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Inmate confesses to 'Boys Don't Cry' slayings

LINCOLN, Neb. - One of two men convicted in the 1993 murder of Teena Brandon and two others that spawned the movie "Boys Don't Cry" now says he was the only attacker who shot and stabbed them.

Marvin Nissen's new account could reignite a case that drew national attention to the issues of transgendered people.

The man Nissen once blamed for the killings, John Lotter, is now on death row and has asked for a new trial.

Brandon was born a female but for a time lived as a man in rural southeast Nebraska. Prosecutors said the 21-year-old was killed in a farmhouse near Humboldt after reporting being raped by Lotter and Nissen. During the trial, Nissen said he had stabbed Brandon but Lotter fired all the shots that killed Brandon and the others.

"He has finally admitted that the testimony that secured John Lotter's conviction was all a lie," Lotter attorney Paula Hutchinson said yesterday.

Nissen, who is serving a life sentence, made the admission in a sworn affidavit in Lotter's motion. Hutchinson said the double-jeopardy rule against trying people for the same crime twice would probably prevent a retrial of Nissen.

According to a report from Nissen's mental health counselor, Nissen said "the idea for the murders was initially Lotter's" but "Lotter's gun jammed and Nissen proceeded to shoot all three victims."

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