash when the plane hasn't even been recovered. We live in a cynical world. For all we know it could have been a mechanical problem beyond the skill of any pilot. Are people so cold as to believe that John would actually knowingly put his wife, sister in-law and himself in danger? Highly doubtful.

Christian Flynn, Boston
It is terrible that chose to show the picture of Senator Kennedy at Mrs. Schlossberg's house. It is clearly a picture by a snoopy photographer who has no right to violate the family's privacy.

Andrea, Norwood
I feel deep sympathy for the Kennedy and Bessette families. I pray their faith will show them through this difficult time. i apeal to all media to leave the grieving families alone. The public does not need to know how they are feeling, we merely share their grief. I appeal to this website to take off the photo of Senator Kennedy playng with Caroline's children. It is a private photo, which looks like it was taken by a stalker through some trees in the yard. In all good taste, and in respect for the families, remove the picture and leave the families alone. Thank you

Corey Brace, Orlando, Fla.
My grandparents had a house accross the golf course from the Kennedys in Hyannis Port. Many times we would notice them outside playing just like our own family would be doing. Any time we would have friends from out of state come for a visit, we would drive them over to show them where the Compound was. I think that is why this is so hard. They may be celebreties but I felt as if I knew them. It saddens me greatly that people can be so critical about the attention on their deaths. This is not a time to be judging whether or not they deserved this attention. This is a time of saddness and great loss for many, many people. May the Lord give comfort to their friends and families in this time of grief.

Carmen, Atlanta
I just wanted to share my opinion on that maybe he played a part in the accident but at this time none of us know so lets just pray for his family during their time of grief and let's us not be so quick to judge anyone.

Megan Lynch, Boston
I agree with Frank Mulcahy of Medford. This tragedy does deserve the attention it is getting. JFK, Jr. is a great role model for our generation, as a person with determination and creativity in founding the magazine 'GEORGE' and especially for the numerous charities he has helped raise money for. Most of us feel the pain of this latest tragedy to the family because they grew up right in front of us. Do you really think the family and individuals would choose to mourn in the spotlight of the world? Or like most of us, in privacy? I believe the latter. I grieve for the family for their loss and what they have to endure in the coming weeks and months.

S.B., Halifax
It is indeed a terrible tragedy that this has happened to the Kennedy family again, as well as the Bessette family. However, I cannot help but grieve for Melissa Gosule and her family in light of the tragedy that has happened to them. By no means, do I want to take a way from the Kennedy tragedy, but I feel it is disgusting that the media is so quick to erase Melissa's tragedy and replace our news coverage with Kennedy tragedy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It is a TERRIBLE tragedy when ANYONE dies or is harmed. And it is unfortunate that it is necessary to be famous to get any media attention. John and Carolyn are simply people too. Yes, they are in the public eye, but that does not make them Gods. I feel terrible for the families and my thoughts are with them. But please, everyone, try to include all people who face tragedy in your prayers. I live right near Twin Lakes in Halifax, and I wish I could help in finding Melissa. So, with this message, my thoughts and pra! ! yers are with the Kennedys, Bessettes, and especially the Gosule family who must feel awful right now. The media needs to give this a rest. Update when you find something, don't re-run his entire life. Media has made us desensitized to violence and death, unless of course, you are famous. It is a sad sad world we live in. My prayers with everyone.

Jenn, Boston
Like the rest of the world I was shocked to hear what happend to JFK, Jr., and his wonderful wife and sister in-law. It was even more shocking to hear that Lauren was a twin. I am also a twin, and I can't even imagine my life without my twinsister. God bless Lauren and her twin, and the entire Bessette family.

James, Woburn
While, yes this a horrible tragedy and my sympathy goes out to Carolyn and Lauren and Lauren's brother-in-law. I see no need for 24 hour coverage. We have been saturated with this story. What about the Melissa Gosule or the Real American hero's in Kosovo who were killed protecting others. No news channel is covering those deaths. Everyone deserves the right to mourn but we also deserve the right not to saturated with such non-sense from the media. Why have 24 hour coverage and repeat yourself over and over, we know what happened and are sad but let's move on.

I feel bad for the Gosule family, how would you feel if the DA's office and State Police gave up looking for your daughter? It seems like the focus from these people has shifted, and why, because of someone's last name. I hope the government is going to repay the taxpayers of this country for money it is spending sending the Navy and Air Force on this search and rescue/recovery. If it was anyone else besides a Kennedy the search would have been over days ago.

I mean no disrepect to either the Kennedy or the Bessette family, you have my deepest sympathy in our darkest times.

Ken, Wakefield
While in agreement with the majority over this tragedy, I imagine his mother (or father), but probably Jackie held out her hand to scoop the occupants to safety, to be with her before the impact. Just my opinion.

Bertran, Washington
It's sad but can't help but think that the chickens have certainly come home to roost with this family. The tragedy is that this country is so in need of something to adore they they choose the scions of the bootlegging, election-stealing racist Joe Kennedy Sr. This family has gotten away with so much dirt in the past that it's no wonder they are reckless.

Janice Abbott, PA
My heart goes out to the Bessettes & Kennedys. God is with you always, but especially now when you need His comfort & strength.

My thoughts & prayers go out to Lisa. I only have one sibling. She is my identical twin sister.

To Caroline, Lisa & the families, I know you are strong, but also know that your lives have changed forever with your losses. May God bless you.

Robert Regan, Needham
The real tragedy here is human error and poor judgement. It's unfortunate when someone's poor judgement takes their own life. It's a absolute crime when that same poor judgement takes the life of others. What was Mr. Kennedy thinking when he climbed aboard that plane with his wife and her sister with minimal flying experience at night? And what were the two women thinking getting in that plane to begin with? I feel terrible for both families here but come on......enough is enough with the media portraying every Kennedy as an icon and all-american status! Decisions such as those that JFK, jr. made are the ones we hope we don't make in our own lives. JFK, jr's actions should be carefully and fairly scrutinized before making him out to be a "prince."

Cravin Morehead, Detroit, Mi
Im sorry to here of this young man's death.He was a decent man.I am sick of hereing about his vulger, womenizing, father.Now he was a disgrace.

Katherine, Springfield
It seems each day is filled with more and more sadness then the day before. Why does the Lord take the good so early? Why do the ones who cause the most pain to us all live on?

Darron, Memphis
For all you idiots talking about JFK JR. being wreckless and such, you don't even know what really happened. It looks like to me that since the plane was at 5,600 feet and 29 second later he was at 1,400 feet, something must have gone wrong. Maybe you should get all of the facts before you make judgements. My thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy and Bessette families.

Sarah, Boston
It's tough to find words to describe what a loss this is-- both for Caroline and the whole Kennedy family and particularly the Bessettes. May God's grace and love be with you all during this time., dallas
i would like to express my deepest sadness to the kennedy family and the bessette family my prayers and thoughts are with them. i really hate that there will be no male child from him to carry on this legacy. this is truly the end.

s willis
John was one of those people you became fasicnated with not because he was the presidents son but the way he handled himself. John would of wanted everyone to go about their business and look at their fellow man and ask how can i serve the world better and make this a better place!

Dan, Natick
I think we all realize now more than ever what John Jr. meant to the country. He, like so many of his family, will stay forever young. God bless these three sprits...

Lissa Lee, Poconos, PA
JFK was assassinated when I was only 5 days old. Though I don't remember anything about it, I remember the stories everyone told me about the state of the nation during that time of mourning. I do remember growing up with JFK Jr. and my heart greives for his entire family. The image of JFK Jr. saluting his father's coffin as it drove by in the funeral procession, will forever be etched in the minds of the nation for generations to come. So much tragedy for one family to sustain. When will it ever end?

