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Rebuilding Iraq


Are you more worried now about a terrorist strike on the US?

Federal, state, and local governments, as well as many US companies, stepped up security when coalition forces started bombing Iraq. Now that a major assault has been launched, are you more or less concerned about a terrorist attack on the US or its citizens?

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I believe that the US and its citizens will always be the target for terrorist attacks as long as we are a free and prosperous country and support Israel. I however am less concerned about such terrorist attacks now that the US and it allies are at war with Iraq. Although not a popular move, I am convinced that President Bush has engaged our US forces for an honorable and just cause, to free the world from a murderous Saddam Hussein and liberate the people of Iraq. Such war efforts will bring human rights back to the deserving people of Iraq as well as help bring safety back to the borders of the US and the rest of the free world. To the brave men and women of the US and allied armed forces, the citizens of the US and the world owe a debt a gratitude to you that will never be directly repaid. The only repayment that you will receive is when you step foot onto the soil of a country that you helped preserve its freedoms. May God be with you!

Vernon, Wayland

Although I am very concerned that Al Qaeda may use the Iraq invasion as a pretext for a major terrorist attack against the U.S., I am even more alarmed at reactive federal government policies that continue to leave us vulnerable at just such a time. The feds have delivered little of the promised funding to local and state authorities for anti-terrorism security. They have failed to invest sufficient funds to build up the nation's public health infrastructure that is key in detecting and managing a biological attack. Perhaps worst of all, they have continued a years-long federal practice of failing to adequately address the gravest threat of all -- nuclear terrorism -- by focusing strategic and diplomatic resources on a major international effort to track down secure nuclear material and those rogue scientists and states who are likely to put it in the hands of terrorists. Much as is took September 11 for the government to take real steps in making our air travel system safer, I fear that it may take a nuclear attack on a U.S. city before the government wakes up and realizes that the U.S. military might and tough cowboy talk won't protect us from the loss of tends or hundreds of thousands of lives in such a holocaust.

Eric, Boston

I feel that they may be a terrorist action. WHAT are they to think when they protesters are out there telling people the world we have no trust or belief in the US Government. Also the people who want to harm the USA can see that the police are busy with these Anti-American and feel that they can come after us. Side note. I support all of our troops who are all over the world protecting all that we hold dear!!!

Marina , Allston

I'm actually no more worried than I was before. The kind of large scale terrorist attacks like the world trade center takes years of planning and orginizing. If something along those lines were already in the planning stages, than it would be going ahead regardless of our attacking Iraq. There is the possibility for more desparation tactics, like the suicide bombings that take place frequently in Israel, but we can only hope and pray that nothing like that happens.

Mike, Quincy, MA

No. I will remain vigilant with my eyes open. On a side note for the protestors. As a Marine that was in Desert Storm and one of the first to enter Kuwait City I have not seen a more uninformed group of people in my life. If you had the visuals of what Saddam Hussein does to his troops that flee (Yes, the death squads are real and positioned behind his troops) and what he did to the people of Kuwait. I really do not think your opinions would be the same. The inspectors cannot search every residential house, building, underground bunker in the country. If we do not take him out now we will be dealing with him or one of his sons years down the road and it may not be so easy then. I wonder what these same people will be saying when the Iraqi people are in the streets celebrating there liberation. The protestors have no realistic plans they just keep saying "give peace a chance".

Rich, Boston

I'm just glad President Bush is strong & resolute adn willing to liberate the Iraqis. Thank God there is not a Democrate in office, which by now would have given our freedom away by now (ie. world court, kyoto, 9/11)

Kevin, Dover

Less concerned about terrorist attacks. Any terrorist cell sleeper groups included are suicide missions if they can even pull off their cowardly acts. No doubt the public at large has a more vigilant outlook and will assist law enforcement if apparopriate. Terrorists have not attacked the US since 9/11, either they are afraid, or have been tharwted by anti-terror security.

Mike, Waltham

Kevin from Watertown - you must mean if Bush Sr had finished the job in '91. Selective memory?

JB, Boston

Yes I am. Even though Al Queada hates Saddam and have never allied with him, they will see our attack on him as an attack on all Muslims. After this war the anti-Americanism that has been growing worldwide over the past year will be much worse. Even in moderate and non-Muslim, allied countries like Greece they are violently protesting outside the American embassy today. Historically violence always begats more violence and it will be the same this time. Both in the short and long term hatred of America will give terrorist organizations more recruits, as well as more pole willing to finance them house the, and support them in every way. If you think about it, this war has given Osama bin Laden everything he wants; a war between the west and the Arab world, a breakdown of organizations that provide international stability including NATO and the U.N., increase anti-Americanism around the world especially in Arab countries, a growing dissatisfaction amung the populous of Muslim countries with their governments who are allied with the U.S.(such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and many others), and even the removal of Saddam Hussein whom he hates. More terrorism agianst the US is the only possible outcome of this war.

Todd, North Atlleboro

What it all boils down to is that if an organization wants to hit us at home, with proper planning, they're going to. I'm not living in fear because if I do then terrorism wins. I would rather die living my life than live in fear. SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

Tim, Natick

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