The Patriots are responding to Deflategate like true Bostonians

“Oh yeah? How’s ya mothah?” is essentially what Bob Kraft and the Patriots are saying to the NFL.

From the defiant statement Bob Kraft put out defending Tom Brady like a brother wronged, to the changing of the Patriots’ Twitter avatar to the back of Brady’s jersey, the entire organization is acting like a Bostonian. A Bostonian sticking up for a friend who just got dumped. Or who got a parking ticket he didn’t deserve.

Or the guy who just got picked up in a bar fight. Everybody was throwing punches and swearing and shattering barstools, but the Pats were the only ones who got in trouble. Why? Because they invoked the fifth amendment after the arrest.

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Brady’s suspension over what boils down to not incriminating himself is ludicrous. That take’s been took. And just as members of Patriots Nation wouldn’t react well to being told to sit down and take their punishment when they felt it wasn’t deserved, the team isn’t going to either.

Bostonians can be a stubborn, rude, difficult-to-deal-with bunch. You could call Patriots fans arrogant, cocky, and entitled. But there’s something kind of wonderful about seeing someone like that give the finger to someone else who really deserves it.

Timeline of Deflategate