May God be with you, Kennedy's, and watch over you and bless and keep you.

Jenny, Mansfield
My deepest sympathies to both families. BUT, I am tired of hearing the same news. It took me about 5 minutes to locate information on that poor woman/teacher who has been missing from Cape Cod for a week now.

Mellissa Molabaye, Dor. MA
My thoughts About John F Kennedy are very sorrowful I mean I don't even Know him But i feel Like I've lost someone dear and Close to Me. I don't Know why it had to Happen to him or his wife and sister-in-law. I just want The Family To have my Deepest sympathy.

Rob Pelton, Hudson
Yes, it is unfortunate. However, America is out of time, patience and tears for the Kennedys. Move on.

Sherri, Newton MA
"why do bad things happen to good people?" This is a tragedy, and my heart and prayers go out to both the Kennedy and Bissett families. My family and friends are devestated by this tragedy. It bothers me that this had to happen to three individuals who had there whole world ahead of themselves. Why?????????

T. Jackson, London

From your Canadian neighbours, may God bless all of you! :(

rolanda, indianapol

My prayers are going out to the family, specially the sister. I don't know how to say this, but my heart goes out to them and I am so sorry cause I know what you guys are going through right now. Be strong and keep praying.

Sylvia D. Leonard, Plymouth
Another tragic accident in a very busy world.

Karen, Tewksbury
I feel very sorry for the Bessette family, they lost 2 beautiful daughters in one accident. My deepest condolences to them. My condolences also to the Kennedy family.

Cecile M. Sullivan, W. Hyannis
I have lived about 2 miles from the Kennedy compound for almost all of my life. The entire Kennedy family is a familiar sight to me and my family. We have always seen them at Great Island in Lewis Bay, driving by, at church, at the Four Seas to get an ice-cream. I was a waitress at the Four Seas when Caroline was a toddler and loved to see them coming. They always had so much fun.

John's accident and death are terrible events for all who knew and saw him grow up in front of us. A heavy sadness sits on all of us. My heart goes out to Carolyn Bessette's parents - they have lost two daughters and their son-in-law. The Kennedy family must live their grief in public which is a great burden to add to their loss. I saw the flag at the Hyannisport golf club at half mast this morning on my walk. It seemed to make their deaths real. I came home and lowered our flag also. It seems fitting for a neighbor and famous son and his wife and sister in law. Only great faith in God can sustain anyone in the face of such a great loss.

R. Anderson, Upstate NY
I was in high school when President Kennedy was assassinated. I watched the funeral as everyone else did. I cried when I saw John-John salute his father as he went by. Now I am grieving for that little boy who grew into a handsome, wonderful human being. and has now gone to join is father and mother. My thoughts and prayers are with Caroline and the rest of the Kennedy clan. My thoughts and prayers are also with the Bessette family. It is indeed a terrible tragedy. God Bless all of you.

kim slover, texas
i am still praying for a miracle i believe god still work's them. but if they do find there body's the only way i can deal with this was said to me 20 years ago at the age of 19 when i lost my husband and a great friend of ours told me the only way for him to accept his death then was god had a job in heaven that only my buddy could do and he called him home for that. so there must be a really important job that only john john and caralyn and lauren can do and he needed them more we do because god call's us home when he need's us .i think we will have missed out on a wonderful man that was so kind and careing and wanted to make a difference in the world. and to all of you that cant say anything good or nice to say keep it to yourself the people that have loved this young man from a far want to have time to deal with what has happened.

Thank you.

Everyone feels sorry, but does the TV have nothing else to fill the 24 hours in each day.

Brian Mac
Let this sleeping dog lay. Sorry about the crash and all, but it's just another rich kid who has captured more the media's attention than America's. He has served as no icon.

Mary Baker, Hardy, Ar.

Eternal Life
I believe that we can live forever
which means eternal life,
When we die, and go to paradise
we will never again have strife.
There will be no pain and sorrow
no darkness, and, no night,
We will all be warm, and happy

in the everlasting light. No one has ever seen, or heard
the joys we will receive,
When the Lord comes back to get us
if in Him, we all believe.
I think the Lord, will be waiting
in His robes, of snowy white,
With His hands, stretched out to greet us
for we are precious, in His sight.
We will once again, see loved ones
and see the Lord, face, to face,
And, we will all live together
in peace, and heavenly grace.
(In memory of John F. Kennedy Jr.)
- Mary Baker

Babs, Boston
It certainly is another tragedy for the Kennedy family. What about the Bessette family? They too, are at a loss with two daughters. My prayers and thoughts go out to both families. May your faith provide some comfort to you and your families.

Anonymous, Boston
How much money is this search and rescue going to cost the tax payers?

Would as much effort have been put forward if the crash happened to someone other then JKR Jr.?

These things happen every day. Lets move on.

Frank Mulcahy, Medford MA
Why is it that most of the negative posts come from people who list themselves as anonymous? This is, indeed, a tragedy, and it does warrant the coverage it is receiving.

It saddens me to read the posts of people who take this opportunity to Kennedy bash. The misdeeds of some and mistakes of others should not be used to judge the family that has given more to this country than any family of the 20th century.

May the Kennedy's remain strong in this time of tragedy,as they have had to so many unfortunate times.

Marc & Judith, Lunenburg
Our thoughts and prayers are with all the family members. May God's grace and love help each them during this tragic time in their lives.

dave, Boston
A good friend of mine recently passed on. Young, handsome, enigmatic. No front page hype. Boston

Deepest Sympathy, Duxbury
My heart goes out to the families of the loved ones. They all had so much to be thankful for and live for. One cannot understand why these events happen. My prayers are with you.

Beverly Ann Conant, Glendale
I am so stunned by this tragedy. Both families are in my thoughts and prayers. My heart goes out to all in the families involved. May the Lord give you peace and calmness. Have cared much for the Kennedy family since I was a teenager.

Tony, Bel Air,MD
Words seem so inadequate at a time like this. Three fine young people with so much to offer and with much to live for should not be gone.

The world is greatly diminished by their loss. All we can take away from this event is the reminder that life is fragile. We need to live each day fully and with quality.

In particular, I think this nation needs someone like JFK, Jr. to rejuvenate our political system. He would have made an excellent public servant.

My sympathies to all the loved ones of the three.

Marion Ritchie, N.Ton.NY
May God embrace both families in his ever loving arms at this time of great sorrow. My prayers are with all of you. God Bless.

Catherine Elderd, Cambridge
I'm so heartbroken over this tragedy. I just want to let the Kennedy Family and the Bessett Family know that my thoughts and prayers are with them. May they rest in peace.

robert cole, Longwood
I was always disappointed that John didn't do more in politics. I never felt he lived up to his father's legacy. He seems to be just another wreckless Kennedy who, despite all evidence to the contrary, seemed to think he was immortal. I think their faith is a little too strong. They seem to want to get to heaven. For me, I 'm getting tired of them.

I think that all circumstances added together caused this tragedy. His inexperience as a pilot, the injury to his foot, the weather conditions and the time of day all added up to tragedy. I think that if JFK Jr. would have gotten into the race for president, at ANY time, he could have walked away with a win. We will never know to what heights the John John could have reached!! This is another very SAD day !!

Maureen Peckrul, Stanwood
My thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy & Bessett families. It seems like poor Rory Kennedy has had enough tragedy in her young life.

I really think that there is too much hype about this issue. Why is that when famous people are missing there is aide available by the hundreds? However, when "not so famous" people are killed in the street or when a plane crash with Americans, no one really cares. JFK Jr. put himself, his wife and sister-in-law in danger, he should never have been flying that plane by himself in such horrible weather. If there is anyone to blame for this, it's his own fault. (Sorry if I offend anyone.)

