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Rebuilding Iraq


Contrasting images of war

The Arab world sees pictures of bloodied bodies of young children. They watch scenes crowded with corpses. Americans see almost none of that. What are your thoughts of the two contrasting visions of this war?
Read the story: Differing TV images feed Arab, US views

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Of course, they are going to be casualties. If we took out their electricity and their water, we could flush them out of Baghdad. These civilians should have left Baghdad. Knowing that we are going to bomb. What do they expect? It doesn't make sense to me.

Brian, Wakefield

No, US citizens should not be shown citizen casualties inflicted by US bombs, UNLESS they can be shown alongside images of citizen casualties inflicted by the Iraqi forces themselves, and images of human shields. Presenting only one side of the story would be sinking to the level of propaganda that Iraq has sunk to.

Drew, Boston

I think that any display of carnage should not be displayed-whether it is civilian or soldiers. It is so disrespectful of the dead, their families and is just plain disturbing. I pray for every single soul that has been lost and fail to see why anyone would want to see those images. Unfortunately, this (loss of lives) is part of war. I guess I just don't need to see anyone's corpse in a pile of corpses to get the picture that innocent people get caught in crossfire. I know a lot of people will disagree and critizes me for this, but what real purpose does it serve other than to feed the anti-US sediments already existing in the Arab world?

soldierswife, Johnston

The Saddam regime does not care about its citizens, they are using them as propaganda and as protection knowing the value the world places on civilians. There is no need to show civilian casulties, they are not a military asset and have no bearing other than propaganda or ratings. It is very unfortunate that civilians have been wounded or killed, the number would probably be a lot less if Saddam and crew don't continue to place military equipment in civilian area or use civilians to black military areas.

Ex-LT Ranger, Manchester, NH

Everyone should see photos of people killed in war. Some people in the U.S. seem horrified that pics of American POWs, some dead, are shown, but don't seem concerned that many more innocent Iraqi civilians are dead. A life is a life, isn't it? Not seeing the carnage our government inflicts upon innocent people distances us from the reality of war. We need to be reminded of the human cost of this attack. Show everything.

Chris, Boston

Of course we should, war kills, maims and injures, it's not an action movie, the American people (in my opinion) need to be reminded that these are ordinary people like us that are being destroyed, people with families and jobs and hopes and dreams, ruled by a warmongerer they didn't vote for, another thing we have in common!

Bo, Somerville

Show them all, I don't care who killed them. If it was our bombs, then it was their stupidity...they knew it was coming. For all of you that don't support our troops and government, and say we have no reason to wage war, please go to this website. How soon some of you forget.

Jeff, Brighton

We should be allowed to see everything the world can see. It is a right protected by our constitution.

Sid, Norwood

Yes, If they do exist yes. They show it on the Telemundo and International channel. But I think the US/UK news is doing a great job. Because the key thing is the support of our troops now. And a speedy end to the war. Both sides show propaganda and it should be controlled somewhat or give a fair chance to reveal both sides so people can decide. I do think the anti-war, anti-American contingencies are lacking alot of information. When they interviewed many protestor from local and national news it seems they know nothing of the facts nor a cause. (Sometimes I think students do this just so they score with other students) And the US/UK news has helped most people see that just ignoring a dictator and atrocities is very very dangerous indeed.

dennis, quincy

don't see any reason why they shouldn't. good for american morale and money spent on war!

abdul, newton

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