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Rebuilding Iraq


Are you more worried now about a terrorist strike on the US?

Federal, state, and local governments, as well as many US companies, stepped up security when coalition forces started bombing Iraq. Now that a major assault has been launched, are you more or less concerned about a terrorist attack on the US or its citizens?

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Have been concerned since 9/11. Now since the war is under way, what I'm really concerned about is fellow Americans not showing their support for our troops.

Lisa, Needham

I'm confident in our troops and our leaders. Now if only the left wing, trust-fund idiots from the People's Republic of Cambridge would get a clue and stop disrupting everyone else's lives! Hey Kevin from Cambridge, ever heard of a working vacation? GWB gets more done in an hour than you've ever accomplished in your life. Stop sponging off your Mommie and Daddy! Get a life!

Keith, Milford

I agree with Mike in Boston. I'm way more worried about the protestors disrupting my life right now then terrorist attacks. Protest away, but stay off the streets. The MBTA has enough problems as it is!!

Nicole, Boston

Worrying serves no purpose other than to cripple us with fear ... the times we live in are unfortunately fraught with danger, but altering the way we live our lives even a smidgeon is unacceptable.

Chris, Boston

I am not concerned because if Iraq attacks us then it will give the rest of the world the message that the United States was correct in saying that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction and that Saddam is evil. I don't think that Saddam wants the United States to get that satisfaction.

Sue, Wakefield

I am more worried, especially with the anti-war protesters taking the police away from their duties to keep these so-called "Peace" protesters in line.

Peter, Dorchester

Yes, of course it will increase the likelihood of terrorism. But I wish the nationalistic fervor was toned down a little. There seem to be a lot of people who think that they can claim some moral high ground by simply saying that they "support the troops" and by yelling insults at peace demonstrators. I wish those people could understand that belligerent nationalism does not hide ignorance. Opposing the war is not the same as opposing the troops, and waving a flag does not make you a good American. It's just a way to hide the fact that you can't articulate your feelings, or that maybe you don't really understand what's going on. So please, do everyone a favor: stop hiding behind the flag, and start thinking a little. It is vocal opposition that makes this country great. Knee-jerk nationalism is just a tool of fascism. Oh, and by the way, the troops don't need your support. They have about 500 times the firepower of the people they are attacking.

Phil, Melrose

On 9/11 we were attacked for no reason, at least now they have a reason. Iraq or not, we will always be a terror target until the israel-palestine mess is under control.

William, Beacon Hill

I believe that the people who would carry out terrorists attacks in this country aren't any more motivated today than they were on 9/11. They hated us then and how much more can they hate us. It seems to me like a pointless question. I live my life with the feeling that if I'm in the wrong place at the wrong be it. But, I support this war because I'd rather we err on the proactive side and instead of erring on the passive side.

Mark, Boston

I am not concerned much at all. I love this place. 280 million people live in the US and there's about 150k (and have you seen these lazy, dirty, naive, socialist kids? these are the people to listen to about US policy???) that protest this war. Ignorance must truly be bliss. Conspiracy theories like the inane "no blood for oil" are always way more fun than coping with reality. Stop seeing only what you want to see.

Bob, Boston

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