It's also not fair that most of the attention is given to the Kennedy family. The Bessettes are grieving just as much, if not more because they lost TWO daughters. Being a twin myself I know how hard it must be for Lauren Bessette's twin sister. If there is going to be anyone that is grieving more, it has to be her, because no one can know you as much as a twin sibling.

Time magazine should not have made a commemorative issue with just JFK Jr. on the cover, because his wife is just as much a big part of the "Royal American Family." The attention has to be geared away from just him and given to everyone that was on that plane.

Mick, Cambridge
A very very sad loss. Forget all the righteousness. He was a good guy. And I'm sure his wife and her sister were as well.

Jack Magan, NYC, NY
My heart goes out to those three young people and their families, all victimized by a neophyte pilot's decision to take-off on a VFR flight at deep dusk, necessitating his making a water approach in the dark, a maneuver for which he, himself, knew he was unqualified. This was no aviation accident....but an act of arrogance gone wrong. And I trust the blame won't be placed elsewhere.

Michele Marshall, Richmond
I was very shocked and saddened when I read the news flash on the internet Saturday afternoon. My husband and I have been sitting vigil by the television set on and off all weekend hoping and praying for survivors to be found, as I am sure the Kennedy and Bessette families were. When the search was shifted to search and recovery my heart was very heavy, we were still hoping for a miracle and do not want to face the inevitable.

My husband and I are the same age as John F. Kennedy, Jr. and have followed the Kennedy's life via the media since we were old enough to understand who the Kennedy's were. Although we have never meet anyone of the Kennedy family members, we have, as many American's, considered them our family too. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kennedy and Bessette families during their tragic loss. I know they will handle this latest tragedy with grace and dignity as they have so well in the past.

We will continue to watch the during the recovery, memorials and/or funerals for John, Carolyn and Lauren so that we too may have closure of this tragic accident. May God Bless the Kennedy and Bessette families. For we know that John, Carolyn and Lauren are in heaven and may they rest in peace.

JD, Boston
Lot's of commentary on John Jr's stupidity to fly that evening....too many what ifs. What if his sister-in-law got out of work early as scheduled, they would have flown in daylight? What if the sister-in-law went to Hyannisport and took the ferry over that night or Saturday versus being dropped off via plane? Consensus says John Jr. was a competent pilot, stop ripping his "lack of better judgment" apart. Who knows, he may have wanted to postpone trip but may have been persuaded by his wife, or sister-in-law to depart. We'll most likely never know the events or decisions made that led to this tragedy. Let those who want to express their grief do so, lots of cold-hearted people out there in this world of ours.....

Rusty Grindrod, Wenham
My prayers go out to the Kennedys and to the Bessettes. It shouldn't of happen to them. Ever since my mother and my father told me what happened to John F. Kennedy I rented the movie and I can see the movie over and over again I think that the Kennedys are the most famous people in Massachusetts.

So again my prayers go out to their families.

Anonymous, Billerica
I feel very bad about John Kennedy Jr., his wife and her sister. I was very shocked when I heard the news. It reminded me of Princess Diana. It is such a terrible thing when someone passes away. especially when they are respected people. John tried to be an ordinary guy and just live his life normally with his wife. He did not want to be in the limelight. He was such a good person and it is too bad that he is gone now. I feel that the Kennedy family is cursed. it's just too bad that he had to get taken too.

He was my favorite of the whole clan along with his sister. It is very sad and sad for his wife's family to experience the double tragedy of losing two daughters. My heart goes out to them all.

Anonymous, Boston
This is such a sad tragedy and I would like to give my condolences to the families of John F. Kennedy jr. and the Bessette family.

As a 22 year old I know it may be difficult for my generation to have felt connected to the Kennedy family like my parents had growing up with his father's assassination. But I do truly believe that people of my generation were able to connect with the Kennedy family through JFK JR. because he spoke so positively and my generation would listen especially during a time when it seems politics with its scandals seemed to sicken or even annoy us.

He definitely made us feel this sense of hope and made us look at things differently. Another reason why my generation seems to connect with him may no only be his youthfulness, positive attitude but his friendly nature and deep concern for others.

Linda Dagosta, Bloomsburg
My prayers and thoughts are with the Kennedy's and the Bessette's. The Kennedy's as you endure, once again, another family tragedy. May God comfort you in your suffering and give you strength in your times of need. I agree with 'The Family' in not assuming the worse, until the facts prevail. We will all cherish the memories and future hopes that your family has given the American public!

Anne M. Page, Woodstock
I am a Canadian but i still remember where i was when i heard that President kennedy had been shot. I was in school and I can remember wondering what the word assassinated meant. I did of course find out at a very short time what that word meant. It is raining today here in ontario how appropriate for such a dismal day and believe me it is as dismal here as it is in many parts of the U.S. and indeed around the world as we anxiously await any news of the recovery of John kennedy's missing plane.

We have all watched Carolyn & John grow from fatherless children to wonderful, delightful and indeed caring adults. Such a pity that Carolyn has lost her brother. my heart goes out to her and also to the rest of the Kennedy and Besete families on their tremendous loss and indeed my heart goes out to all Americans who have lost their John John

Ione, Seattle
Truly my heartfelt sympathy for the Kennedy Family. I believe, that John Jr, his wife, and sister in-law are now in Heaven with his family. They no longer suffer here on earth. It is we that suffer, from this terrible loss. My thoughts and prayers go out to the Kennedy Family at this most difficult time.

May God Bless

Sharon Holt, Taunton
On my tenth birthday I watched the funeral of John F. Kennedy on television. I saw John Jr.'s salute and was stunned to discover we shared the same birth date. Since then I have always silently wished John a happy birthday on the 25th of November.

N, Marlborough
I think we should just leave this poor family alone to grieve.

steve, Cambridge
Does anyone know if Howard Stern had something to do with this?

Dan, Wesford, MA
Sure is a tragedy and very sad. Can't deny their celebrity status, but I hope someday the media will draw a line and have some restraint and common sense. This has become a classic case of too many reporters, too little news. The world did not stop Saturday morning, yet, at least in the Boston area, the ONLY thing covered by the electronic media was the Kennedy crash.

Whipping up emotions, reporting on "No News!!", one would have thought that a head of state was murdered, or some huge catastrophe happened with hundreds dead.

At the end, here is what this is:

1. A celebrity made some errors in judgment, leaving three dead.

2. The families of the dead are devastated.

3. There is a lot of sympathy and condolences for the dead and their families.

4. The celebrity and his passengers, while attractive people, had no bearing on the lives of anyone other that their employees families and friends (like most people).

5. Life goes on, hopefully the media will cover other things.

6. I don't believe I am actually wasting time writing this... EVERYONE GET BACK TO WORK!

TW, boston
While my prayers are with the Kennedy and Bessette families for the loss they are suffering, my prayers are equally given to the family of the school teacher who remains missing since last week.

I admit that I am rather disgusted by the sharp contrast in the amount of media coverage and unlimited search-and-rescue resources that have been extended to one of those grieving families - but not to the other.

Curious if anyone else feels the same way?

Debbie, Winchendon
My heart goes out to the Kennedy family. I know what it is like to lose a husband, but my heartache is nothing like what this family has endured over the years. But we must not forget that the Bessette family also lost children, not just one but two. May God also be with them.

Paul D. Mclaughlin, Winst-Salm
While the Kennedys have their share of blemishes, their losses, pain and suffering seem terribly unfair. The loss of JFK, Jr. is especially difficult to comprehend. While he cut his own path (with Jackie's aid), there is no doubt he intended to accomplish many good things. I believe his potential was equal to, if not greater than Bobby's. What a terrible loss.

