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Rebuilding Iraq


Are you worried about suicide bombings in the US?

Over the weekend, four US soldiers were killed by a suicide bombing attack by an Iraqi soldier at a US checkpoint north of Najaf. The family of the suicide bomber received $32,000 from Saddam Hussein's regime, while Iraq's vice president, Taha Yassin Ramadan, was quoted as saying, "I'm sure the day will come when a single martyrdom operation will kill 5,000 enemies. We will use any means to kill our enemy on our land, and we will follow the enemy into its land."

While security efforts have been beefed up within US borders, do you feel an attack of this nature is inevitable? Can we protect ourselves from this type of attack? Share your thoughts with us.

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suicide bombers are cowards.

James, Barrington, RI

I'm surprised it hasn't happened yet. Hightened security may be deterring the terrorists but I think that it's only a matter of time before we experience the suicide bombers on US soil.

DLG, Boston

Terrorists are here in this country; have no doubt about that. The sad part is these so called "Americans" and I use that term lightly, anti-war protestors. They are taking away from response time of emergency services with their ridiculous displays. What you are doing will NEVER stop this war; stop wasting time and money. Since the beginning of time, the world is made up of good and evil. It is up to the good to get rid of the evil and we will come out victorious! God Bless the USA!!

Lisa, Boston

I am not worried about homicide bombers because it is still too easy for them to leave bombs where ever they like. Security is still not tight enough. All we can do is be more alert and report suspicious activity.

Tony M., Sharon

I am surprised it has not happened already. It is foolish for us to live in fear, though. The people who go through with these acts are cowards, to the utmost degree. There should be a worldwide policy that states that if you decide to sacrifice your life and blow yourself up in a public place, your family will be accountable. Perhaps these low-lifes will think twice, although I doubt it.

Kevin, Cambridge

The question isn't "if" suicide bombings will happen over here, it's more a question of why it hasn't happened already. What the peaceniks don't understand is you can't reason with these people. Diplomacy will NEVER work. Sitting around singing "kumbyah" and hoping they leave us along WON'T work. Saying "pretty pretty please don't attack us" WON'T work. We have to root out terrorists WHEREVER they are and, yes, kill them before they kill us.

Dave, Taunton

Absolutely. Our unilateral invasion of Iraq is the best terrorist recruiting tool ever. Bush's refusal to adequately fund homeland security first responders makes a bad situation worse. Was this result never considered when war was being contemplated? As far as the suicide attacks going on in Iraq now, weren't these the people who were going to greet US troops waving flags and thanking us for "liberating" them? Yeah, right. Misguided foreign policy 101.

Tom, Scituate

Somewhat, though I think Boston is not a primary target. Also the borders are much more heavily protected now than pre-9/11. Still, this would not be an issue if the US did not act precipitously in invading Iraq.

paul, arlington

Yes, I am concerned. It will happen, it is only a matter of when and where. Our borders and immigration service have not provided us with any security over the years. It is more than likely too late to tighten the borders. We still refuse to interogate the likely terrorists as we do not wish to profile people!

jonny, chelsea

If more stringent enforcement can take place without the interference of ignorant people, we can reduce that problem of terrorism.

patrick, spring hill fl

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