No, Internet, the CIA Did Not Take Down a Book Review Website for its Critical Tweets (Almost Positive)

So just about everyone—yes, including us—covered the CIA’s emergence into the Twitterverse Friday, with folks either praising or bashing its introductory tweet and the subsequent media coverage.

The New York Review of Books was squarely in the latter camp today, bringing up a variety of other, perhaps less-than-funny things the CIA can often “neither confirm nor deny,” like the graphic testimonials of those tortured in the agency’s once secret overseas “black sites”:

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As the critical tweets flew, so did the replies indicating something—it was unclear what—had happened to the site:

While the downtime may have raised some Tweeters’ eyebrows, the editorial staff is safe and sound, attributing the outage to a routine technical difficulty—not extraordinary rendition.

About half an hour later, the Twitter account resumed its swipes against the agency.