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Rebuilding Iraq


Reaction to Powell's address

This morning, Secretary of State Colin Powell presented the US case for an attack on Iraq to the United Nations Security Council, sharing previously classified intelligence material. Based on his remarks, is there a smoking gun? Is there sufficient cause to take on Iraq, or is more proof needed? Share your thoughts.

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He did not make the case for war.

Howard, Wayland

Not at all. Hussein is not a threat to the US right now. How do we know these to be authentic?This about Oil. What ever happened to taht war against terrorism and bin laden?

Jay, New Hampshire

He was very eloquent in his presentation. I was against the war before, but am now in favor.

Chester, White Plains

Very much so. I'm sure it is a fraction of what is available. Powell is an honorable man and would not have stated that the evidence was there if it was just to back up Bush. The last person who wants to go to war is a soilder.

John, Belmont

Yes. What the heck are we waiting for. They signed an agreement and broke it years ago. Lets get on with this..

Joe, Boston

Sec. Of State Powell confirmed today the fears of the world. Hussein and Iraq is a monster that has to be dealt with immediatley and swiftly

Nicholas , Chelmsford Ma

The evidence was a "smoking bazooka". We need this to convince France, Russia and Germany. Hopefully this strengthens Saudi efforts to generate Arab support to oust Saddam. That would be the best possible outcome.

Barry , Rowayton, CT

Sadam and Al Qaeda would make strange bedfellows, but it is possible that a mutual goal would get them cooperating. Still, though terrorist cells may be operating in Iraq, that doesn't necessarily show a connection between sadam's administration and Al Qaeda..after all terrorist cells were operating in the US. The weapons are worrying, however, and Sadam is a powercrazed megalomaniac. God only knows what he'll do if pushed into a corner he can't get out of.

MS, Cambridge

Of course he made the case. Although he had no case to make. The case has been made for the last 12 years. This is silly and it's time to disarm Saddam Hussein.

Kevin, Randolph

No more inspections, no more chances...Secretary of State Colin Powell made the case.

rita, dedham

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