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Rebuilding Iraq


Are you more worried now about a terrorist strike on the US?

Federal, state, and local governments, as well as many US companies, stepped up security when coalition forces started bombing Iraq. Now that a major assault has been launched, are you more or less concerned about a terrorist attack on the US or its citizens?

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To Kevin From Cambridge, "Republican BS"??? Finally there's a real American in the White House with some balls to go after the evil in this world... have another glass of cheap French wine.

MM, Quincy

I am worried about dissension because society has stopped listening. I am worried about my safety- locally and internationally. I am worried about the safety of our military because, thanks to Iraq's use of the UN-prohibited Scud, we now know Bush was right about Hussein all along.

Juanita, Roslindale

Kevin from Watertown and Jeff from Southborough - thanks, your knowledge is extremely impressive. No kidding the president has a traveling White House, that's not the point. WHY does he need to travel to Camp David (a place that is KNOWN as a presidential retreat)? It's just plain stupid to do this during a war. It is a clear sign of an intellectually deprived president, not to mention certain people from Watertown and Southborough.

Kevin, Cambridge

To John: You have some great thoughts. Your idea's sound very Canadian. How about if you move there and support their efforts of unarmed "peace keepers" to protect countries against genocide. The US is the greatest nation in the world, in part because of our willingness to protect those that can't protect themselves. It's time Saddam is taken down. This isn't about oil. You rant about the "war for oil" B.S. but don't mention the ecological destruction that comes from oil spills. Have you seen pictures of the areas of Kuwait that are still polluted from 1991. Also, if the Iraqi's destroy their oil production capabilities they will lose an important resource for gaining money to provide the humanitarian aid to the people that need it. Or should we scrap our entire military infrastructure and give that money away to other nations to appease you and your bleeding heart liberal friends??!!


I am concerned of course, but I am confident that our country is far enough advanced that we will be okay. We just need to do our job and be done.

Robin, Boston

Support the brave men and women who are busy fighting for OUR freedom! Stop creating violence on the streets in the name of peace--war is happening--and our soldiers need our SUPPORT! Say prayers for peace...

Dave, Boston

Jodi from Boston! Go back to school and learn a few things because you have know idea what you're talking about. That could be the most uneducated, sorry comment I have ever read. Freedom doesn't come free and maybe if you had an idea about anything other then your ignorance you could have made more educated comment.

Steve, N Andover

The first attack on the WTC happened in 1993, but they didn't murder enough working class American infidels that time, so the terrorists struck again in 2001. There were many attacks on our embassies and interests overseas between those years and they'll probably continue into the future. Although I didn't vote for Bush, I appreciate the fact that the Feds are at least making an effort to go after our enemies. We woke up on 9/12 and realized that our immigration policies were a joke, and we needed to make changes. (Sorry, international students overstaying your visas.) We are enforcing our laws. If anything, I feel that we'll be safer in the long run. Every country harboring terrorists has been put on notice. Remember how often we were told that we could never defeat the Taliban, who were openly traing armies sworn to destroy us? They aren't all dead yet, but it isn't for lack of trying.

Rob, Melrose

The United States will reap what it sows. Violence begets only more violence, whether it's inflicted here or at American interests abroad.

Paul, Arlington

I am not worried about terrorist activity any more now than I was on the day after 9/11th. Terrorists have made it known to us how they feel and that they will act. War or no war, we'll see terror happen again. The good news is we're currently taking a huge bite out of the epicenter of terror as we speak--and doing it with the utmost professionalism and skill. I am proud of what the brave men and women have just done and how they have done it over the past 48hrs. Many future generations will have them to thank. Just another example of America and how we do things with the utmost quality. Couldn't be prouder right now.

M, Boston

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