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Rebuilding Iraq


Who should lead the rebuilding of Iraq after the war?

Questions over the postwar rebuilding of Iraq, which have divided the US and Britain, will be one of the primary subjects of today's summit between President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair is pushing for deep United Nations involvement in the rebuilding of Iraq, while the Bush administration, wary of the UN, seeks a transitional governing authority with a strong US presence.

Who do you think should manage the rebuilding? How much influence should the UN have? And what role should Iraqi opposition forces and exiles play?

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It'll probably be the same people who are overseeing the rebuilding of Afghanistan - nobody.

Dave, Sharon

Anyone but the French

clearhead, Johnston

Anyone but France, France should have nothing to do with the rest of the world. It's support of murderious and terrorist regimes thoughout its history. It's support of a regime in Sudan which dealt in mass murder and slavery, its willingness to ignore mass murderer in order to make profit, shows how this country has no place in this world. In order to make this world a better place, France should go next.

Jim , Westwood

I agree with Blair's approach. If our mission is truly to get rid of the WMD and oust Saddam (although I think a preemptive strike to oust another world leader is a bad idea) then we shouldn't give the impression that we had an agenda or we're trying to control that part of the world, as we're being accused of and denying. Question to all the French-bashers: Why does Germany get off scot-free? They had the same position as the French, but nobody's pouring German beer down the toilet.

Ann, Boston

I think both the US and Britain should manage the rebuilding effort without the involvement of the UN because bothe the US and Britain took all of the burden.

Deltawannabe, Cambridge

The US military. It's the only way to be sure.

jafo, Boston

The United States and Britain and the Iraqi people. Definetly not the French.

Francesca, Stoneham

Why, all the anti-war people who post here everyday, of course! After all, they know so much more than the rest of us stupid "neo-cons". See, they know all about "untrustworthy" governments with no integrity (ours, not Saddam's, in their world view). I'm sure Jodi and Harvey and the rest could set up a good, America-hating government, just like in Cambridge.

Bruce , San Diego

I agree with Tony Blair that the UN should be the primary institution involved in building Iraq. The US simply does not understand enough about Arab/Iraqi culture in order to rebuild the country in a way that will not be vulnerable to its neighbor or a group such as the Talban that would take advantage of a weak state. The US loses interest in such matters too quickly to guarentee that the country would be viabily rebuilt. The UN would not due to the mixture of nations.

Llara , Geneva, Switzerland

The United States should oversee the rebuilding of Iraq.

Margaret , Boston

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