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Rebuilding Iraq


Is it time for war?

In a move that appears to set the stage for an imminent war, the United States, Britain, and Spain on Monday withdrew their proposed United Nations Security Council resolution on Iraq, abandoning diplomatic efforts to disarm Saddam Hussein. Was this the right move?

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unfortunatley, yes.

Ed, Stoughton

no, no, a thousand times

Georgina, Allston

The time has enough is enough. Saddam is hiding his weapons and we need to go in there and take the weapons out, for our peace and take Saddam out for the peace of Iraq's people

Nick, Reader

Hitler, Napolean...Hussein. Should any of these of leaders be allowed to remain in power?

Joe, Boston

NO! This is a disaster in the making - this will not make the world safer. I am sickened by what Bush is doing, and he is shamelessly manipulating the public by attempting to link Iraq and 9/11, knowing that some people can't differentiate between Middle Easterners. Never mind that Osama (Remember him?) has declared Saddam an "apostate" and a "communist". I am truly disgusted. What did Iraq ever do to us? Answer that, please, and please do it without saying I'm defending Hussein, which I'm not. By the way, "war" is a misnomer in this case, because it implies that two sides are fighting on somewhat equal grounds. This is slaughter, not war. This is an atrocity.

Chris, Boston

NO, Mr. Bush has simply boxed himself into a bad political situation and the only way to save his political skin now is to kill thousands of innocent people. A small price to pay in his mind I suppose. Then he will use Collin Powell as a scape goat over the complete loss of credibility Mr. Bush and America has around the globe. The American media also is to blame for only reporting Mr. Bush's war propaganda.

steve , Groton, MA

Enough talk. Liberate Iraq!

Mike, Franklin

I believe after 12 years of lies and dodging the international community, it is time for Saddam to go. By whatever means necessary. I stand behind GW 100% on this one.

Tony, Leominster

War always sucks. But we are dealing with a guy with a history of hostile attacks on nations who has show zero interest in complying with the international community - for 12 years.

Ed, Boston

Should have finished the job 12 years ago, but let's get it over with now otherwise we'll have to do it in another 10 years when there are more weapons available to terrorists.

Vive La France - RUN!!!, Marlboro

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