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Rebuilding Iraq


Should the US allow Iraqis to engage in looting?

Witnessing Saddam Hussein's power slip away, hundreds of Iraqis rushed to take everything else Wednesday: They used pickup trucks and wheelbarrows to haul off everything from refrigerators to flower pots from government ministries, police stations and state companies.

Among the sites plundered: the state-owned Oil Marketing Co., traffic police headquarters, and Iraq's Olympic headquarters, which was said to be the site of a torture center run by one of Saddam's sons. The looters took computers, appliances, tires, bookshelves, tables, even Iraqi jeeps.

How far should the US go to stop Iraqis from taking items that belonged to the government?   Read the story: Looting breaks out in Baghdad

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As long as they are not looting in America....WHO CARES?

Russell Bling, Lynn

Sure, they were looted by their own government for years, why not give them a break?

Dave, South Boston

No...Leave it to their local police !

Bill, Waltham

Why not, they have been without for so long. All the power to them.

Francesca, Stoneham

Iragi's have a right to take from the former government. It is their's to take and we should only step in if it gets violent. If you were in an oppressive situation for years and had nothing, wouldn't you want what you did not have? It is not our place or mission to keep the people of Iraq oppressed, we are there to get rid of Saddam and his regime, free the people and help them build a new government.

Janice, Merrimack

Why is this a question? We have had looting in LA, DC, etc after major riots in the 20th century --- the Iraqis have been through a war (the latest of many for them), it is what happens after a violent upheaval. What did the USA do when we had looting domestically? Use the action in those instances as a guideline if anything is to be done at all. Frankly, as in those cases, rebuilding the city so people can live decently and peacefully is a major priority before guarding material goods from getting looted.

Saima, washington, DC

Let them take it all! It is an easier form of distribution than having the US or UN distributing it. Besides, I am sure it is eating Saddam inside to see his own people rising against him!

Matt , Norwood

Sure. Anarchy Now!

Mikey, Cambridge

Why are they all looting? I thought all the peaceniks were saying they'd be supporting nice guy Sadaam and turning Iraq into Vietnam part two? Golly, it took all of 21 days and Bahgdad fell. They were only off by about 10 years. Yes sir, the Pentagon sure doesn't know what they're talking about Gee, I guess you peaceniks were flat out WRONG!!!! Any of you frauds (you know who you are TC and Denis) care to admit it?

Diamond Dave, Taunton

Sure, its their country, or do we want to start arresting the very civilians we are trying to win over? Doesn't really matter, W and his rich oil pals have been looting the US economy for two years now so if we want the Iraqis to be like us then this shouldn't bother anyone.

Rick, Norwell

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