In a world dominated by the likes of Clinton, Gingrich, Perot and the like, we need people like John. There are too few of his caliber. Now we have less.

I pray God watches over John, his wife and sister-in-law, and blesses Caroline with the strength to endure her loss and pain. I also pray that the Kennedys will never again have to cope with the premature death of a loved-one. Enough is enough!

L, Louisiana
A tremendous spirit has gone. He was ordinary even though affluent. He will be missed not only for who he was but also what he might have been.

Tears, sorrow and my prayers. I offer these to the Kennedy and Bessette families.

Deborah Price, Pegram. TN
My thoughts and prayers are with the families of JFK, JR and his wife's family. Even though I do not know any of these wonderful people, I grew up also with JFK and remember that wonderful child who saluted his father's casket. It seems we never understand why things like this happen to good people.

My prayers have gone up with many other Americans who pray for a miracle to occur. JFK, Jr. has been an inspiration all of his life to people and had lived a good life, was a good person and married a beautiful woman.

I hope and pray still that they are somehow found alive. If not, God in his infinite wisdom has a bigger plan for these wonderful people.

I feel as if I have lost a brother also, and wait anxiously for any word of their return.

To the Kennedy and Bessette families, I want to offer my prayers and love to you all in this terrible time of loss. Please know you are not alone, myself and other Americans share in your sorrow and only wish we could do nothing to help.

May God bless and comfort all of you, someday maybe it will be revealed the whys of His ways, but until then, take comfort in knowing that everyone loved JFK Jr. and his young wife, who we were getting to know.

Peace to all of the families involved, and I wish for a miracle for this wonderful young man, his wife and her sister.

God speed to those searching.

Take comfort in God's love and infinite wisdom.

Thank you, your friend in Tennessee.

Renee Rourke, Lincoln ci
My heart was broken in November 1963, June 1968, and now again.

No one so young and promising should be taken from us. Those of us who saw a little 3-year-old salute his father's funeral procession have not lost that picture and it is unimaginable that John, Jr. could be gone. He kept alive something in our hearts that will never be there again. I grieve for his sister, Caroline and pray for her that she will have a long, healthy and happy life. I can't know how Carolyn Bessette's family must feel and I pray for them in the loss of two daughters. It's all too much. Godspeed, John.

Anne-Marie Guys, C'Ville
Only the GOOD die young.

PM, boston
how horrible of an accident to befall the Kennedys again. they are a strong family and will pull together during these darkest hours. John may never have been a Rhode Scholar or the most driven man, but he showed more class and charisma than anyone in his family. he was a REAL man. let us not forget caroline and lauren and their families either. we as a country, now though maybe as a family, have lost three people who had yet to show their true potential. it is truly our loss and not just the loss of the families.

tim, saugus
This is extremely devastating beyond what me might imagine. He was the Prince of America with the charisma and appeal that radiated so much good energy. This is as devastating a loss as Princess Di. Let all people who are so quick to ridicule the nature of his behavior be subject to the harassment of media who constantly and un-relentlessly left very few private moments in their life. Making them always have to sneak away on adventures and trips and to try to keep as much about themselves private is what can lead to this type of misfortune. Say a prayer for yourself and hope that god forgives you for being so quick to ridicule and write this off as careless behavior. We can be our own worst enemies.

Claudia Park, Shreveport
The sadness I feel in my heart is for the agonizing loss the Kennedy family must face yet again.

The grief I feel in my selfish...and it is for the unfulfilled destiny of this hero and the greatness our country will never know. John Kennedy, Jr. once described himself as a "struggling Catholic." I am one Catholic who will struggle with the senseless of this for the rest of my days. Good-bye John John, Carolyn, and Lauren.

Yvonne Kostka, Farrell
I am very sadden at the news of JFK Jr. missing. He and his wife were real people, not plastic. The world has lost some great people. My heart goes out to the families and they are in my prayers. Just so sad, they say God only gives you as much as you can handle and I have to ask how much more can the Kennedy family handle. I admire their strength and great faith they have in God. God bless them all at this time of sorrow.

Kevin, Bedford
My thoughts are that this may just appear to be a devastating tragedy. This isn't just about the Kennedy's, about a cursed legacy, about bad pilot judgment, etc. This is about the tragic loss of the lives of the adult children from two separate families. This loss includes all the hope, dreams and vitality that each family had for them and that now have been carried away with them respectively. Let us all pray for them and their families. Incidents like this are reported to make one question their own mortality and as comfort seek to find blame. Instead for me, I wonder more so now about whether there is life after death. Instead perhaps these three (3) are the lucky and chosen ones that have now gone on to something more promising than we mere mortals might know. Whatever the case I sincerely hope that they are at peace and my sincerest condolences to both families.

D. Kent, calgary
Please know that Canadian people share the United States grief in the loss of JF Kennedy Jr. and his wife and sister-in-law. I have been praying and shedding many tears over this tragedy that has once again befallen this family. My condolences go out to the Bessette family who have lost two daughters. I am a mother and I can only pray I never endure the heartache you must be going through right now. God Bless. from south alberta canada.

diane ingoglia, CA
My thoughts are with both families, and my heart goes out to team all. I am sorry to hear what happened may god be with them.

Thank you


Monica & John Fremeau, Bradenton
Our prayers to the Kennedy Family at this tragic time. May the Blessed Mother come to their aid. Another great loss to a (sorry) but a really jinxed family

Anon E. Mus, Boston
I like to reserve my concern for those I know, not privileged millionaires from the society pages who wouldn't care in the least if something happened to you or I as they played or jetted about the country with inherited money. If you were personal friends with any of the dead then you can feel sad, otherwise they deserve no more thought than anyone else who meets an untimely demise.

Anonymous, Michigan
My prayers are with both families. Sadness is in my heart. John, Jr. was a beautiful, caring, strong, intelligent man. He will be greatly missed.

To Caroline, be strong. Use the strength from your faith and your family.

To Lisa and her mother, take care of each other.

My prayers and the prayers of my household are with you.

James E. Reese, Seattle
I was born seven years after John Kennedy Jr. I read and saw clips of his Father's death and his Uncle's death. I wish we can all wake up and find these events where just a dream. I wish I had a chance to meet him, he did a lot for the people of this country and for the minorities of Harlem. May GOD be with him his wife and his sister-in-law and their families.

Steven Amari, Chicago IL
Even though I never knew him. It was like the loss of a family member. I haven't felt this bad since the loss of princess Di. I also wish more attention were focused on the family who lost two daughters in this tragic accident. The loss of one young person is bad enough but to lose two?

Masood Dirin, Arlington
"Why is it that always good people should go so young?"

My prays and thoughts will always be with John Jr., his wife, and her sister. God bless them.

Nance, Waltham
Tragedy happens everyday and it's sad to hear and of course prayers are said. Enough is enough - 24 hour news coverage has saturated everybody! STOP the news story about NOTHING TO REPORT. Why is everybody waiting for the Kennedy's to say something - they too are waiting to hear if there's any NEW news. NO NEWS is GOOD NEWS. STOP the coverage until there's something REAL to report.

Again, enough is enough - let's move on!

When the three gentlemen were lost in Florida I don't remember every news station reporting BREAKING NEWS - why, there was NOTHING to REPORT. Why saturate us with Kennedy stuff - WE DON'T CARE. We heard, we prayed, let's move on until there's more to say!

Anonymous, Boston
While I agree that this is definitely a horrible tragedy, I also agree with another anonymous about the lack of good common sense. It distresses me that such violent ends can come from sheer "stupidity." What is more tragic than his risking his own life, he took the lives of two innocent victims with him, as well.

