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Prison abuse continues
(By 0, 3/7/2006)
US MILITARY officials have long been concerned that mistreatment of prisoners at Guantanamo or at US-run prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan could boomerang against this country when US soldiers are taken prisoner in future conflicts.

Did US know Iraq had no WMDs?
(By Kevin McKiernan, 3/6/2006)
WHAT IF the Bush administration wasn't entirely convinced before the Iraq war that Saddam Hussein had WMDs, but simply invoked those ''mushroom cloud'' images to rally necessary public support? One source of such speculation lies in the administration's puzzling prewar failure to supply Iraqi Kurds, Hussein's closest and most likely targets, with gas masks and other promised protection.

Quotes of note
(By 0, 3/4/2006)
''Under Saddam, if you agreed to forgo your basic right to freedom of expression and thought, you were physically more or less OK. But now, no. Here, you have a primitive, chaotic situation where anybody can do anything they want to anyone.'' John Pace, former director of human rights office at the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq, on Iraq

Moral equivalence and the war in Iraq
(By J.C. Hallman, 3/1/2006)
A CENTURY AGO, William James first delivered ''The Moral Equivalent of War'' at Stanford. The speech, since chosen by Joyce Carol Oates for inclusion in ''The Best American Essays of the Century,'' argued that while humanity's martial spirit could not be denied, we might be able to find ways to harness it into national unity and good work.

Provocation in Samarra
(By 0, 2/23/2006)
THE DISASTER of a sectarian war in Iraq between Sunni Arabs and Shi'ites came closer with yesterday's bombing of a mosque in Samarra that holds deep spiritual significance for Shi'ites.

Short shrift for kids
(By 0, 2/20/2006)
SQUEEZED BY his tax cuts and the costs of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, President Bush is calling for cutting or dropping many worthwhile programs. But it is unlikely that any budget cut would have as big an impact on the future health of Americans as Bush's axing of the proposed National Children's Study.

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