VIDEO: Cat Plays Jenga With Owner, Internet Rejoices

We all know cats love knocking stuff over, usually for no reason.

But what if they used their powers for good?

Austin cat owner Alan Palesko posted this video of his cat Moe playing Jenga on YouTube last year, and it’s gotten a lot more attention after featured the clip Tuesday.

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As of late Wednesday afternoon, the video had received over 2.2 million views.

Some of the finer points of the game seem to elude the cat—he doesn’t care for turns, and sometimes needs a little help from Palesko to find the best piece to remove.

Eventually, as all cats do, Moe tires of this nonsense around the video’s 1:07 mark—check out that deathly angry cat glare he gives Alan before angrily swatting at his last move.

“Moe is getting a lot of internet attention,” owner Alan Palesko wrote on his Facebook page. “Contrary to popular belief, apparently everybody likes a sore loser.”