I am also distressed that this has pushed the disappearance of Melissa Gosule out of the public eye. I get the feeling that people are saying, "Melissa WHO?" Her situation was a crime. John F. Kennedy, Jr.'s situation, albeit sad, was negligence. Let's pray for the victims of criminal acts and not forget them because of a popular, public figure.

I think it is such a tragedy. John and his sister caroline seemed like such fine people. Jackie must have done a fine job raising these to fine people. You never heard anything scandalous about them like the other kennedy's. My prayers go out to both sides of the families.

Stacy Harris, Nashville
John Kennedy reportedly had seen an astrologer recently who told him that he would be in a rut for some time to come.

Had that astrologer spoken with John about Kennedy's plans for July 16 Kennedy would never have flown that day.

Mercury is retrograde from July 12- August 5; a time when communication is garbled and or delayed. You shouldn't sign on the dotted line, make a major purchase, marry or fly. during such periods. (They occur 2-3 times a year),

Beyond that, on July 16 transiting Uranus in Aquarius was squaring John's natal Mercury in Scorpio, reinforcing all of the above. (Remember, Kennedy intended to make an earlier flight and was delayed, first by Lauren and then by traffic to the airport.)


C. Kent
More reckless, irresponsible action by a Kennedy. This time two innocent people are killed. Nice work "John-John". My condolences to the Bessettes.

Karen Spence, Cambridge
I am really devastated by this tragedy. I can't imagine how the family must be feeling. I still cannot believe this has happened. Although I knew the probability was slim, I was hoping all day yesterday that there was still a chance that they would all be rescued.

appleanie, ontario
Wow, does it ever end for these people? My thoughts go to Caroline, Edward, Rose, Titianna and John (jack) and to the rest of the kennedy family. However, let us not forget there is another family dealing with this tragedy as well. To the Bessettes, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Parks Everhart, Cross Lane
To all the Kennedeys, my thoughts and prayers are with you, I look up John John he was everything every one wanted someone to be. He lived a normal life being and living the way he did, he was just a great person! PRAYERS AND LOVE

Dear Johnny I remember the old great time we passed together. I keep on crying because I know you are dead i received the signal my old friend. i want to say thank you to everybody who write here. GOOD BYE LITLE JOHN.....TEARS

L. Thompson, Newton
Over this weekend, I was saddening to hear of this tragic accident. In this world we are given decisions to make and sometimes we make the wrong decision, which sometimes leads to bad consequences. God is always with us to bring us out of the gloom and into the right road. The flight might of ended, but these 3 beautiful people will live on in God's kingdom.

Anonymous, Boston
I'm with Ray on this one - Foolhardiness seems to run in this family. Its definitely a tragedy.

But let's not go overboard here. Mr. Kennedy was a terribly ordinary individual. His loss will only be felt by those near and dear to him. For the rest of us, it is life as usual.

James S. Noll, Los Angeles
My family mourns the loss of John, Jr., his wife and her sister Lauren. We did not know them personally, but felt like we did. Our sincerest sympathy to both families.

"Johnny, we hardly knew ya".

With love.

Erin Maloney, Cambridge
My thoughts and prayers are with the Kennedy and Bessette families. May God bless them and help them through this devastating loss.

Anne, Boston
For years JFK Jr. had to dodge the lime light to live a normal life. He always did this gracefully. Hopefully, JFK and his wife have flown off into the sunset never to be hassled by the media again. That is my conspiracy theory and hope for the Kennedy couple.

Angie Arciniegas, Miami, FL
My heart is out to John John and his wife and sister. He is a flawless legend in our eyes. Come back John John, we are waiting for you., Strathroy
A sad tragedy for all of us.

pat mckenzie, hudson,nh
I have lived through his growing years, his public emotions showed on tv whenever reporters could get a scoop. Now please leave his sister and wife's family grief in peace. He was a classy guy and his sister will miss him greatly.

Thank god Jackie brought him up the right way. Not the Kennedy way.

Anonymous, Lowell
I think this incident is a horrible tragedy that could have been avoided. It is always sad when young people die needlessly, but it is even more saddening when such deaths could have been avoided with the simple application of common sense.

As a pilot myself, I believe that John Jr. fell into the trap that causes hundreds of general aviation accidents a year. He ignored many warning signs and went against better judgment because he had promised to be somewhere at a specific time. This 'get-there-itis' causes many pilots to depart in weather that, although legal for VFR flight, is beyond their personal limits or continue into such weather. It is a shame that John Jr., Carolyn, and Lauren had to pay the ultimate price for this lapse of good judgment.

I just hope that there isn't the wild public outcry about the 'danger' of flying these 'little airplanes' that often occurs after such a tragedy. General aviation aircraft have an excellent safety rating when they are in the hands of responsible, capable pilots. Just as in an automobile, a momentary lapse of judgment or a string of bad judgments can lead to tragedy.

I express my deepest sympathies to the Kennedy and Bessette families in this time of great loss.

Teresa, Waco,Tx
At 35 I feel as if I've grown up with John. We've lost not the "gorgeous one" as someone said, but the most promising one. He and Carolyn have gone to Glory together, where no camera's will bother them...the only flashes they'll see now are the twinkling of the stars. And with the plane going down so close to his mothers former home on Martha's Vineyard I guess we can truly say John-John's gone home...he's taken Carolyn home to meet the folks.

Sharon Franceschi
As a born and bred New Englander who spent many summers in Cape Cod and Hyannisport, I am saddened and stunned by this tragedy. My thoughts and prayers are with Caroline, her husband and children and the Bessette family. May they find strength and support in their faith and in each other, knowing that the nation grieves with them and for them. God bless them all.

Maribel Herrera
I feel shocked and saddened about the Kennedy tragedy. My prayers are with the family.

Hope, Brighton
I am still in disbelief. I admired JFK Jr. for positioning himself as a role model for the citizens of the United States -- he will be missed. My thoughts are also with the Bessette family who lost two children in this tragic incident. It's not just about losing another Kennedy in an untimely death -- it's the loss of three young people who still had so much more to experience and share with the world.

Joan Daughney, Worcester
My prayers are with the Kennedys and their families. I have always admired them for their courage and dedication to the working people of America. God bless them.

Wanda Rodriguez
The lord once again, has called for his children. Their souls are in heaven and they are peaceful. I hope and pray the lord touches the eyes of all scuba divers and the technology so that they are found and laid to rest as soon as possible.

Caroline, please hang in there, the lord does not give you anything you can not handle. I know you've been through a lot and the lord has not failed you so please keep the faith.


Wanda Rodriguez

Alisha Martinez
I think that whatever happened with JFK JR's aircraft is a horrible tragedy.

However, I do not feel that it is right in ANY sense of the word, to sit there and start bashing him. He did what he felt he was capable of doing, and tragic accidents happen. I don't think it is right to drag his name through the mud, because he felt confident flying to Martha's Vineyard! It is irritating to hear the media say, "Well, it is his own fault and he killed two other people because he flew not being instrument qualified."

Obviously, he would not risk his, his wife's, and her sisters life if he did not think he could get them there safely.

Mary Floyd, Miami, FL
Having remembered when his mother gave birth to him, I never thought I would have a memory of his death. He was so young. I always thought that I would have all the time in the world to watch John Kennedy Jr. develop into a wonderful man and public citizen.

It was a Friday too when his father was killed. And here we all were spending another weekend by the TV waiting for whatever news we could get. It was so sad, just thinking of his sister and other family members. He wasn't the icon to them that he was to us, he was a family member. So much potential never to be known.

I grieve for the Bessette/Freeman families too.

Robynne Glenn, Las Vegas
With a heavy heart the reality sets in. As I held out for the tiniest bit of hope, none came. So now, as with so many we must accept what has happened. God Bless the Kennedy's and the Bessette's.

