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Rebuilding Iraq


Are you more worried now about a terrorist strike on the US?

Federal, state, and local governments, as well as many US companies, stepped up security when coalition forces started bombing Iraq. Now that a major assault has been launched, are you more or less concerned about a terrorist attack on the US or its citizens?

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Thanks to all the anti-war protests, I can finally get a table at Starbuck after 10 am.

John, Acton

I'm not worried. I trust our president and I am so proud of our troops. We're doing the right thing. It's so disheartening to see the war protesters on the news when we should kissing the feet of the men and women defending our freedom, not demonstrating against what they're being instructed to do. As the granddaughter of a Pearl Harbor Marine and a cousin of two soldiers fighting this war, I know freedom doesn't come free. God Bless America and our troops.

Katie, Andover

Yes--I am more concerned about a terrorist attack. I disagree that protesting the war shows disrespect for the troops. I don't think it is disrespectful to think about things, form your own opinion, and have your opinion heard. That is what democracy is about. I support my troops, and that is precisely why I want them--my friends and neighbors and brothers--safe at home, not dying in Iraq, because I don't think Bush made a convincing case for the US to go to war. I agree that Saddam is a ruthless tyrant, but I think a regime change needs to come from *within* Iraq. The US should fund the opposition secretly and try to have Saddam overthrown; it is a more diplomatic and effective method than going to war. I think it sets a dangerous precedent when the US unilaterally decides that a particular goverment is not in its own interests and therefore must be annihilated--in open defiance of the rest of the world. And the rest of the world DOES matter--remember 9/11? War is a last resort when there is an immediate threat to US security; I do not feel that Saddam Hussein was one. I am not sure what this war is about--it is like something out of a bad movie. The US claims that they are fighting in part because Saddam gassed the Kurds. But that was many years ago; if the US really cared about the Iraqi people why didn't they take out Saddam then? Not to mention that it was the US itself who gave Saddam the chemical weapons that they are now complaining he has. To those people who said the protesters should be sent to Iraq for a month, I agree that living conditions are bad in Iraq and Saddam is a brutal dictator. But I still don't think that it is either the US's responsibility or its right to come in, take out the Iraqi government, and impose its own because it is not satisfied with the way things are over there. Particularly without the consent of the rest of the world. Imagine for a moment that Iraq were the superpower and we were just a little country. And let's say Saddam didn't like our democracy, he thought we should be like Iraq. So he decided to invade the US, drop a bomb on the White House, wipe out the whole Republican party, and replace them with his Republian Guard. Think of how you would see Saddam then--and realize that that is how the rest of the world sees us. What makes me sad is that people seem to just blindly accept what Bush has to say rather than thinking about it for themselves. And then they insult the people and students who do think, saying that they are disrespecting their country.

R, Somerville

Directed to Tina. I support the troops and believe protesting is a right set forth through the 1st Amendment. The thing that makes me sick about these protesters is the human road blockades, malitoff cocktails, brick and rock throwing, etc. Are your trying to justify that type of protesting, because the last time I checked it's called Assault, Disorderly conduct, and creates a danger towards people who don't want to be associated with ignorant people like yourself. Go back to Canada!


i had a short moment of uneasiness last night when my power flickered on and off for a few seconds.

adam, brighton

No - I think that the war with Iraq has not increased the terrorist threats that were already out there. If they're going to happen, they're going to happen. I put my trust in the men and woman whose job it is to protect our homeland and carry on with my life.

Brian, Boston

John said some things which I simply can't let go unchallenged: >A war against Iraq is not a war on terrorism. >Bush even admitted that he didn't have any proof >that links Iraq to 9/11. And your point is what? That if Saddam Hussein didn't personally fly a jet into the World Trade Center that he doesn't support terrorism? It is an undisputed fact that Saddam pays a $25,000 reward to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers. If that isn't sponsoring terrorism, what would you call it? >I have no doubt that the US wants to pursue a >war in order to claim some controls in the oil >production. If the US wanted the oil we would have taken it in 1991, or decades earlier. I'm willing to bet that not a penny from Iraqui oil will be used to reimburse the American taxpayers for the cost of removing Saddam's threat to our security, although we would be completely justified in doing so. Why? Because we don't want to do something that might give credence to absurd claims such as yours. Meanwhile American liberals attribute noble motives to France and Russia's opposition to the war when they are in fact motivated solely by their own economic interests. >A war is never justifiable. Ah, you reveal yourself as a pacifist. If you'd rather die than defend yourself be my guest although I'd suggest you get out of the way when I shoot back at those who are trying to kill *me*. >One only solution to this problem is to have US >to withdraw all bases from all around the World >as to respect all nations' sovereignty. Agreed. It's not the responsibility of the US taxpayer to solve the rest of the world's problems. >Better yet, we would be able to use 500 billion >dollars annually to invest in universal health >care for all of us, our educational system, and >help poor people! Of course, because the failure of liberal programs is never that they are bad ideas, it's that we just didn't throw enough money at the problem. >Please let our country to be a peaceful nation, >not a rogue nation! You seem to have a strange definition of rogue nation. *Iraq* is a rogue nation which has defied numerous UN resolutions over the past 13 years. The fact that the UN doesn't have the guts to back up it's own words with action doesn't make the US the rogue nation. Would you really say that this war is legitimate if Cameroon and Guinea voted in favor of our latest resolution in exchange for billions of dollars of US taxpayer money? The UN has become little more than a mechanism for third world countries to extort money from the US. >You know what? I submitted this to two >newspapers but never published. Where is my >freedom of speech right? Uh, hate to break it to you pal, but you suffer from a misunderstanding common to liberals. Your rights under the Constitution stop at preventing someone else from infringing on those rights. Under no circumstances do they compel anyone to do anything on your behalf. Those newspapers are private businesses which can publish whatever they see fit. If you don't like their editorial policy, you're perfectly free to publish your own newspaper.

Brian , Marlborough

First to John. You can submit many things to newspapers and they don't print them, I don't think it has anything to do with your right to freedom of speech, it may have to do with your inability to write coherent sentences. Secondly I am of course worried about terrorism, I don't think a day will go by for the rest of my life that I won't think about it. Do I lie awake at night worrying about it? No. I just continue to live my life, what else is there to do? Finally to the anti-war protesters, you people should be ashamed of yourselves! Many of you are the same age as the soldiers in Kuwait defending our country, and here you are leaving class and tying up traffic walking around like it is a Phish concert. You need to understand that this is not a war about oil, it is a war about protecting this country and the world from Saddam Hussein.

Joni, Boston

I hope everyone is happy with the Republican administration. They screwed our elections, our economy, our values, our international relations and they just ignore everyone but their racist, war mongering, closed minded selves. We're paying for their actions so it won't come as a surprise if we are attacked for their conduct. See you in 2004.

R. Thomas, Boston

To Kevin from Cambridge - are you an idiot? Do you think for one minute he is relaxing at Camp David and not totally on top of all that's going on? Why should he have to stay at the White House through the whole weekend? And I am a Democrat

Patti, Boston

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