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Avalanche of paper traps man in his room

NEW YORK -- A man who says he sells books and magazines on the street was rescued after being trapped for two days under a mountain of reading material in his apartment. Patrice Moore, 43, had apparently been standing up when the books, catalogs, mail, and newspapers swamped him on Saturday. Firefighters and neighbors rescued Moore and he was hospitalized in stable condition yesterday with leg injuries. (AP)


Powell back to work after prostate surgery

Secretary of State Colin Powell returned to work at the State Department yesterday, 15 days after surgery for prostate cancer. Powell presided at a senior staff meeting and made telephone calls to Mohamed ElBaradei, director of the International Atomic Energy Agency, and to the president and vice president of Sudan. A State Department spokesman said Powell will resume his normal schedule next week. (AP)

Longer period of rest for truckers mandated

Truck drivers will be able to stay on the road for up to 11 straight hours but will have to take at least 10 hours off before they can again get behind the wheel of their rigs, according to new federal regulations taking effect Sunday. The government said yesterday that the new rules will make the roads safer because truckers will have to rest for two more hours between driving shifts. The Transportation Department estimates that the change will reduce deaths associated with truck driver fatigue from 440 to 335 a year. (AP)


Sleeping girl, 11, dies in drive-by shooting

LUMBERTON -- An 11-year-old girl was killed in her sleep in a drive-by shooting at her older sister's mobile home. Fourth-grader Nicole Oxendine, who was visiting 23-year-old sister Bridget Oxendine for the Christmas holiday, was struck in the head by a bullet Monday, sheriff's Lieutenant Ken Sealey said. The older sister, her newborn twin daughters, and boyfriend were not hurt. Three to four shots were fired at the home, and a white car was seen speeding away, authorities said. Investigators said they had no motive. (AP)

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