As a 35 year old woman, I identified with John JR. and admired him and I grew up reading and becoming fascinated in the Kennedy legacy and the family itself. I in my own way feel as if I have lost a friend, although we never met. I am also grieving for the Bessette family that lost not one... but two beautiful daughters, and I identify even more with Lisa, because I too am a surviving twin, and I feel my loss daily. My heart and special prayers go out to her and her family.

God Bless us and hold us near in this time of need!

anonymous, Baltimore
A tragedy indeed, however what really is tragic is that he brought down 2 innocent people with him.

The Kennedy's are arrogant and foolish in their risk taking behavior, perhaps that is why people adore them. It is their attitude of impunity that gets them into trouble.

Maribel H, Boston
Why did John did not want his flight instructor on board? This is so strange!!

My deepest sympathy for the family.

Lisa Wimberly, Jackson,TN
My heart goes out to the Kennedy & Bessette families. Especially to his sister Caroline. This is such a tragedy! If they should get a chance to read this, I want them all to know that I am in mourning with you. I will continue to keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. Stay strong in your faith in God and know that God always has a reason, even though we may not understand that reason or even know the reason.

May our Lord give you strength, comfort, peace & love.

Love to you all.

Donna Garian, N. Reading
Such a needless trudge for 3 people who had so much to live for. With John's seemingly wonderful disposition, who knows, maybe he would have become one of our greatest presidents someday. I understand that he was leaning in the direction of politics. Maybe he would have been the one to restore our faith that a president don't have to be perpetual playboys, etc. Maybe he would have been what a real president should be, and give some hope back to this country. However, now we shall never know. Carolyn would have made a lovely, in all respects, first lady. And her sister, Lauren, was certainly making a wonderful life for herself as well. It's a terrible tragedy.

sally hayward, Portsmouth

My heartfelt prayers and concerns are with the entire family at this time of great sorrow. May the Lord give you all the strength to endure yet another painful experience.

Hal, Boston

i was shocked to hear the news on saturday morning, and my heart go out to both families. however after 2 full days of non-stop media coverage of the tragedy, i am getting a little tired of it. it is not like this is the only thing happened around here. enough is enough. please give the families a little room to grieve, and for the rest of us, i do want to know what is going on around the world beside this tragedy.

BTW, who can tell me what is going on with that poor woman who has been missing from cape cod since last weekend.

Hal, We have today's story from the Boston Globe online. The search continues, no new evidence has been recovered.

Dozens of untrained volunteers join in effort to help family

Wade Ryer, Boston

It's a tragedy. I'm keeping the Kennedy and the Bessette family in my prayers.

Bridget, Roslindale

What a tragedy. I can't emphasize enough what a devastating loss this is. My deepest sympathies goes to the Kennedy and Bessett family. I'm sorry so many tragedies have occurred in the Kennedy family's lives. God Bless you all.

Steve S., Yarmouth

It's amazing the very personal grief I feel, and the sorrow for the Kennedys and Bessetts. I guess I feel this way because I believe he was the pinnacle of my peers, and that we grew up together. There seems no doubt he was the cream of the Kennedy crop, and here we are again, such a useless waste of someone so special who may have made a difference in the future. I am especially appalled and even a bit angry because I am so familiar with what I believe killed them. I was an Air Force instructor for five years. I believe they will find that he went into what is known as a graveyard spin because of spatial disorientation. I have heard FAA tower tapes of people in such a state and have taught thousands of pilots, still alive today, to TRUST your instruments. He was not IFR qualified, so there you go. The FAA should make this mandatory training for all pilots. Flight clearance should be tied to training and current conditions. To the lay-person, imagine spinning yourself around, as you did as a child for fun, then stopping, and then, feeling that way, trying to drive your car, even out of the driveway. That is what we will find did them in. Their last 30 seconds, if that, were horrifying in the most extreme sense of the word. Such a terrible waste. No matter what one thinks of the Kennedys, the world is not a better place today than it was this past Saturday. our thoughts and prayers are with the families, may God rest the souls of John, Carolyn, and Lauren.

Jennifer Shepherd, Georgia
When I first heard the news I was completely shocked. It is so hard to believe that John is gone. He felt like part of our family as we grew up with him. To the families..our deepest sympathy...May God Bless You ALL. Your children may be gone..but will always in our hearts live on. PEACE BE WITH YOU

Scott Miller, Texas
John was a stellar role model for people all ages. I myself am 44 years of age and try to emulate John in every way that I can in my everyday life. He was everything that men his age wanted to be. Smart, successful, classy, compassionate and dedicated to his convictions. He was also a wonderful representative of the Kennedy clan. What a terrible loss for us all.

Denise Gumlak, Franklin
It brings back memories of his fathers assasination. Another Kennedy life taken in his prime. It is tragic. My prayers and thoughts are with this family.

Norma Carlson, Arlington
They are in God's hands now. I pray from the Kennedy and Bessette families to find strength in lite of this tragedy. Special thoughts are with Caroline and her children. It just goes to prove that money and prosperity can't escape tragic endings.

Cheryl Hickman, Pikeville, Kentucky
I pray they find them for the sake of all the family members. There is nothing worse than to have a family member lost, and not be able to put closure to a tragedy. There is a reason for everything in life, even though it is very difficult to understand. Everyone is here for a purpose, but sometimes that purpose is not fully understood, until that person is gone. That understanding will come in time. The world is at your side at this time of great sorrow.

Debbie, Farmington
God Bless the family. This is a great loss to us all.

Linda McCreary, Wilmington
I was so shocked to hear this news on Saturday morning. I was sure that they would be found alive. My heart goes out to Caroline Schlossberg and her family. I do hope they find the downed plane so they can have some closure to this horrible tragedy.

Jay, Wakefield
I feel sorry for JFK jr and the Bessette woman for the tragic loss of their lives. Of all the Kennedys JFk jr, was likeable and scandal-free. Unlike the Camelot daydreamers, I cannot (and will not) sugarcoat and gloss over all the wrongdoing and tragedy they have caused many people over the years that did not benefit from the same royal treatment. 'What comes around goes around' is a very apt saying when it comes to this clan.

Candy Anderson, Arlington
Devastating! I am not sure if it is for the loss of JFK Jr.and his wife and sister in law. Or for his sister Caroline they have always seemed to be each others strength. I remember the photographs John and Caroline when Jackie passed, his arm was always around her very protectively.They seemed to share so much. I remember the interview a few years ago with Barbara Walters when he spoke of how much he admired his sister. And the Bessette family losing 2 children at one time they must be so grief stricken.And Lauren's twin must be feeling like a part of her is gone. Yet, somewhere deep in the back of my mind is the thought They have no bodies yet, and he maybe a Kennedy,but he was also Jackie's boy. And what a survivor she was. So until they have a body there still is hope.

Nick Theokas, Ft.Laud, FL
Although living her in Florida for the past six (6) years, I have not forgotten my roots. I have always been impressed at the ability of the entire Kennedy family to pull together in dire times and their tireless efforts to move forward. Having met John on a single occasion through a mutual friend, it has always stayed with me how "ordinary" he was, given all the public scrutiny and expectations. My wife and I both wish to express our deepest sympathies to the Kennedy family and pray that they will continue to be strong for the next generation.

Ray L. Rivera, Louisville
What kind of a brazen idiot flies a sea route at night with a broken foot, low flight time, no IFR training, no survival gear in a high-performance aircraft? I'm a student pilot and there's no way I'd take a chance like that. It's suicidal.

Susan Prefontaine, Buffalo, NY
So unbelievably sad. He took a piece of us with him. Condolences to all the Kennedy's, especially his sister, Caroline and the Bessette family. John represented a great deal about the American experience in the last half of this waning century. He understood this and wore it well for his fellow citizens, not for himself.

