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Rebuilding Iraq


Would a lack of weapons of mass destruction affect your perception of the war?

US troops today found thousands of boxes of white powder, nerve agent antidote, and Arabic documents on how to engage in chemical warfare at an industrial site south of Baghdad. Initial reports indicate that the material is probably just explosives, but tests are ongoing.

At this point, does it still matter to you whether coalition forces uncover weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Or is the Bush administration's stated goal of "liberating the Iraqi people" sufficient justification for the use of military force?

Tell us what you think.

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They better. Otherwise we had no real reasons for going in. Or not letting the inspectors finish.

mike, dorchester

No, not at all because the government was always sure they had them and that they were just moving them around all the time. Liberating the Iraqi people is the most important part of this mission and is being accomplished. Our troops are NOT over there in vain and the fight is a just and good one. I pray for all of our men and women to safely get home to us families that sorely miss our loved ones. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

soldierswife, Johnston

It would be nice to silence the critics at the UN and in our own country but liberating an oppressed people and taking out the terrorist support network is good enough for me.

LC, Nashua

Considering that the professed reason Bush decided to violate international law and invade Iraq was to "disarm Saddam," yes, it does matter whether "coalition" (read: US and British) forces uncover chemical or biological agents. If they don't do so soon, I'm sure the CIA will manage to "find" a crate or two of chemicals at an opportune moment.

TJ, Natick

They will "discover" them. Just as soon as we can plant the evidence.

Mike, Natick

Uh, yeah! Isn't that the reason we went there?

Greg, Boston

It really doesn't matter whether they find them or not at this point. The brutal tactics employed by the Iraqi military explains the cause enough. They will find the WMD and most likely they will either be in Baghdad or Syria. The real question is, who gave Iraq all of the chemical protection suits, night vision goggles, and other gear? France, Germany or Russia? Germany probably made all the hardened bunkers, Russia is probably advising on military tactics and I'm sure the French are advising soldiers how to give up peacefully and retreat as a foreign force rolls through your country!

Scott, Natick

Iraq obviously as a nation state has the capacity to develop and manufacture WMD. Allied forces will find evidence of WMD. It would have been just a matter of time before Iraq provided WMD to terrorist organizations. The bigger question is, and you flag burning, tree hugging leftists will love this, what do we do if we find that the regime has moved its' WMD to Syria and to top that, what if Saddam flees to Syria? The SecDef has said we will follow the regime where ever it goes.

Victor, Norwood

Absolutely, isn't that the premise on which this war is based? At least that's what the Bush administration would like us to believe. Saddam Hussein has weapons of mass destruction that could be used against us. At this point I have no faith in anything that the government reports. I would not be surprised if they say they've found chemicals, bio agents etc in order to justify the war on Iraq. The inspectors have a lot more credibility than the self-serving Bush administration. But they weren't allowed to do their job so we'll just have to wait and see what the troops claim to have uncovered. I pray that the Bush administration is removed from office in the next election. They are destroying the values of this great country.

DLG, Boston

Yes... 1. for all the troops that risked their lives 2. for all the iraqi civilians that lost a lot 3. to prove to the other nations that we're fighting for a cause

Olivia, Randolph

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