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Brothers' roles

Hillary Rodham Clinton's brothers, Hugh and Tony, have received payments from four people who obtained pardons or commutations from President Bill Clinton.

Carlos Vignali Jr. (Commutation of sentence)

1995 Convicted in Minneapolis for moving 800 pounds of cocaine.

2001 Commutation granted for time served with a special condition of drug testing during supervised release.

Almon Glenn Braswell (Pardon)

1983 Convicted of mail fraud and perjury about a baldness treatment.

2001 Pardoned.

Hugh Rodham returned the $400,000 he received from Vignali and Braswell, after being asked to do so by his family.

Edgar and Vonna Jo Gregory (Pardons)

1982 Bank fraud convictions. Reversed by an appeals court in 1984, largely on technical grounds, and then both pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and misapplication of bank funds. Both received probationary sentences.

2000 Pardoned.

Tony Rodham allegedly received $107,000 in loans as compensation for securing the pardons.

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