Anonymous, Owensboro
I don't think they have covered enough of the ground area. They seem to be concentrating on the ocean. Is it possible they were able to get out before the plane crashed? I am not ready to give up hope yet. I may be a fool but, I have a feeling that they are not dead. I pray that God help those doing the search and that he keeps John ,Caroline and Lauren safe until they are found. May the Lord grant their family peace and assurance that he is with them and everything will be alright.

Ellen McMillan, Beverly, MA
I am deeply saddened by the tragic events of this weekends accident involving JFK JR, Carolyn and Lauren. I pray for a miracle that they may be found alive. My thoughts are with Caroline and the rest of the Kennedy family. I am amazed at their strength throughout all of the tragedies over the past 50 years. God bless them all.

Jack Mercado, Brooklyn
This is such a sad heart goes out to both the Kennedy and Bessette families. I will keep all missing parties in my prayers. Let's not give up hope yet...keep the faith.

John Holland, Boston
A terrible tragedy indeed. John Jr. was my idle. My prayers are with the Bessettes and the Kennedy family. It just does not seem fair that these beautiful people were taken before their time.

Kim, Brockton
I am appalled at how the media is handling this unfortunate tragedy. This poor family has had one too many tragedies, and in many eyes this one is one of the worst. Yet the media INSIST on giving detail after detail of who's going to the compound and who's coming from the compound. No wonder Caroline is in hiding. She can't even go to mourn with her family because the media would be right there asking how she felt. Let the world know what's going on with the search. If a spokesman wants to talk, interview them. But as far as the family goes, leave them alone to mourn in peace. This isn't exciting news, no matter what anyone says. It is a terrible tragedy, and they have the right to their privacy.

Kathleen Kenny, Quincy
My mother has the same initials as Jackie Onasis Kennedy, they went into labor at the same time on the same day, Jackie with John, Jr., and then my mother with her first child, both husbands were named John. Though these similarities may seem common to the average eye, but they are similarities with which my mother associated herself and our family to that of a beautiful and graceful wife and mother and a handsome, charming and spectacular man, two personalities of which, I hadn't the opportunity, the privilige, the pleasure of having known. I was born in 1970, but have followed the reign of the Kennedy empire through my parent's eyes, with laughter, with pride and all too often, tears. I feel a loss with the latest tragedy surrounding this fine family. I had hoped that now, in a second generation, I would have the opportunity to know of a man as wonderful as JFK, maybe a better man, and now, I have lost that chance. My heart bleeds for the Kennedys as well as for the Bissets, for they have not only lost these fine, outstanding public figures that we the public only view from tv and magazines, but they lost family members, friends, siblings, children, mentors. How life throws a curve ball like this, I do not wish to understand. Farewell, John F. Kennedy, Jr., Caroline Bissett Kennedy, and Lauren Bisset. May God bless.

Rachael, Boston
This is a terrible tragedy, I haven't stopped thinking about the families since I turned on the news Saturday morning. I come from a family of private pilots and I have made this same trip many times with my dad. We have always flown this route using the instuments, even during clear visibilty. It is a difficlut route especially and night, you never know when the weather can change near the islands. It is easy to lose track of the horizon. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families and friends to John, Carolyn, and Lauren

Janet Tanski, Worcester
I was very sorry to hear about JFK, Jr. It is a tradegy when anyone dies at such a young age. I feel especially sorry for his sister, Caroline. This must be very hard for her to deal with. I hope that people remember her when they pray.

Sharon Greenlaw, Dracut
I feel very sad about this. These people had their whole lives ahead of them and this tragedy occurs. I feel for the families. My thoughts are with them all. I wish I could do something, but what more can you do except to say a prayer.

Howard and Jane Breslau, Needham
We were so very saddened to hear of the accident. Our prayers are with John Kennedy, Jr, Carolyn and Lauren Bessette and the Kennedy and Bessette families.

L. Lanthier, Billerica
My deepest sympthathy for the two families. The Kennedy family has more than endored their share of tragedy. For the Bessett family, how terrible for a family to loose two daughters at a time. I pray that the bodies will be recovered so that the families may have some closure.

Cecilia (C.C.) Holmes, Marlboro
Our family is deeply saddened by this aweful traggedy that the Kennedy family has sustained. We are just an ordinary family that is watching all of this happen & wanted them to know that our thoughts and prayers are with all of them everyday. My 9 yr. old daughter asked me this morning "mom, why do these bad things keep happening to their family?" My mouth just dropped and I said "god has a reason for everything honey" her reply was "at least now he will be safe in heaven with his mom & his dad" I said your right and now all we can do is pray for the rest of their families to get through this painful time. Again, our thoughts and prayer are with you all - our deepest sympathy & condolances be with you all. Love & God Bless

George McNamara, Leominster
My thoughts are for the Kennedy and Bissette Famlies, in their time of need. I would also like to comment on those who say "Why do we feel more for the Kennedy's than most common families, in their time of need?" The answer is really rather simple: The Kennedy Family were symbolic of what most forward-thinking Americans wanted in a political Family; yes, they have made mistakes, but they have given back to America much more than most in their position could ever try to do. I suppose it also helps to be from Massachusetts; I can't say how many times my Family and I have tried to catch a glimpse of them in Hyannisport...the feelings we have for them are of Pride and Dedication. Rest in Peace.

Jennifer, Lowell
I would like to send my most dearest sympathies and condolences on to the Kennnedy family. I would like to send a single message to Rory Kennedy...Please keep your strength up.

Michelle, NY
My parents were married the day after John F. Kennedy was shot - so we were constantly reminded of that day - and what a sad day it was. It felt like we had grown up with Caroline and John ourselves. No words can express the sadness I feel as well as the world feels right now - however, no matter how much time has gone by - many still have a ray of hope - miracles happen all the time. Until the bodies are found - no one can say for sure - anything is possible. Keep looking.

Scott M Connolly, West Sprin
As an errant resident of Massachusetts, one more travelled perhaps ... the Kennedy's have a different impact ... not haded ... but perhpas a bit more ordinary to this non star-struck person. Taking all that in, JFK Jr.; not known save by his public side ... was a pretty regular guy ... who started a magazine about politics ... and happened to be the very well adjusted, son of a beloved late President.

This young American's loss with his wife, and sister in law, is a sad tragedy ... not apocalytic ... but a sad American loss. As he would have said .. some of us are well know when we die or are lost ... others are as unique and valuable.

Lets know them somehow, as much as we can in life. Condolences to the families; and keep living and loving.

Karent Urena, Medford
I don't know where to start since at the thought of this tragedy my eyes don't bear to hold on to tears. I grew up loving and admiring the Kennedy's more thru my father's eyes who, as an immigrant, told us to aspire to live and be 'just like the Kennedy's. Not only do my prayers and thoughts go out to them, but all my deepest love and sympathy are with both the families. I can't bear the idea that another one is gone and those 2 lovely young women- all gone.

My prayers and love are with these families and may God grant them the strength to endure this.

From an admirer who loved and cared from afar....

Ed Lake, Swansea
Just as his father taught us, then his mother, now John Jr. No Matter the obstacle, there is a path to the Good side. No matter the politics, the family , the money or the cheap jokes , about the Kennedy's , They deserve our prayers and our wishes of goodness , in this darkest of hours... They are America's Family and always will be ... We will perservere and Live to make life better for others... God's Speed and Deepest Sympathy.

