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Rebuilding Iraq



To fully comply with the United Nations, Iraq must:
Disclose and destroy all weapons of mass destruction.
End all support of terrorism and act to suppress it.
Cease persecution of the Shi’a, Sunnis, Kurds, Turkomans, and others.
Stop illicit trade outside the oil-for-food program.
• Release or account for all missing Gulf War personnel and return stolen property.

Source: News Reports
By Globe Staff


Looking for trouble
As a UN weapons inspector in Iraq, Rocco Casagrande was the eye of a storm.

UN weapons inspections in Iraq


The Council members at-a-glance

Passing a resolution
How the UN Security Council works

Security Council resolutions
Resolution 660 (Aug. 2, 1990)
Condemned the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.
Resolution 661 (Aug. 6, 1990)
Imposed comprehensive sanctions on Iraq and established a committee to monitor them.
Resolution 687 (April 1991)
Declared a cease-fire.
Resolution 986 (April 1995)
Established the "oil for food" program.
Resolution 1284 (Dec. 17, 1999)
Replaced UNSCOM with the UN Monitoring, Verification, and Inspection Commission (UNMOVIC).
Resolution 1409 (May 14, 2002)
Modified the oil for food program, making it easier for Iraq to import goods.
Resolution 1441 (Nov. 8, 2002)
Sets deadline for Iraq to produce weapons declaration.
UN resolutions archive


2003 IAEA updates to UN:
Jan. 27 | Feb. 14 | Mar. 7

2003 Blix updates to UN:
Jan. 27 | Feb. 14 | Mar. 7

Powell Feb. 5 report to UN
Globe story Full text of address
Powell's presentation:
Bio./Chem. weapons | Nuclear
Conventional weapons | Terror

2002 Iraq letters to UN
Oct. 10 | Oct. 12 | Nov. 13

Speeches by President Bush
Address to the UN: Sep. 12, 2002
On 1441 passage: Nov. 8, 2002


United Nation
UN Security Council
UN - The situation in Iraq
IAEA and Iraq

The UN and the crisis in Iraq

Globe coverage of major United Nations developments in the situation with Iraq:

September 13, 2002
President urges UN to stand up to Iraq
President Bush, arguing his case against Iraq on the world stage for the first time, pressed for forceful international action yesterday and warned the United Nations that it "will be irrelevant" if it fails to stand up to Saddam Hussein.
(By Anne E. Kornblut, and Elizabeth Neuffer, Globe Staff)
At UN, hints of what's ahead
Bush sets course that points toward attack

September 17, 2002
Iraq agrees to arms inspections
Iraq agreed yesterday to the unconditional return of United Nations weapons inspectors, UN Secretary General Kofi Annan announced last night, a possible breakthrough in a nearly four-year standoff over concerns that Iraq was still developing weapons of mass destruction.
(By Elizabeth Neuffer, Globe Staff)

October 2, 2002
UN, Iraq reach a deal on inspections; US objects
The United Nations reached a deal yesterday with Iraq on terms for the resumption of weapons inspections for the first time since 1998 -- except at Saddam Hussein's presidential palaces -- but the Bush administration immediately rejected the arrangement and demanded a stronger UN resolution before the inspectors return.
(By Brian Whitmore, Globe Correspondent, and Anne E. Kornblut, Globe Staff)

November 9, 2002
Resolution on Iraq passes
The UN Security Council unanimously approved yesterday a forceful resolution giving Iraq a final chance to disarm or face the prospect of an American-led war.
(By Elizabeth Neuffer, Globe Staff)

November 14, 2002
Iraq agrees to UN terms
Confronted by the threat of war and calls to disarm, Iraq accepted a new, more stringent UN resolution yesterday that will return weapons inspectors to the country to search for suspected weapons of mass destruction for the first time in four years.
(By Elizabeth Neuffer, Globe Staff)

November 18, 2002
Daunting task awaits UN arms chief
UN weapons chief Hans Blix arrives in Baghdad today to begin his hunt for Iraq's suspected weapons of mass destruction, equipped with new high-tech gadgetry, a firm UN mandate that Iraq disarm, and the threat of war should it not comply.
(By Elizabeth Neuffer, Globe Staff)

December 8, 2002
Iraq submits massive weapons file
Iraq turned over a 12,000-page dossier on its weapons programs to UN inspectors yesterday in Baghdad but denied having any illicit weapons of mass destruction, opening a new phase in a standoff which has threatened to bring military action from the United States.
(By Anne E. Kornblut and Joe Lauria, Globe Staff and Globe Correspondent)

December 19, 2002
US faults Iraq for report, says it won't trigger war
The Bush administration declared yesterday that Iraq had failed to account for all its weapons programs in its 12,000-page report to the United Nations, but US officials made clear that the report itself would not prompt military action and that intensifying UN inspections in Iraq would continue.
(By Anthony Shadid, Globe Staff, and Joe Lauria, Globe Correspondent)

December 20, 2002
Iraq report in violation, Powell says
Secretary of State Colin L. Powell declared yesterday that Iraq's 12,200-page report on its weapons programs was a catalog of "recycled information and flagrant omissions," violating United Nations resolutions in ways that could provoke war. But Powell pushed back the prospect of conflict for at least several weeks by calling for stepped-up UN inspections inside Iraq and interviews with Iraqi scientists outside the country.
(By Anthony Shadid, Globe Staff, and Joe Lauria, Globe Correspondent)

February 6, 2002
Powell tells UN Iraq hid arms, deceived weapons inspectors
Secretary of State Colin L. Powell used dramatic satellite images and chilling telephone intercepts yesterday to try to convince the United Nations Security Council that Iraq poses an imminent threat, harboring Al Qaeda terrorists and concealing banned deadly weapons in defiance of a UN order to disarm.
(By Elizabeth Neuffer, Globe Staff)