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Rebuilding Iraq


Should celebrities shut up?

In today's Life in the Pop Lane column, Renée Graham writes that fame should not prevent celebrities from speaking their opinion about a possible war in Iraq. Others contend that most celebrities have no political qualifications and should keep their mouths shut. What's your opinion?
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I think it is great that celebrities share their views on the possible war with Iraq. There are many times where celebrities are viewed as being "above" everyone else. Although it is unfortunate that a cause is needed to see celebrities in the general population - but war affects everyone, including celebrities. We are all human.

Me, Allston

The biggest problem I have about anti war protests... whether the people doing the protesting are celebs or not, is... where is the support for the troops? I don't care how you feel about the war, but think of about the troops, and support them, it's their job, not their choice, to fight this war, whether they want to or not.

Maggie, westport, ma

Unfortunately, Durst ruins it for any celebrity who may have a clue of what is going on.

Takeo, roxbury

Let them have their say, this is America and everyone has a right to an opinion. But who really cares what celebrities think or say? There is no way a celebrity (or anyone else) is going to sway my beliefs because they are a celebrity. Only a weak minded simpleton would make a decision based on what a celebrity says.

Ray , West Roxbury

Anytime some self important self absorbed hollywood celebrity gets involved in a protest like this, it only lends itself to ridicule. From Fred Durst saying " agreeance this war should end' to Susan Sarandon whining, what has Iraq done to us? It lends little credibility to the anti war movement because lets face it folks, its from Hollywierd. What bothers me is these celebrities have all this money to promote their agenda, as if it was totally representative of the American opinion and mood concerning this fight. Truth be told it isnt, you wouldnt know that though because the average joe can't affprd to go on national TV like Susan Sarandon or take out full page ads in the NYTimes. Id like to get out there on national TV and show pictures of what nerve gas can do to you or show the torture / rape camp survivors from Iraq as a reason to bolster liberation efforts in Iraq...alas, I don't have Sarandon's or Penn's money to do so. Support Citizens Against Celebrity Pundits.

Chris, Braintree

I can careless what these celebrites think. Matin Sheen for example, thinks that he can run the country now, because he played a president on TV. Of course they don't want war, they don't want anything to jeopardise their little perfect life. These don't know a hard day in life if it came up to them and bit them on the a**. I believe that we have our smoking guns, and Hans found it for us. They should go back to acting, for some they shouls just go away.

Brian, Wakefield

In general, actors are liberals, just like the media. Historically, liberals think they are much smarter than everyone else and know what to do. They are pathetically bad at governing and believe that they can run things much better than the conservatives. I wish the actors would shut it about politics. Stick with being bad actors. That's what they do best.

Bruce, Needham

Respect Freedom of Speech. Period. That said, celebrities do not always make the best spokesperson for a cause (See: Farrell, Mike), but it is also refreshing that there are celebrities out there who stand for something beyond the vapid culture of facelifts and fashion mistakes (see: Garofolo, Jeanine).

Chris, Jamaica Plain

Although I disagree with most of the celebrities anti-war talk, it's certainly their right to voice their opinion. The real problem lies with the media, who feel compelled to print and broadcast these opinions, as if they really mattered. There are millions of people in our country more educated and knowledgdable about Iraq, the possibility of war and it's aftermath than the actors and musicians who invariably have a knee jerk "we want peace" reaction to any suggestion that military use is justified. We, the public, desperately need to hear opinions that matter, based on knowledge and truth, not on the shallowness of mindless celebrity worship.

Bruce, Fairlee, Vermont

I have no political qualifications, are you going to tell me to keep my mouth shut? I don't recommend it. I am outspoken against the war, and every American has the right to do the same, for or against. If they happen to have celebrity to go along with an opinion, more power to them for using their status for something they believe in, instead of just to get really great gift baskets on Oscar night.

Wendy, Somerville

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