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Rebuilding Iraq


Does it matter if the US kills Saddam Hussein?

Does Saddam Hussein have to be killed for the objective of the US to be accomplished? Can the people of Iraq be liberated with him alive? Should killing Hussein be a primary objective of the US, or should liberating the Iraqi people take priority? Does it matter if he remains in power?

Read the story: US forces try to kill Saddam in airstrike; his fate is unclear

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ABSOLUTELY !!!!! The very purpose of this was is to find and destroy weapons of mass destruction and the only way to do that is to destroy Saddam and his followers. Hopefully with yesterdays massive strikes, he will be found dead

Susan, N. Reading

Oh my yes! He's a bad man! In order to send a message to all tyrannical despots that killing is wrong. Then in ten years or so we can do an Oliver Cromwell, dig him up and kill him again. Our bloodlust should be sated by them. Whaddya think kiddies?

Brian , Boston

Yes, I think it does matter. This is a very dangerous individual with many connections within the Middle East, if not I'm afraid he will come back to haunt us. Psychologically it will make a difference as well, perhaps more so to the Iraqi common person.

Ken, Bridgewater MA

Yes, i hate when leadership always says that -Saddam is irrelevent, or Osama himself is not important, its bigger than one man, BLA BLA- OF COURSE IT MATTERS--

JR, Dallas

No, it doesn't matter. It only matters if we catch him or not. If we don't catch him, he will eventually find his way back into Iraq to reclaim the country. I personally would rather have him alive so he can learn what it's like to live in a prison.

Dave, Gloucester

Yes, If we do not kill him, then we will need to vote another Bush into the office to finish the job (yet again). You know what they say, "Third time is a charm".

Joe , Peabody/MA

Of course he must be. King George's blood lust must be satisfied!

Ralph, Arlington

Well, obviously it matters if he remains in power, this whole endeavour would not amount to anything if he did. The liberation of the Iraqi people is much more important that killing Saddam Hussein, but losing track of Saddam like Bin Laden would be a BIG mistake. He should either be captured and stand trial for actions he has taken against the citizens of Iraq, and his use of Chem./Bio. weapons, or he should continued to be targeted by allied bombings or special forces.

Matt, Somerville

Yes, it does matter, the man is a mad man and needs to be put down. The US can help the people of Iraq.

Eileen, Chelsea

Killing Saddam should be a priority for coalition forces. However, it is not absolutely necessary for victory and a liberated Iraq. Ideally, we would like him dead, it would prove to the world that we are serious about eradicating his "kind" as well galvanizing a renewed appreciation for our military strength and precision. Victory is achived when he is no longer in power, the Iraqi people are free, and the threat of fascism has been purged. Although, I am confident WMD will be found (if they have not been already), we already know that he has (or had) that capability which was in turn ,reason enough to invade.

Steven, Watertown

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