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Rebuilding Iraq

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The Boston Globe's Ideas section has covered many perspectives of the war in Iraq, and it has solicited readers' responses to its stories. More Ideas

April 13, 2003
Who should manage Iraq's oil fields, and how should the proceeds be spent?   Read messages

April 13, 2003
Who should manage Iraq's oil fields, and how should the proceeds be spent?
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April 6, 2003
Have TV networks made war gripping? Do their techniques risk turning it into a game?
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March 23, 2003
When the war in Iraq is over, will rival nations seek to mend their relations with the United States?
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March 2, 2003
Are Central Europeans right to choose Bush over Chirac?
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October 6, 2002
Does war with Iraq meet the test of just war theory?
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 April 14, 2003 

Is the US headed toward military action with Syria?
The charges President Bush is laying out against Syria are very similar to the charges he laid out against Iraq before the war. Given this, is the US headed down the same path with Syria as with Iraq?
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 April 11, 2003 

Can US troops be effective in a policing role in Iraq?
How should the US go about restoring order in Baghdad and other cities?
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 April 10, 2003 

Does TV focus too much on the iconic images of war?
Does TV focus too much on simple messages that sometimes obscure the more complex reality playing out beyond the camera's lens? Or was the toppling of the Saddam Hussein statue so important symbolically that the blanket coverage was justified?
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 April 9, 2003 

Should the US allow Iraqis to engage in looting?
How far should the US go to stop Iraqis from taking items that belonged to the government?
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 April 8, 2003 

Does it matter if the US kills Hussein?
Does Saddam Hussein have to be killed for the objective of the US to be accomplished? Can the people of Iraq be liberated with him alive? Should killing Hussein be a primary objective of the US, or should liberating the Iraqi people take priority?
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 April 7, 2003 

Who should lead the rebuilding of Iraq after the war?
Who do you think should manage the rebuilding of Iraq? How much influence should the UN have? And what role should Iraqi opposition forces and exiles play?   Read messages

 April 4, 2003 

Would a lack of weapons of mass destruction affect your perception of the war?
At this point, does it still matter to you whether coalition forces uncover weapons of mass destruction in Iraq? Or is the Bush administration's stated goal of "liberating the Iraqi people" sufficient justification for the use of military force?   Read messages

 April 3, 2003 

Are embedded journalists giving a complete and objective view of the war?
What's your opinion of the news reports, video, and photos of the war so far? Are we getting a complete and objective view of the war? Are some journalists taking too many risks?   Read messages

 April 2, 2003 

How do you keep war debate civil, or do you avoid the topic?
Have you had discussions that turned into heated exchanges with friends, relatives, or co-workers? How do you keep the debate civil, or do you just avoid talking about the war altogether?   Read messages

 April 1, 2003 

Will civilian casualties further erode US support for the war?
US troops in southern Iraq shot and killed seven women and children in a van when the driver failed to stop at a checkpoint as ordered, US Central Command said. Will civilian casualties further erode US support for the war?  Read messages

 March 31, 2003 

Are you worried about suicide bombings in the US?
While security efforts have been beefed up within US borders, do you feel a suicide attack is inevitable? Can we protect ourselves from this type of attack?
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 March 28, 2003 

Should UN inspectors return to Iraq?
Some in the Bush administration want UN inspectors back in Iraq to find WMD. But should they return?
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 March 27, 2003 

Soldiers and humanitarian aid
Should soldiers deliver humanitarian aid, or does that put Iraqi civilians at risk of attack?
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 March 26, 2003 

Contrasting images of war
The Arab world sees pictures scenes crowded with corpses. Americans see almost none of that. What are your thoughts of the two contrasting visions of this war?
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 March 25, 2003 

POWs and the media
As POWs have been taken by both the coalition and Iraqi forces, media outlets have been broadcasting images and video of the captives. How do you feel about this?
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 March 21, 2003 

Increased terrorism fears
Federal, state, and local governments stepped up security when coalition forces started bombing Iraq. Now that a major assault has been launched, are you more or less concerned about a terrorist attack on the US? Read messages

 March 17, 2003 

Is it time for war?
The US, Britain, and Spain withdrew their proposed UN Security Council resolution on Iraq, abandoning diplomatic efforts to disarm Saddam Hussein. Was this the right move? Read messages

 March 11, 2003 

Should celebrities shut up?
Should fame prevent celebrities from speaking their opinion about a possible war in Iraq? Do you think celebrities should just keep their mouths shut about politics?
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 February 5, 2003 

Reaction to Powell's address
Secretary of State Colin Powell presented the US case for an attack on Iraq to the UN Security Council, sharing previously classified intelligence material. Based on his remarks, is there a smoking gun? Read messages