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Anthrax scare

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In the Globe

Wednesday, Jan. 16
Bioterrorism council will oversee efforts, By 0, 1/16/2002
Text of address details 'challenges, opportunities', By 0, 1/16/2002
Terrorism in brief, By The Globe, 1/16/2002

Tuesday, Jan. 15
In Brief, By Globe Staff and Wires, 1/15/2002

Monday, Jan. 14
US might pull back manuals, By Scott Lindlaw, Associated Press, 1/14/2002

Sunday, Jan. 13
Banks say online accounts up, By Associated Press, 1/13/2002
Sleuths caught in anthrax's Web of intrigue, By Scott Shane Baltimore Sun, 1/13/2002

Saturday, Jan. 12
Dad finds change not good, By Associated Press, 1/12/2002
Consolidating food safety, By 0, 1/12/2002

Thursday, Jan. 10
'Rink rage' trial signals return of water-cooler news, By Mark Jurkowitz, Globe Staff, 1/10/2002

About anthrax
Prominent citizens targeted. Postal employees falling ill. Just when Americans were beginning to regain some sense of security following the Sept. 11 attacks, a new form of terror was unleashed.
Find out about it

The victims
A list of anthrax infections, exposures, and locations where the disease has been located.
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Keeping safe
A common-sense guide to bioterrorism
A special section from The Boston Globe.

Anthrax graphic
Weaponizing anthrax
With skilled preparation, it can be an instrument of death.
Anthrax graphic
What anthrax does
The inhaled form can cause death within a few days.
Anthrax graphic
Anthrax on the loose
Spores can be spread through an office with relative ease.
Anthrax graphic
Making a diagnosis
Complex testing process is less than 100 percent reliable.
Anthrax graphic
Anthrax-fighting drugs
Cipro is the best-known, but there are others available.
Anthrax graphic
Cleaning up
Contaminated office space must be carefully disinfected.
Anthrax graphic
Other bioterror threats
Terrorists could utilize a number of deadly diseases.

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Signs to look for
Letters sent to Daschle, NBC
Letter sent Sen. Leahy
Guidelines aren't fool-proof

Online resources
For the latest public health updates and more information on the disease, visit the Centers for Disease Control website.

The CDC Public Response Hotline provides information about anthrax and other biologic and chemical agents. The hotline is available in English (888-246-2675) and Spanish (888-246-2857).

For information on mail center closings and a guide to dealing with suspicious packages, go to the US Postal Service website.

Information on contaminations at House and Senate office buildings can be found on the chambers' respective websites.


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