Mark Stiles, Needham
Another tragedy that has taken the lives of 3 young people in the prime of their lives. Although the main focus of this tragedy has been John Jr. let us not forget Carolyn and Lauren Bessette. These three young people were beginning to establish themselves and begin to help people less fortunate. My sympathies go to Caroline Schlossberg and the Bessette family for their loss. We have heard how the Kennedy's have been huddling together in Hyannisport, but not much has been said or acknowledged for the silent grieving of Carline Schlossbergs' family or the Bessette family. Maybe if we put this loss in perspective and not dwell on the prior tragedies of the Kennedy family , we could then understand that truely the loss of John , Carolyn and Lauren is personal and private, and we as a society lose because of the loss of these three young people.

Judy, Sharon
Having been born the same year as JFK, Jr., I feel as though I've grown along with him. His image has been part of my life for the past 35 years (since his father's assasination). I share the disbelief of many that his life has ended so tragically and so early. His mother would have been proud of how he lived his life, with grace and dignity, while maintaining the privacy she sought for her children. My one wish is that the media could afford the Kennedy family, especially Caroline, the time to grief over JFK, Jr.s' loss. There are many who will try to assess blame for this tragedy and, although JFK, Jr. may have made poor choices with respect to his flight to Martha's Vineyard, his untimely death and that of his wife and sister-in-law, should not be lost in the midst of public and media scrutiny. My thoughts and prayers are with the Bessette and Kennedy families at the tragic loss of Carolyn, Lauren and JFK, Jr.

So much sadness. It is truly a feeling of losing a family member. - They are our family. I pray for all of the families and hope they understand that even though this has caused a media frenzy, that it is much more than a headline - it is a great loss for all of us. My deepest regards.

KimberlyAnn, Seekonk
John has always had a special place in my heart. My heart is now partly empty and always will. I hope they find John, Carolyn & his sister-in-law soon. My thoughts are with his sister, Carolyn. May she have the strength to carry on.

Danielle Schrank, Revere
I am absolutely devastated at the dissapearance of JFK, Jr. My sympathy goes out to the entire family. It is terrible that any family, whether of prominance or not should face so many tragedies.

Roland Houle, Ashland
It is a tragedy that this occurred, but I am amazed at the amount of effort, media coverage, and money that is being poured into finding these three people. Boats and aircraft go down in that area every year, and there is never this kind of effort involved. JFK Jr. gave nothing back to this country, so why is the President, media, and many others attributing him godlike status just because he happens to be the son of someone that did contribute something special to this country? People are even likening him to Princess Di - they don't seem to realize that she actually did things to help others and contribute to society. Whether JFK Jr. would have will always remain a mystery, but to this point he hadn't.

Jaime, Boxborough
it's a stupid, unnessecary tradgedy. why does this family keep dying? why? why? why?

It sucks, if you ask me. I offer my prayers for the sanity of the surviving members of the Kennedy family.

Jeff Falkingham
I am, as my family is, deeply saddened by this development. My thoughts are with the family. However, the attention that is being paid to this is absurd. This is no 'ordinary Search And Rescue' and everyone knows it.

Do you realize there are more resources involved in this tragedy than were involved with TWA flight 800? Find the craft, come to closure, mourn, but leave the flags at full mast.

Margie, Pawleys Is
I am only 13 years old, but I know JFK Jr. was a good man. I have been glued to the TV screen awaiting good news about the crash, but all my hopes are shattered. I still hope God gives us a miracle and I will continue to watch my TV screen. Long lived a great man,husband,brother,son.

Lee, Somerville
Whether you adore or abhor the Kennedys, no family deserves this much pain and tragedy in their lives.

The loss of John John will be felt all over the world. He is America's prince and Carolyn his princess. My

heart goes out to both the Kennedy and Bessette families. I can not even fathom the thought of a loss such as this with no answers to all the questions that must be racing through their minds right now. I only wish I could do something to help. As unlikely as the chance of them being alive is, I refuse to believe that they are dead until their bodies are found. I will cling to the belief that they are on an island somewhere waiting to be rescued. I know that sounds delusional, but it's too hard to believe that he's really gone.

A pilot should have the knowledge of every dial and every part of the plan. They should all be equipted with safety cushions and some kind of life saving device.

I am very saddened - he has so much going for him and so did the ladies. So sad to have another great loss.

Sonja, Dorchester
May god bless the Kennedy and bessette family's in their time of mourning.

Dick Culbreath, Jordan, Ar
Maybe we need to open up the books and look at the requirements for night flying. It is too much like flying in instrument conditions and a private pilot is not qualified.

Cecil and Sandra Meeker, Port Charl
It is very sad to see anyone so young no matter who it is struck down before they have had a chance to make there impact on the world or our society.Our sympathies go out to Johns sister Caroline and to the Bessette family on their 2 losses. I will remember forever where I was at the time of the JFK asassination and now I will also remember where I was when I first heard about John Jr,his lovely young wife and her sister.Again our sympathy goes out to Caroline and all of the Bessette family.God Bless Them All...

Katherine S. Gallego, Walnut, Ca
Our prayers are with his sister Caroline and the Kennedy family. My God bless them all and guide them through the days ahead. Our prayers are with the Bessette family, that God bless their family and guide them through the days head.

helmut, Arlington
It's sad but I feel he went out doing something he loved (flying his plane) and that's not a bad way to go if you ask me.

Artie, Northboro
I feel bad for the family of JFK Jr. , and as well the Bessette family. My prayers go out to them with all my heart. This brings a saying to mind, for all of us to keep in mind. "Cherish things while you still have them, before they're gone, and you realize how precious they really are. "

Smith, Winthrop
The only solice I have from this tragedy is that the Kennedy's, with their strong faith, must know that *if* JFK, Jr. is gone, he is now soluting both his parents and can be embraced by them.

I'm sorry for the family's but...what kind of fool was he to set out on a hazy night with not much experience. Arrogance...It's a shame that the Bessettes had to lose two daughters. He should have postponed the trip until the next day...

Kevin, Cambridge
I feel sad for the Kennedy family at this terrible loss, but think that both the media and some of the public have gone overboard on this story.

I don't know how the public can "grieve" at the death of a total stranger, someone that wasn't even a public official or in public service. He was a celebrity, more like a model or actor. I'm sure he was a fine person but he was not hero or saint as far as I can tell. He was born good looking, wealthy, and famous. Good for him-- who wouldn't want that?-- but he didn't earn it and didn't go out of his way to help people with that power.

I also don't understand the unending discussions about how the Kennedy's have suffered so much. I know plenty of people who have had much harder lives then JFK Jr. or his family. And the comments some people are making amaze me "oh, its a tragedy that such beautiful people had to die".

Their lives are worth no more and no less than the poor and obscure of the world. Even his sister-in-law has received little attention, only half-hearted attempts in the latest news. That family lost two daughters for Pete's sake! I hate to bring up these points during this a somber time, but people need a little perspective and should realize that rest of humanity is just as important as the pretty faces on TV. (Meanwhile, it's been tough sifting through the Kennedy coverage for any news on that missing woman in Halifax.)

Sandra Galindo, Mexico
My prayers and thoughs are with the Kennedy and Bessette families. Its a terrible loss that three young lifes were cut with so much ahead to do. John F. Kennedy Jr was a young man with so much future that its so hard for everybody in the world to understand the things that life bring to us so suddenly and so hard.

Christine Roeder, Bensenvill
I was devastated to learn of JFK, Jr.'s missing plane and probable death. I grew up following his life and the lives of his family. I have always had a fascination with the Kennedys. One of my prized possessions is a card that Jackie Kennedy sent from the White House to everyone who sent sympathy cards, flowers, etc. after the assassination of the President. It was received by my grandparents when my grandfather was the Mayor of Winfield, IL. All I could think when I heard the terrible news about JFK, Jr. was,"How could God let this happen to THIS family, after all they've already been through?" It's something the world may never understand until we go to meet Our Maker ourselves.


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